How To Wash Scrubs For The First Time [5 Good Tips You Must Know]

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I could remember vividly a few years ago when we were about to start clinical rotations in medical school, then wearing our scrubs was mandatory as we would be entering the surgical theatres.

That interesting Wednesday afternoon, we just got back from school to obtain our brand new scrubs when a very hot argument surfaced. This was about how to wash scrubs for the first time.

“When will you iron your cloth?”, a friend of mine asked looking at my roommate, Bright, and me.

“Why are you asking?”, Bright replied to her with a question as expected.

“Well….I want you to iron mine, my hostel generator is faulty”, she retorted.

“Then, should I wash it for you”, I could remember Bright response with her rolling eyes.

“Are you washing it?”, Tade asked again.

Well, Bright is temperamental and she gets frustrated easily.

She hissed and jumped into the bed.“Yes”, I replied.

Then, the argument surfaced! “What? Wash a new scrub?”, the latter retaliated looking serious.

“Yes”, I answered calmly again.

“You don’t need to wash a new scrub!” she shouted throwing a tantrum.

I heard Bright’s sarcastic laughter. “Who told you that?”, I asked smiling.

“Who told you that too?”, she asked in return.

“Just accept it! Scrubs should be washed for the first time with warm water!”, Bright chipped in angrily.

“Yes…..”, I paused facing Bright. “Did you just say warm water?”, I asked laughing wildly.“Yes!”

“It’s cold water!”, I cautioned and the argument got hotter and hotter.

That day, it took us many hours to conclude what to do with our new scrubs. Hours enough to attend to our assignments!

After reading this article, I am very sure you don’t have to argue with your friends or waste your time knowing what to do with your new scrubs! Because with this article as the guide, you will know exactly how to wash your scrubs for the first time.

After reading this wonderful article, you will be brought to a brighter view of;

  • How to wash your scrubs for the first time
  • Tips needed to wash your scrubs for the first time
  • The dos and don’ts of washing scrubs for the first time.

And trust me, your scrubs after washing will be giving the aura of “I am ready t be used!”

Table of Contents

What Are Medical Scrubs?

washing scrubs for the first time
washing scrubs for the first time

Scrubs (Medical Scrubs) as defined by Medicine net is a protective garment designed to be worn by the doctors, nurses, and other medical practitioners in the operating room.

It was originally a gown but scrubs now include shorts and pants.

Wearing scrubs extends now outside surgery in some clinics and hospitals.

Scrubs were originally green known as “surgical green” but because it was worn primarily in a “scrubbed” sterile environment were changed to scrubs.

Finding a scrub of good quality these days can be frustrating. The challenge of having a scrub last for long does not just lie in the technique you used in washing scrubs for the first time but also in the material with which it was made of. That is why I recommend you get a good scrub from the list of my top picks here.

How To Wash Scrubs For The First Time

the proper way to wash scrubs
the proper way to wash scrubs

After you have purchased your medical scrubs, the first thing expected of you is to wash them.

This will remove any bacteria or germs, make it softer in texture, and prevent fading and shrinking in the future.

Also, washing scrubs for the first time does a wonderful job of setting the fabric and keeping the color!

However, certain instructions are always on labels of medical scrubs which contain the proper steps to follow when washing scrubs for the first time.

Scrubs are of different types and of course, have different ways of washing them. Some can be washed using a washing machine while some are to be dry cleaned or hand washed.

Even when ironing, some are to be ironed at a low temperature while some are ironed at quite a high temperature.

So, it’s indispensable to read the label on any scrub to review the information before washing it.

These instructions do give a clue about what type of scrubs it is and how to go about washing them for the first time.

5 Important Tips While Washing Scrubs For The First Time

How To Wash Scrubs for the first time
How To Wash Scrubs for the first time

If you just bought a couple of medical scrubs, and are looking for a proper way to wash scrubs, there are 3 important things you must do.

5 Tips for Washing Medical Scrubs for the First Time:

  1. Wash your scrubs separately
  2. Use Vinegar to wash your scrubs
  3. Use Non-chlorine (non-bleach) agents
  4. Washing scrubs for the first time with cold or hot water?
  5. How to wash scrubs with a washing machine

Wash your scrubs separately

The first question coming to your mind after buying your scrubs and looking for the proper way to wash scrubs is,

“Can I wash scrubs with other regular clothes?”.

Yes, it has been a question asked by many and the answer has always been No! Scrubs are not to be washed with other clothes to maintain the fabric and the color.

Wondering what I meant by that? I will explain.

If you decide to wash your scrubs with other clothes, would the fabric and color of your scrubs be considered?

To maintain the color you loved when purchasing it, your scrubs should be washed separately to avoid color fading or color mixing and to maintain the scrub’s fabric too.

Therefore, the first important tip to remember is to always wash your scrubs alone whether you are using a washing machine or washing your scrubs by hand.

Addition of vinegar to the wash

Another important tip you should know when washing your scrubs is to add vinegar.

Don’t worry, the smell will fade after the wash.

While reading this, you should have been wondering why you have to add vinegar to your scrubs.

As usual, I will give you a good reason!

The addition of an average of a half cup of vinegar to your scrubs will not only maintain the color after wash but also retain the color during use. Also, it makes the fabric softer and more ready to wear.

Don’t forget to always add vinegar when washing your scrubs for the first time. It’s really important.

The absence of vinegar when washing your scrubs for the first time makes your scrubs look faded and the fabrics old.

I personally recommend that you use LA’s vinegar while washing your scrubs for the first time for durability and a longer-lasting effect.

Use of non-chlorine detergents.

When washing scrubs for the first time, you can’t just use any detergents to avoid color fading.

The use of non-chlorine detergents is advised to retain the color and extend the scrub’s durability.

Using chlorine detergent when washing your scrubs for the first time will bleach the color of your adored scrubs.

Finding a non-chlorine detergent can be tricky especially if you do not know where to look. But I have a collection of the best non-chlorine-containing agents and soaps you can use for your laundry especially while washing scrubs for the first time.

Try putting these first three important tips into use and see how wonderful your scrub will come out after wash!

Washing Scrubs With Hot Or Cold Water

As explained earlier, scrubs are of different types.

Some are always hundred percent cotton while some are not. Averagely, most scrubs are preferably washed in cold water.

Nevertheless, the fabric of scrubs will determine the temperature of the water to be washed in though the temperature of hot water if necessary to be used isn’t one hundred degrees Celsius. Something like warm water sounds better!

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How To Wash Scrubs With Washing Machine

After reading the label on scrubs and the use of a washing machine is the best option. The scrubs are expected to be turned Inside out before being placed in the machine.

Addition of vinegar, warm water or cold water (usually warm water when using a laundry machine), and non-chlorine detergent, and the machine should be operated using a gentle cycle.

To dry, place the scrubs in the dryer and set the dryer to low or medium heat to avoid shrinkage.

A dryer sheet should be added to prevent being static and to allow easy movement through the entire cycle. Then, remove.

Should I Wash My New Scrubs?

Yes! Washing your scrubs for the first time is very necessary before wearing them as it helps to; retain the color of your scrubs, extend their durability, avoid shrinking and fabrics rampage, soften the texture, and make them ready to wear!

Don’t forget, your scrubs are your identity! Just like a doctor carrying a stethoscope!

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