I haven’t Met My Expectations After Medical School; Nigerian Doctor in ESUTH Parklane

Mbbs in Nigeria

I haven’t Met My Expectations in Medical School Dr. Gaby – Nigerian Doctor in Esuth Parklane The Society’s Perception of the Medical Profession in Nigeria Getting admission to Nigerian medical school is one of the greatest dreams of pre-degree students in countries like Nigeria. The Medical Profession is one that is greatly envied by society … Read more

Meet Dr. Ruben Gombalandi: Founder of Webzmedlectures

Dr. Ruben Gombalandi

The Medical Entrepreneurship Fest has been bringing to light many Medical Entrepreneurs in Africa. The goal has always been to encourage entrepreneurship and innovation in the African health sector. The Medical Entrepreneur of the day is Dr. Ruben Gombalandi; the founder of Webzmedlectures. Meet Dr. Ruben Gombalandi My name is Dr. Ruben Gombalandi, I am … Read more

25 Fitness Questions Which Beginners Ask and Answers

questions for fitness (dumbbell)

This article; Fitness questions which beginners ask is unlike the superhero articles we read. It is based on an interview with a fitness coach and his real-life experience, and I bet you will be increasing the enthusiasm you have for staying fit if you truly read through this. The host is a fitness coach coach … Read more