List of all PLAB 1 Subjects and their Weightage

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Are you gearing up for the PLAB Part 1 exam and wondering how to optimize your study strategy?

In this guide, we will be looking at the subject list for PLAB 1 and their weightage. That is how each subject is represented in the whole 18o questions of the PLAB 1 exam.

One of the things you must bear in mind while studying for your PLAB 1 exam is that all subjects are not weighted equally.

Now don’t get this wrong; every subject which is in the PLAB blueprint is important in passing the PLAB 1 exam. As usual, I will advise that you cover all the subject areas you are required to cover before appearing for the exam.

However, understanding the importance of subject weightage is crucial for navigating this milestone with confidence and achieving your goal of passing the PLAB Part 1 exam.

The reason is obvious! If you know that more questions will be coming from subjects like Emergency medicine, Paediatrics, Cardiology Obstetrics and Gynaecology, intuitively, it is expected that you pay more attention to these areas compared to the areas with lesser representation.

So let’s dive into it; the PLAB step 1 subjects and how they are represented in the exam.

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All PLAB 1 Subjects Weightage:

1.Emergency Medicine25 questions
2.Paediatrics20 – 25 questions
3.Psychiatry20 questions
4.Cardiology18 questions
5.Gastroenterology15 – 18 questions
6.Obstetrics and Gyneacology15 questions
7.General Surgery10 -15 Questions
8.Neurology10 – 15 Questions
9.Respiratory Medicine10 -12 Questions
10.Ear Nose and Throat8 – 10 questions
11.Nephrology8 – 10 Questions
12.Infectious Disease8 questions
13.Pharmacology7 – 8 questions
14.Endocrinology6 – 8 Questions
15.Rheumatology5 – 8 questions
16.Palliative Care4 – 8 Questions
17.Critical Care5 – 7 questions
18.Urology4 – 6 questions
19.Dermatology4 – 6 questions
20.Ophthalmology4 – 5 questions
21.Haematology4 – 5 questions
22.Genetics5 questions
23.Trauma and Orthopaedics5 questions
24.Genitourinary Medicine3 – 5 Questions
25.Ethics4 questions
26.Vascular Surgery2 -3 Questions
27.Anatomy3-5 Questions
28.Epidemiology3 – 5 questions
29.Oncology2-3 questions
PLAB 1 subject wise weightage

Kindly note that there are no exact rules that determine how many questions will show up for each of the PLAB 1 subjects. The General Medical Council reserves the right to put up any question they see fit for the exam as long as it is within the syllabus as listed in the PLAB blueprint.

So the best preparation strategy remains to cover all the topics and know the foundations for every subject and you will be fine at the end of the exam.

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