Dating A Medical Student: Top 36 Things You Need To Know

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Dating a medical student can be the most challenging, yet very rewarding task you can take on. Being in a relationship with medical students has its pros and cons.

I wouldn’t say we are the brightest stars in the sky or the biggest thorn in the flesh.

But there is one thing I am very sure of, even though chili can be very nasty when it enters your eyes, we all still crave that little ‘burny’ feeling it gives our foods.

If you intend to date a med student, or you are already dating one, there are certain things you need to prepare your mind for.

You can consider this a secret note from a medical school insider…you can thank me later.

I prefer to call these; tips for dating a medical student because they are not absolute.

They are just tips and do not speak for the whole population of medical students all over the world.

In fact, most of the tips on dating a medical student on the list below were generated based on a personal opinion, what some of my friends think, and information from different blogs on this topic.

So get your coffee stand-by while you read on.

And after reading, still, open your mind to experiences and expect the best from your partner who is a medic.

Table of Contents

36 Tips You Need To Know About Dating A Medical Student

Dating a female medical student
Dating a female medical student

1. Prepare for mini break-ups during our exams

It is a norm for us to hibernate and focus on our studies during our medical school exams.

We never stopped liking you, met someone new, or something like that.

All we needed at that time is to pass our medical school exams.

Expect fewer calls, and absences from WhatsApp and other chatting platforms.

This really appears like a breakup, but once the exams are over, expect things to return to normal.

This is a very challenging time for partners who are dating medical students for the first time because even though we need enough time alone or in study groups while preparing for our exams, we also need your encouragement and motivation to keep pushing hard.

2. Prepare your mind for your greatest competitor: Our books

If you are dating a medical student, especially the A+ type, it is almost as though you are in direct competition with our books.

The life of a medical student is almost filled up by our study periods.

You should expect us to be at school and engage in our study-related activities for over 15 hours of our day.

And remember we have not added the sleep time, feeding time, and insensible time losses.

3. Dating a female medical student? What’s your worth?

Here I do not mean that we are gold-diggers…far from that.

But I am trying to remind you that you are dealing with a high-value career female.

For you to be happy in such a relationship as dating a female medical student, then you should also be willing to put in sufficient work for your own personal growth and career development.

4. She has laser eyes and a sharp mind: You will be examined thoroughly

We have studied human anatomy and maybe some aspects of human psychology.

So be prepared for us to look through your physical appearance.

And trust me, we see through every tiny spot on your skin and can read interpretations to them.

Not to be scared though if you have done your homework.

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5. Timid men and women prefer the cool

Dating a medical student can be boring especially if you get yourself involved with the nerdy types.

We may not be comfortable with dramas, spontaneity, and fast-paced lives.

The majority of medical students will prefer a simple and straightforward life that would allow them enough time to focus on their studies.

This does not necessarily mean that dating all medical students will be similar.

We still have the unconventional types in our midst.

6. Every day is a new mental challenge

Every passing day in the life of medical students is filled with events that are both physically and mentally draining.

It is expected that if you are dating a med student, the mental fatigue will be passed on to you.

This means that in dating a medical student, we actually expect you to be a shock absorber on the days we experience mental breakdowns due to problems from school.

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7. The patient dog eats the fattest bone, the impatient one ate the meat

If you have been dating a medical student for a while and you are yet to define the terms of your relationship with your partner, you might just end up like the patient dog who ate only a fat bone without meat.

If you keep waiting for us to finish med school before you shoot your shot, you may end up losing us to the likes of the inpatient dog that ate the meat.

Always define your relationship with us on time to avoid unnecessary heartbreaks.

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8. But patience is still a great virtue

Patience here is not similar to the type of patience illustrated on the point before this one.

Here we mean that you should be patient with us, especially those of you dating a female medical student.

We may not always fulfill your sexual needs especially if there is a high chance of conception like when not using a contraceptive because it may mess with our studies.

Trust me, no female medical student finds it easy being pregnant and at the same time battling with medical school.

Whether you are dating a medical student or you are married to one, be kind enough to give them a break when their exams are near.

9. Those gifts do lots of magic

Everyone loves gifts! But not everyone is gifting people the right things.

Dating a med student requires that you actually gift us the right things we need and not just any gift you pick in the stores.

There is a separate post on this website on gift ideas for doctors and fresh medical graduates.

You could use it to inspire your thoughts on the best gifts you can give us.

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10. Boring is a no

Medical students are already subjected to a very boring life.

From the class to the hospital, then to our rooms, and back to the class.

We need a little flare in our lives.

Even though we may deny it, we love those hangouts, the movie nights, the parties for some, and those eat-outs.

11. Books may not be impressive, but we have lots of them

Gifting books to a medical student may not be the best idea or else it’s on a special request or a fantasy.

We already have lots of them which we have also read.

Books will not do well as a surprise gift. You may need to be more creative on this one.

Check the gift ideas for fresh medical students for a guide.

12. Going to the movies may not be bad after all

I have already mentioned that we appreciate those hangouts and movie nights.

In fact, going to a movie will just be great after that stressful exam or test we have written or on a weekend after a stressful week.

13. Careful comrade! It may be all or none

We already have a very large part of our lives taken by our studies.

And there you are again; someone we need to care about.

You definitely do not expect us to share you with anyone at all, it is either all or none.

You must learn to stay dedicated while dating a medical student.

At the slightest sign of infidelity, we don’t mind calling it a moment.

14. We may be online but also offline

Dating a medical student can be frustrating.

There is this meme about medical students being online on WhatsApp, but having a pdf opened and reading through them.

It sounds funny, but that’s the truth for most cases I have seen.

So we are not dodging your chats, we may just be studying or even on a live webinar on Zoom.

15. Those long night calls may be a nuisance

I have heard some of my non-medical friends talk about how they communicate with their partners for long through night calls.

Am sorry to disappoint you, but this may not be the same for most medical students.

We do not joke with our nighttime.

Many of us prefer this time as the most effective for reading for our medical exams.

Also, we do value our sleep as that’s what keeps us effective and strong during the long hours of clinical rotations and surgeries.

16. Become our hype man or cheerleader or lose us

As medical students who pass through lots of stressful moments daily, we expect our partners to always be there to cheer us up during these rough times.

Don’t’ misunderstand this, we have thick skin and a mind so tough to withstand lots of adversities.

But having that hype man or cheerleader to fall back in those short times we experience low moods is always deeply appreciated.

17. Unwavering support is our G-spot

During med school, we often write lots of medical exams and tests which we may fail a good number of times.

We do not expect someone who claims to love us to abandon us in our times of deepest despair or temporary downtimes like failing a test or a medical exam.

We need someone who will always be there for us in such moments while we prepare to bounce back.

This is one of the best non-physical gifts you could give a medical student.

18. Dating a med student from a long distance? Weigh your possibilities

Dating a medical student from a long-distance requires significant effort and understanding of the terms of the relationship.

For a long-distance relationship with a medical student to work out, the parties involved should; establish a timeline, have realistic expectations, and find better ways of connecting while being open, honest, and understanding.

You shouldn’t expect this relationship to go the same way as a physical relationship, but being open-minded and having realistic expectations could make a lot of things easier.

19. We can be too caring and sensitive

One of the best parts of dating a med student is the caring part.

Expect us to take very good care of you especially when you have the slightest sign of illness.

We may also be too sensitive too.

We care a lot about very minute details and may not just let small misunderstandings slide by without them being properly handled.

20. People may call you a gold digger

You should also prepare to receive undesirable comments from people who may think you are dating us because of the potential social status or money we may acquire after medical school.

It’s normal and you should get used to that.

21. Prepare for the unpredictable hours

As someone who is dating a medical student or a doctor, you should prepare your mind for emergencies too.

Sometimes, we may have to leave home on an important date to attend to a patient, complete an assignment from our consultants or attend to emergencies.

We live our whole lives like this, and if you want to date us, you should bear this in mind and prepare your mind for those unpredictable hours.

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22. If you lack drive or ambition, you may need to find one

Dating a med student is often challenging.

We have big dreams and ambitions, and it’s only natural that we are attracted to people with big drives too.

You water me, I water you everybody wins.

23. You have free consults for all your minor illnesses

By dating a medical student or by simply being in our close circle of friends, you automatically have free medical opinions on all your minor illnesses.

At least you do not have to waste time and data/wifi searching all over WebMD for a correct match for your symptoms.

24. We may only discuss medicine when we are with colleagues

It is difficult to find us discussing medical stuff with non-medical friends or colleagues.

There is usually a huge gap in the communication as the person may not understand ‘how anterior suddenly turned medial’ or ‘how posterior suddenly became lateral’.

This does not mean we will be unwilling to educate you on certain important concepts you need to know.

25. The late-night outs do not always mean cheating

As medical students, we are night owls.

Spending most of our nights in the wards, accidents, and emergencies to see if we could acquire new skills or learn new things.

We may even be in class studying through the night.

So those late-night outs do not necessarily mean cheating.

We may just be improving ourselves to become good doctors after med school.

26. Your goals may be put on hold to support us

Medical school is expensive.

So many of us may accumulate lots of student loans during our journey in medical school.

Dating a medical student could mean that you also support us as we struggle to offset these loans.

This could slow down most of your personal goals.

27. Date us for long, and you will have an equivalent of a high school degree in medicine

This doesn’t literally mean anything.

Here I am just saying that dating a med student will expose you to a lot of knowledge on healthcare which you may never get while a regular person.

You learn how to take better care of your health and could even advise your friends and relatives based on this knowledge.

28. We may be annoyingly hygienic

Because we are exposed to lots of illnesses in the hospital on a daily basis, we have developed good personal hygiene as a coping mechanism to avoid getting infected.

This will as well be seen in our activities out of school like in our homes.

tips on dating a medical student
tips on dating a medical student

29. Prepare for intimidation: Don’t worry it’s just natural

Remember you are dealing with one of the smartest groups of people in the world.

It requires a high level of intelligence and mental strength to undergo the kind of training medical students pass through in medical school.

So sometimes, this intelligence may come off as arrogance which may be intimidating for our partners.

30. If it’s not Grey’s Anatomy, It’s House MD

For some medical students, you do not need to worry about the kind of movies they love.

It is usually a very enlightening medical movie like House MD, Grey’s Anatomy, and other medical-related movies.

Remember we still have unconventional medics too.

31. Remember we are just medical students, not consultants

Do not have answers to all your health or medically-related questions.

Remember we are doctors in training.

So do not blame us if we could not offer a solution to your problem.

You may just need to see an actual doctor.

32. Don’t expect us to gossip about our patients

You may be expecting us to come back from the clinic or hospital and gist you about that cancer patient who was planning to undergo chemotherapy, but whose relatives refused to donate blood to boost his hemoglobin level.

No, we don’t do that. Remember it is a code in medical ethics to keep information about your patients confidential.

So sorry for disappointing you again.

33. The sight of blood is normal: We are not heartless

Dating a female medical student can be weird at times.

You may expect a regular lady to be scared of blood, wounds, and ulcers, only to find your medical student girlfriend playing around with such like it’s nothing while giving first aid.

That’s one of the things the medical school does to you, we are hardened but not the bad way…hardened to save lives.

34. We can be frustrating

Dating a med student can be frustrating too.

Due to stress, we may experience brief changes in attitude and behavior that may be unpleasant for our partners.

Please bear with us, it gets better with time.

35. Lies are turnoffs, and we see through them

Remember that we are detail-oriented people, we easily see through lies, and we have zero tolerance for drama.

Lies are automatic turn-offs.

36. Be proud! Your Partner is a world hero

If you are dating a medical student, you should keep your head high and be full of yourself.

Your partner is being trained to save lives and to become a world-acknowledged hero.

We need you to appreciate who we are and what we do by being proud of us.

Would You Still Date A Doctor or a Medical Student?

As you can see, dating a medical student has two sides; the good side and the bad side, the pros and the cons.

But in the end, the most important thing is that the pros outweigh the cons.

I believe you must have learned some tips that will help you build a very strong relationship with your medical student partner.

I wish you the best in your relationship.

If you learned one or more tips on dating a medical student from this post, why not share it?

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