Can a Paramedic Become a Doctor? What You Must Know

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Your pathway as a paramedical student who has an eye for the MBBS degree can be a very tortuous one. Although they also play a vital role in healthcare, some paramedics would be more fulfilled if they can add the title; ‘Doctor’ to their name.

I gained admission into the University as a Paramedical student in 2016, and the question I kept asking my seniors was, can a paramedic become a doctor?


Because taking the Hippocratic oath has always been my dream as a student and I believe this is also the dream of someone reading this post.

After being so inquisitive, I discovered that a good percentage of medical doctors were once paramedics before they later found their way to medicine.

Yeah I know, that’s a relief.

After spending years at the university as a paramedic, upgrading your qualifications to become a medical doctor is still possible. Because as a paramedic, you are restricted from playing certain roles in patient care.

By the way, paramedics are widely accepted and employed in diverse sectors, and their functions cannot be overemphasized in healthcare Industries. They work actively as medical assistants and help in bridging the gaps between a doctor and a nurse.

In this article, I will be answering the question, can a paramedic become a doctor? in the following subheadings.

Who Is A Paramedic?

who is a paramedic 1
Can a paramedic become a doctor?

A medical worker with expertise in emergency care is called a paramedic. They are not medical professionals like doctors, nurses, or emergency medical technicians.

The phrase “paramedic” combines two words. The words “para” and “medicPara means next to, while medics means doctor.

Paramedics collaborate with medical doctors and other healthcare personnel in stabilizing emergency patients through medical interventions.

Until emergency patients, both outside and inside the health care center can be attended to by a doctor, paramedics ensure they are in a safe condition.

Paramedic Vs EMT: Difference Between Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT) and Paramedics

Paramedic vs emt
Paramedic vs emt

You should have probably watched entertainment movies that showed how some medical teams rushed to an emergency scene, rescued the victims, and how they administered the necessary first aid to the injured victims and how they also moved them into the ambulance. These medical teams are called EMERGENCY MEDICAL TECHNICIANS.

Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) are trained to perform advanced medical care to emergency patients before getting to a medical center.

It is very easy to mix the role of an emergency medical technician with that of a Paramedic because they both attend to emergency patients.

However, it is very important to note that, a paramedic is different from an emergency medical technician. Although, they are both trained to stabilize emergency patients through medical interventions.

EMTs and paramedics generally differ in their level of education and the kind of operations they are permitted to do. While paramedics may carry out more difficult treatments including placing IV lines, dispensing medications, and putting pacemakers on patients, EMTs can only deliver CPR, glucose, and oxygen.

Paramedics are primarily trained to provide urgent treatments to patients in emergency rooms, ambulances, cruise ships, air or water rescue transports, etc.

What Are The Works Of A Paramedic?

The works of a Paramedic are unlimited. However, they function based on where they are employed. They are always expected to give the first treatment to emergency patients.

The works of a Paramedic are controlled under the supervision of a medical doctor. They communicate through mobile devices, radios, or written orders. They both decide on the treatment of emergency patients; a paramedic also functions as a supervisor to the EMTs.

Some highlighted functions include:

  • Conduct medical tests
  • Communicate with supervising doctors
  • Do Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)
  • Uses defibrillator
  • Clear airways.
  • Gives antidotes
  • Give IV medications

Are Paramedics Doctors?

No paramedics are different from doctors because the degree of their exposure to medical procedures in medical school is different. For example, a doctor finds it very easy to diagnose what is wrong with a patient while a paramedic is not trained to make a diagnosis.

What are the Differences Between Paramedics And Doctors?

You know, it is disheartening that some Paramedics like to disguise themselves as medical doctors. Whereas, paramedics are only exposed to the shallow areas in medicine; they can only perform a few procedures like intubation, clear airways, and so on to buy more time for patients before getting to a doctor.

However, a doctor is a physician that has a higher and deeper understanding of medicine and medical education. And legalized to carry out diagnostic and treatment procedures on patients.

Doctors are exposed to a wide range of knowledge in medical school compared to Paramedics. This is because they spend 6+ years of thorough learning in medical school, coupled with clinical rotations and live experiences with surgical procedures.

Passing through all these processes gives them a lot of experience in the medical field than paramedics.

Can a Paramedic Become A Doctor?

Can a paramedic become a medical doctor? This is a common question asked by mostly all paramedics who are seeking career growth in their medical profession. An increase in educational qualifications will attract more incomes and, as well more responsibilities.

The question, can a Paramedic become a medical doctor? May only be answered based on the administrative factors followed by the medical schools in a particular country or a geographical area.

Can a Paramedic Become A Doctor In the UK?

Can a paramedic become a doctor in Uk?
Can a paramedic become a doctor in Uk?

To be very honest, upgrading your qualifications from being a paramedic to a medical doctor requires a lot of sacrifices. Because going back to school after spending years being a paramedic is not easy. In addition, in upgrading your qualifications, your grades and experiences as a paramedic also matter a lot.

For example, a paramedic who has been in the field for many years (10+) and already has a lot of experience being a paramedic can be allowed to enroll in a three years training to become a medical doctor instead of spending another 6 years in medical school.

Also, you can take a direct entry form directly to a medical school of your choice and start afresh as a medical student.

However, information is an important key during this process. Information is power, the European directives may decide anytime to recruit paramedics and train them to become medical doctors, though that’s very rare. So it is very important you stay active on any social media platform that gives update on career growth, you can check for some here

Can A Paramedic Become A Doctor In Nigeria?

As a paramedic in Nigeria, you already have some basic understanding of medicine. You can easily take a direct entry form. However, the advantage of this is that, instead of starting from 100l, you will rather begin your medical journey from 200l.

Can a Paramedic Become A Doctor in Australia?

In Australia, paramedics are in high demand and you can easily enroll in a 3-year course to become paramedics. Being a paramedic with a lot of experience in the field, you can easily apply for a graduate entry medical degree at any university of your choice.

On a Final Note!

A brief answer to the question, Can a Paramedic Become a medical Doctor? Is that; yes, you can certainly become a doctor. All you need is to upgrade your qualifications, either by enrolling back to medical school or taking remedial courses offered by any university in your country. Although, remedial courses are very rare, but more updates will be posted here about that.

And, never forget that, if you don’t give up, you can always become what you want. The road might seem long, what you just need is to focus and be determined.

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