Top 15 Best Medical Student Blogs Every Medic Must Follow

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Studying medicine requires that you need constant motivation, study guides, and tips from other medical students who must have passed through your level in medical school.

This is the reason behind most medical student blogs you see on the net today.

And in this post, you will be finding out which website is best for medical students.

While some of these blogs for medical students focus mainly on sharing academic tips that will help medical students ace their medical school exams, some others cover all aspects of the life of medical students.

The latter is concerned with helping you survive through the hurdles in medical school so that nothing ever hits you as a surprise throughout your MD journey.

Also, a few of the medical school blogs cover many other topics for general enlightenment just like you will see in our list of the best blogs for medical students below.

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Why Should You Follow Medical Student Blogs?

Currently, on Twitter, there is a movement formed by medical doctors in Nigeria for medics all over the world.

This is in a bid to create a community where medical students and medical graduates can relate freely with one another and communicate in a language all will understand. This community is represented by the hashtag #MedTwitter.

This is just to illustrate how necessary it is for people of like-minds to come together and share ideas for everyone’s growth.

Apart from Twitter, there are also similar communities for medics on other social channels like; Tumblr, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and even Telegram.

All these channels are great places for getting exposed to information about what is happening in the medical world, but the fact remains that they can never be compared to blogs in terms of the availability of reliable information.

Blogs make it easy to discuss complex topics extensively without the fear of using long texts which are usually boring for the audience.

There are numerous advantages of subscribing to any quality blog for medical students.

Some of the benefits of subscribing to a medical school blog include;

what are the best medical school blogs?
Having access to vital information is necessary for medical students to survive

I. You Have Access To Undiluted Information

Usually, when trying to post valuable information on social channels, people tend to compress the message to improve readability.

But while doing this, they may leave out important details that the readers may miss out on.

This is not so for blogs.

You can find a blog post with over 5,000 words all for the purpose of driving home a point undiluted.

Blogs give an educator the freedom to even use images, infographics, and videos to make a concept better understood by any audience.

II. You Have Access To More Opportunities And Resources

Apart from the information posted on a medical student blog, you also have access to numerous resources that will help you scale your career, improve your studies, and better your life in medical school.

III. You Are Exposed To Other Informational Hubs

Medical school blogs are one of the best places to get recommendations for other sites and channels you can follow for more information.

A typical example is this post I am currently publishing for you which covers the best blogs for medical students.

Also, you will find other resource sites like WhatsApp Groups and channels, Instagram Pages, Facebook, and Twitter pages which you can also follow to interact with other medics from all over the world.

IV. You Connect With Experienced Colleagues And Mentors

As a medical student who is reading this blog post, we somewhat are already connected by this content.

I have passed on very vital information to you; a list of the medical student blogs which you can follow today to improve your experience in medical school.

If you go on to leave a comment on this post, this will further increase our connection as I will read the comment, and then know a thing or two about you while also solving any of your problems if you have one.

V. Medical School Blogs Keep You Steps Ahead Of Other Medical Students

If there is any new update, study guide, or tip in medical school, you will always be the first to see them if you follow a medical school blog.

Bloggers who specialize in creating content for medical students carry out a lot of research to keep themselves updated.

And you will receive this update whenever it is posted if you follow their blogs.

Having said this, let us quickly dive into the list of medical student blogs you should follow.

So what are the best blogs for medical students today?

Top 15 Best Medical Student Blogs Every Medic Must Follow

medical student blogs
medical school blogs increase creativity among students

Below is my personal list of the best medical school blog for students.

These are based on personal research and recommendations from other medical students.

1. Medarchive Magazine

Yeah! Of course, you don’t expect me to list all the top medical school blogs in the world without mentioning my own medical students’ blogs.

Since its inception, MedarchiveMagazine has been creating content mainly for medical students, and medical graduates, and a few content for promoting health and wellness.

Our mission at Medarchive Magazine is to enlighten, inspire, and promote health and wellness.

The blog is managed by a team of medical students headed by a medic who is currently a final year medical student at the time of publishing this article.

Most contents related to medical school in Medarchive Magazine are mainly for our audience living in the United States and who attend medical schools in Nigeria.

But the rest of the content is also a perfect match for any medical student who lives in any of the English-speaking countries especially; the United Kingdom, Australia, and Canada.

If you are looking for informative and enlightening content for medical students, then you should subscribe to receive our notifications and visit this website often.

Medarchive Magazine also provides opportunities for medical students and graduates to share their own experiences for free using a guest post framework.

Medarchive Magazine is featured on Feedspot as of the Top 50 blogs in Nigeria.

We are also Google News Approved.

Social Channels:

Medarchive Magazine has social channels and communities for medical students spread throughout the net.

Our major social channels which you are recommended to join today are:

2. TheMdJourney

Next on our list of the best medical student blogs is TheMdJourney.

This is one of the very few blogs for medical students that is solely dedicated to improving their academic performance of medical students.

The blog is managed by an internal medicine resident in Texas, the United States by the name Lakshya.

His mission is to help as many medical students as possible to succeed in their medical journey with less stress.

Lakshya is an Indian, but he has lived most of his life in the United States.

The blog also covers helpful tips on how to stay fit and healthy, and also self-improvement through books.

Social Channels

TheMdJourney also has active social pages. The most popular ones are:

  • TheMdJourney YouTube Channel
  • TheMdJourney Instagram page
  • TheMdJourney Facebook page
  • TheMdJourney Pinterest page
  • TheMdJourney Twitter page

3. Med School Insiders

Another great medical student blog you should check out is Med School Insiders.

This blog is run by a team of medical doctors who understand what it takes to pass through all the hurdles in medical school.

Its mission statement is to create a generation of healthier, happier, and more effective future doctors.

According to the Med School Insiders editorial, their journey started when Dr. Kevin Jubbal created a YouTube channel to document his journey in medical school and residency, identifying the strategies to do so most effectively while minimizing pitfalls.

Instead of relying on willpower or brute force, Dr, Jubbal’s philosophy is that systems produce results.

This philosophy was responsible for Dr. Jubbal’s success with a 99th percentile MCAT score, acceptances to multiple top 5 medical schools, receiving the only full-tuition scholarship offered at a top medical school, and successfully matching into one of the most competitive specialties of plastic surgery.

By following Med School Insiders, you will receive a clear, strategic, and customized road map with support every step of the way.

This will guide you through your MCAT and in Making your medical school and residency application stand out.

4. Merk Manuals Med Student Stories

Another medical student blog you must check out is Merk Manuals Med Student Stories.

This blog is run by students from different medical schools at different points in their career paths.

They write generally about how to maintain a good balance between life and medical school.  

They also write on the various tips and tricks in medical school including how to develop a good relationship with patients and learning medical procedures and finances.

The target audience for this blog is medical students living in the United States and its territories including Canada.


This blog has won two awards of excellence including the PR Daily award of 2013.

Social Channels

The Merk Manuals Med Student Stories blog also has active social channels and some of them include;

  • Facebook Page
  • YouTube Channel
  • Twitter page and
  • Pinterest page.

5. A Young Doctor’s Journey

Among the best medical school blogs is A Young Doctor’s Journey which is formerly known as A Med Student’s Journey.

The blog is run by a medical school graduate who is currently pursuing her emergency medicine residency in the United States.

Her blog covers life in medical school as a whole including dating tips for medical students.

She also shares study tips for students and content creators too.

Social Channels

This blog also has very active social channels and the popular ones include;

  • Facebook page
  • Twitter page
  • Instagram page
  • YouTube channel

6. MedicsDomain

One of the best blogs for medical students to follow is MedicsDomain.

Its mission is to reach out to as many medics as possible in the world and to build a community where medics come to share good information with the aim of improving the health sector.

Contents on this blog include but are not limited to a Medical school guide, a biography of successful medics, a guide to studying abroad for medical students, and academic study tips.

7. Daily Medicos

Also on my list of the best medical school blogs is Daily Medicos; a blog dedicated to delivering educational content not just for medical students but for people striving to live a healthy life.

This blog is being run by medical undergraduates mainly based in Pakistan.

According to Sah Wajahat; the founder of Daily Medicos, Pakistani students lack the privilege of working part-time while doing their undergraduate and master’s program.

So he was moved to fill the gap and provide an avenue for medical students to explore their talent and earn through side hustles.

8. Medicoholic

This is another cool medical students’ blog managed by Tauseef Khan who is pursuing his MBBS degree at Kempegowda Institute of Medical Sciences, Bangalore, Karnataka, India.

Medicoholics was created especially for medical students who are in their first year and are just starting out.

He shares what he has learned and observed as a medical aspirant and currently as a medical student.

Popular posts on this blog include NEET guides and MBBS stories every medical student in India should read.

9. Tara Caitlin

Tara Caitlin is a med student blog owned by the person whose name is used for the blog.

She created the blog for inexperienced medical students with comprehensive guides, actionable steps, and resources and share her own personal experiences to help them thrive on their journey through premed school.

Her inspiration stems from the fact that she was so uncertain and inexperienced when she was new to premed school.

And she is on a journey to help any medical student who comes across her blog to pass through premed confidently.

Her contents contain information on how to find shadowing opportunities, have a good GPA, and increase your productivity as a student.

Social channels

The blog has active social channels and they include;

  • Facebook page
  • Instagram page and
  • Pinterest page

10. Life of a Med Student

Another good blog for medical students is LifeofaMedStudent which started in 2011 with a simple hashtag on social media #lifeofamedstudent.

The blog covers all forms of topics for medical students including the pre-med journey, medical school journey, student loans, residency, finance, and many other posts just for fun.

This blog has a very strong followership on the major social channels (Over 50,000 followers).

Social Channels

The blog has a very large fan base on Twitter and I recommend you follow them for daily doses of fresh content for medical students.

  • Instagram page
  • Twitter page
  • Facebook
  • Pinterest

11. Setting Sights

This is a medical school blog created by Alexandra Elaine Adams on her journey as the UK’s first deaf-blind medical student.

The blog covers topics on medical lifestyle and aims to create a brighter future for others.

If you are a medical student looking for fresh doses of motivation to be grateful for life and take your Md journey seriously, then Setting Sights will be a great read.

Social Channels

Alexandra Elaine also has an active Twitter page where she posts motivational content using her own life as a model.


The above-named blog for medical students is owned by Shikhar Tripathi, a medical student, researcher, and author.

His blog is a series of guides and tips for medical students.

He also shares important resources that every medic will find useful.

13. Life of A Medic

The LifeofaMedic is a medical student blog that was inspired by the journey of a 3rd-year medical student at the University of Manchester.

A blog that was initially created for sharing the author’s own personal experience while applying for medicine and life as a medical student has now grown beyond to cover topics for aspiring medics as well.

The blog is based in the United Kingdom but has its reach spread to over 200 other countries.

The topics on this medical school blog are suitable for students currently doing their A levels, applying for medicine, or who are still considering medicine as a perfect career choice.

Social Channels

This blog also has very active social channels which include;

  • Instagram page
  • Twitter page and
  • Facebook page.

14. Medico Lifestyle

This is also one of the best blogs for medical students.

It is being run by a couple whose names are Emily and Jonas.

Their content is great for not just medical students but also medics as a whole including doctors too.

Its mission is to create a community for creative people with links to healthcare.

They are passionate about bringing people from all walks of life who are passionate about what they do together.

They are also creating a platform that can showcase people’s creativity, and educate and support charities that have similar values as them.

Social Channels

Their social channels are also active and their links can be found below;

  • Instagram page
  • Twitter page and
  • Facebook page

15. Warmly Rainee

The blog Warmly Rainee is being managed by the person whose name is used for the domain name of the blog.

Rainee has a degree in Psychology and her blog is all about her medical school experience.

The motivation behind the blog is to help other medical students who have no one to guide them through their journey.

According to her, she had no mentor in her med school journey, so she is trying to fill up this gap for other medical students who find themselves in a similar condition.

Aside, from her medical school blog posts, she is also a health coach to helps people live their ideal lives.

What Are Your Thoughts About This List?

thoughts on the medical school blogs
What are your thoughts on our list of blogs for medical students?

Truth be told, there are lots of other excellent blogs for medical students, but I could not feature them all.

The above 15 medical student blogs are the much my own research could reach.

Please do not forget that there are many other countries where medicine is not studied in the English language.

These countries will definitely have experienced medics who have taken it upon themselves to do this noble task of blogging about medical school just to help out other medical students.

However, if you know a blog you follow that you strongly recommend for medical students in your country, you can briefly mention it in the comment section for me to review and update the list if need be.

Also, Read; Study Podcasts for Medical Students on Spotify

Final Words!

While compiling this list, our major ranking factors were the presence of evergreen content on the blog, social media presence, and quality of blog content.

The aim of writing this post is to help medical students outsource all the available informational hubs in medical school.

I hope that the information in this post will help make life as a medical student easier for you on many levels.

Thank you for reading through!

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