6 Best Flashcards For Medical Students

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Are you that medic that likes writing down important points while reading? If you are, then you will definitely find these flashcards for medical students to be highly useful.

Medical students write a lot. While preparing for my 1st professional exam during my preclinical days, I had a special note for every medical school course I was taking; anatomy, physiology, and biochemistry.

And how this worked was that I would normally write down important points while reading to make it easier for me to reference and recall. It was all part of my memorization process.

Later during my preclinical school days, I came across some medical flashcards that made it easier for me to highlight important points while reading. And some of these flashcards are among the 6 best flashcards for medical students which I have outlined in this post.

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Are flashcards good for medical school?

Yes, using flashcards in medical school is very ideal bearing in mind that there are lots of details and hard concepts you need to memorize as a medical student.

I have seen some students who argue that flashcards do not work for them. But the fact remains that they are missing out, or else they are exceptional students with very sharp memory.

But whichever is the case, flashcards have been scientifically proven to aid memory as it helps the student practice active recalls.

Active recalls are based on the principle of spaced repetitions which have been proven to improve neural connections in the brain thereby enhancing memory.

You must have known by now that if you repeat something as often as possible, you become more familiar with the concept. It is this same theory that the use of flashcards for medical students is based on.

How do medical students make flashcards?

Medicine flashcards could be made in two forms; digital flashcards or manual flashcards.

The manual flashcards can be made using pen and flashcard paper. A flashcard paper is usually customized for this purpose and can be gotten from any education store.

Some people use home-made flashcards by cutting cardboard paper into different proportionate sizes.

A digital flashcard is basically a mobile application or software that enables you to note down important points while reading. And the 6 best flashcards for medical students below are all digital flashcards.

How to use a flashcard

How a flashcard is used is dependent on the purpose for which it was made. Some students write questions on the front of the flashcard and the answer to the question behind the flashcard.

Such that when they read the question, they make an attempt to see if they could recall the answer, which is compared with what is written behind the flashcard.

A typical example is a flashcard found below;

best flashcards for medical students
Flashcards for medical students Example

Some others just write down important points under a heading in the front of the flashcard and when they read the heading, they try to recall the rest of the information on the flashcard.

For example;

anatomy flashcard for medical students with question
Frontpage/Question page (Sample anatomy Flashcards for medical students)
Anatomy flashcard for medical students with answer
Backpage/ Answer (Anatomy flashcard for medical students)

How can I get flashcards for studying in medical school?

You can get flashcards by downloading them from Google Playstore. I have included links through which you can download any of the recommended flashcards listed below.

However, If you need a manual flashcard, you can as well get it from Amazon or any online store available to you. Or you can get cardboard papers and cut them into

The 6 Best Flashcards For Medical Students

There are lots of Flashcard applications you can use for your studies in medical school, but I have checked out some of them, I have concluded that the ones listed below will be the most useful for medical students.

The following are the best flashcard apps for medical students:

  • AnkiApp Flashcards
  • Flashcards World
  • Flashcards+ By Chegg
  • Quizlet
  • Flashcards with Cram
  • Brainscape Smart Flashcards

AnkiApp Flashcards

AnkiApp is one of the best flashcard apps for medical students. It is a simple and intelligent flashcard app that can easily sync with a phone, tablet, or laptop. This app uses an improved form of spaced repetitions built with artificial intelligence to help you maximize the amount of learning in each session.

When you start studying using the AnkiApp, the app chooses which flashcards you need to work on based on a detailed analysis of your progress.

With Anki, you can add cards directly from the mobile app, format your cards using colored text, bulleted lists, underlines, and more.

You can as well make flashcards using photos from your gallery to aid your memory and to help the subject matter have a deeper impression on your brain.

Special Features:

  • The dashboard shows your overall progress
  • You have a flexible study routine
  • You can study your most recent decks from the dashboards
  • Has a night version that makes it easy for your eyeballs while studying in a dark place.
  • App size is about 9.08 MB

Flashcards World

Flashcards world is also one of the best flashcards for medical students. It helps you to supercharge your learning experience with flashcards, easily create study sets, and choose your favorite way to memorize your cards.


  • Works offline
  • There is no limit to the number of flashcards you can make
  • Has different study modes to remove boredom and improve learning experience. Such modes include; writing review, multiple choice answers, audio player and flashcards review.
  • File size is 7.3 MB

Flashcards+ By Chegg

Cheggs flashcard app is rated among the best flashcards for students with 5.0 stars from over 800 users. It comprises over 500 million free flashcards specially designed to help you conquer any exam that is multiple choice based.


  • Include images to your flashcards for easy memorization
  • Easily make flashcards for any course and share with your friends or students
  • Stay connected with other teachers or students and see which flashcards are available for any course you are interested in.
  • File size is 16.91 MB


Quizlet was actually made to serve as a language learning app, but I still included it among the best flashcards for medical students for this reason; “learning anatomy for the first time is just like learning a new language”, fresh medics can attest to this.

Quizlet is one of the easiest ways you can practice and master new terminologies and cram hard concepts like nerve roots, blood supply, and lymphatic drainage of different structures of the body.


  • You can easily share flashcards with friends in just a single click
  • Learn mode which helps you to prepare for any test or exam in medical school
  • Write mode which helps you put your memery to the test
  • Match mode which enables you to race against the clock. This mode improves your recall speed.
  • File size is 17.6 MB

Flashcards with Cram

With Cram flashcards, you can easily memorize anything and improve your scores in the medical school exams.

This is also one of the best medical flashcards for medical students as it automatically downloads your created flashcard sets and the flashcards you study more frequently.


  • Completely free and easy to use
  • Syncs automatically with your cram account
  • You have access to over 75 million flashcards for free
  • Can work both online and offline
  • Has 2 modes; Card mode and Memorize mode
  • You can easily create and edit flashcards within the app.
  • File size is 5.78 MB

Brainscape Smart Flashcards

Last but not least is Brainscape Flashcards. It is also a very good flashcard for medical students to enhance memory. Brainscape enables you to find and create smart flashcards on any device.

It helps you to personalize the timing of each flashcard repetition, using proven cognitive science. Brainscape uses spaced repetition to time each exposure within the exact interval it takes your brain to retrieve the information.

To use the Brainscape app, you need to rate how well you know a concept on a scale of 1 to 5, and the ai will detect the right time to quiz you again. This will help you memorize things 2 times faster over time.

It can be addicting and is proven to reduce your required study time.


  • Generates flashcards from experts, your peers and yourself
  • It is free to use
  • You can easily share these flashcards with friends
  • File size is 45.16 MB

What are the best anatomy flashcards for medical students?

Studying anatomy in medical school as a fresh medic can be very daunting. However, it does not have to be like this for long if you follow the right approach.

I have outlined some special tips for studying anatomy as a medical student which you can deploy to make the most out of your first year of medical school.

A section of these tips recommends that you use flashcards for studying human anatomy for easy comprehension and memorization bearing in mind that you have lots of new concepts and anatomical terms to remember.

Some of the best anatomy flashcards for medical students include:

What Are The Best pharmacology flashcards for medical students?

If you have passed through medical school, you will understand that both anatomy and pharmacology have something in common; you have lots of things to memorize.

For anatomy, you have lots of new anatomical terms while in pharmacology, you are dealing with names of drugs you have never heard before. This is where flashcards become very useful in memorizing the names of these drugs.

Some of the best pharmacology flashcards for medical students include:


Flashcards are very useful for studies in medical school as they improve memory and make it easier for one to internalize new concepts faster.

Above are the best flashcards for medical students which you can start using today to improve your learning experience in medical school. Flashcards make learning more fun and stress-free, and some flashcards actually reduce study time significantly.

If you have more recommended flashcard apps for medical students, you can freely include them in the comment section below. Also, do not forget to share this post with your friends and colleagues who may find this helpful.

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