Best 5 Potential Jobs for Anatomy Majors

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Human anatomy is a broad field of study, it’s among the core foundations of medicine.

In addition to the importance of the study of Anatomy in medical science. Advancement in technology and research has attracted lots of subfields under anatomy. And this has opened more jobs for anatomy graduates.

So people with a background in Anatomy can pursue a variety of professions.

If you are looking to study human anatomy as a course, then this post contains the potential career opportunities for you as a human anatomist.

What Are the 5 Potential Jobs for Anatomy Majors?

Graduates or majors in Human Anatomy can pursue a variety of careers, including a university professor, medical doctor, Physiotherapy, Nursing, medical scientist, etc. Although, some job opportunities may require you to have an additional qualification, or to specialize in that particular field.

Listed hereunder are some of the listed best jobs you can do with anatomy majors:

1. Medical Scientist

2. Teaching

3. A Physical Therapist Assistant

4. A Personal Trainer

5. A Massage Therapist

6. MRI Technician

1. Medical Scientist

This is one of the most common jobs for anatomy majors, especially for anatomy majors that so much have interest in the medical research world. 

Medical scientists or researchers in the medical world work to advance human health. Typically, clinical trials and investigative techniques are used during research.

In addition to creating and testing medical technologies and developing health-improving programs, medical scientists also prepare and analyze medical samples.

Doctorates in anatomy or related life science are typically required for medical scientists. According to the Department of Labor, their median yearly pay is $82,090. Medical scientists’ employment is predicted to increase by 13%, which is quicker than average.

2. Teaching

Teaching, whether in high school or as a professor at a university, is also one of the most popular jobs for anatomy majors. And you will definitely enjoy teaching students what you’ve learned about anatomy.

Most biology teachers in high school also teach other subjects that interest them. Anatomy is taught in introductory and advanced biology courses taught by anatomy professors or teachers. There are also careers in anatomy in a typical university or even a school of medicine, dentistry, or veterinary medicine.

They also guide students’ research and project work. Additionally, professors in anatomy can undertake their research and attempt to have it published in scholarly publications.

According to the recent statistical record in the US, the median annual pay for anatomy high school teachers is $59,170. Accordingly, half of the high school teachers earn more than that while the other half get less.

And also, according to the Department of Labor, professors earn a median annual salary of $76,000. Professors’ job growth is expected to be 15% higher than the national average. This is attributable to an increase in the number of college students.

3. A Physical Therapist Assistant

This is one of the highest-paying jobs in anatomy. You just apply your knowledge in anatomy to help and watch out for patients to get better, and you get your cool cash.

A physical therapist assistant works with a primary physical therapist to assist patients in overcoming limitations or injuries. They employ innovative techniques to promote rehabilitation following an injury or sickness.

Physical therapist assistants may also work with patients who have chronic disability to improve their quality of life. Physical therapist assistants may be responsible for the following duties:

  • Rehabilitative approaches should be used to increase the patient’s mobility, strength, and range of motion.
  • Examine and discuss patients’ progress with the physical therapist.
  • Keep track of the patient’s improvement and share it with medical professionals.
  • Educate family members on strategies and exercises that the patient can perform at home. Collaborate with the primary physical therapist to build strengthening regimens.

A physical therapist assistant’s usual expected compensation will vary depending on the type of employment, geographical area, and facility in which the therapist works. A physical therapist assistant working in a hospital may earn more than an assistant working for a private home care firm.

4. A Personal Trainer

This is just one of the BSC anatomy jobs you can get after barging your certificate. Especially, if you are a fan of sport activities.

Personal trainers lead workouts and exercise routines for individuals and small groups. They help clients reach their health and fitness objectives by assisting them with cardiovascular and strength training routines. Personal trainers are typically in charge of the following duties:

  • Creating a perfect workout plan for your patients
  • You give advice to patients on how to maintain weights and statues
  • Provide emergency first-aid during trainings
  • You use your basic knowledge on anatomy to show them how to exercise

The average salary for a personal trainer varies based on the clinical set-up or organization. In addition, the level of experience and certification can also impact the level of their salary.

5. A Massage Therapist

A massage therapist is a practitioner who uses physical pressure to relieve pain, improve relaxation, reduce stress, rehabilitate injuries, and aid in their clients’ overall wellness. One important aspect of their job is to analyze each client individually, develop specific therapy programs, and refer clients to other professionals as needed. A massage therapist’s other responsibilities include:

  • Educating customers about their medical history, symptoms, and intended outcomes
  • Assessing clients to discover painful or tight body parts
  • Keeping treatment records
  • Seeing clients in professional settings or visiting their homes and offices
  • Giving customers knowledge and direction on techniques for postural improvement and relaxation, as well as strengthening, stretching, and rehabilitative exercises

Massage therapists’ salaries vary depending on various criteria, including their amount of expertise, job, and geographic area.

6. MRI Tech

Since anatomy majors have the basic ideas on the general structures of the human body. Therefore, being an MRI Technologist will be a very great catch for anatomy majors.

MRI technologists scan patients using magnetic resonance imaging equipment to look for diagnostic explanations of symptoms and illnesses.

They frequently interact directly with patients to explain what to expect during the test, and they are in charge of evaluating the photos and assisting doctors in diagnosing patients.

Other jobs for graduates in anatomy include;

  • Medical Scientists
  • Biomedical Engineers
  • Athletic Trainer
  • Epidemiologist
  • Chiropractor
  • Respiratory Therapist

FAQs About Jobs for Anatomy Majors

Where Can I Work as an Anatomist?

The vast majority of anatomists work in laboratories in colleges, universities, or medical centers. They typically educate and conduct research.

They assist in the training of scientists, as well as medical doctors, dentists, nurses, pharmacists, and other healthcare employees. Some work for government institutions, while others work for medical and scientific publishing companies.

Others work for commercial corporations, such as those that manufacture artificial limbs or organs.

What Are the Best Jobs for Those Who Love Anatomy and Physiology?

Anatomy and physiology are two related courses, but not the same thing. Anatomy studies the structure of a body structure and physiology studies the function, and some of its clinical correlates. Some of the jobs in anatomy and physiology include:

  • Physical Therapist Assistant
  • Personal Trainer
  • Massage Therapist
  • MRI Technologist
  • Science Teacher/ Medical Scientist
  • Biomedical Engineer
  • Medical Laboratory Technician

Final Words!!

As an Anatomist, you have lots of job opportunities you can fly with. However, it’s might seem competitive due to the large number of graduates.

All you need to do to have a job is to make sure you have a good CGPA and stay tuned for opportunities.

I hope I’ve been able to answer all your questions on the jobs for anatomy majors. Good luck!

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