Find Healthcare and Medical Jobs in Nigeria: 5 Best Places to Look

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We all hear that Nigeria lack sufficient health workers to cover the health sector. Adding to this is the incessant loss of health professionals to brain drain. This should intuitively mean that there should also be lots of medical jobs in Nigeria readily available for health workers.

While this is true, the challenge lies in finding these healthcare jobs.

In searching for healthcare jobs in Nigeria, many resort to professional sites like LinkedIn, and many other job posting websites.

But the problem with these official job sites is that anyone can post jobs there, and there’s no rule that regulates what the job one can post offers.

This predisposes a lot of naive and newly graduated health workers to cheap labour, mainly because it’s hard to find out the ideal thing you should be expecting for a professional in your cadre.

However, there are job seeking communities set-up by well meaning medical elders who make conscious effort regulate the type of jobs that are posted in these communities.

This makes it difficult for your employers to exploit you by offering you a tasking job with inadequate compensation.

So in this post, we will looking at such communities where you can find medical job vacancies in Nigeria.

Whether your are looking for medical officer jobs in Nigeria, nursing jobs, or whatever your field is in the medical world, these group offers a promising opportunity to land you your dream jobs.

5 Best Places to find Medical Jobs in Nigeria

1. Dr. ALOY’S Telegram Group (DA NMJ)

Find medical jobs in Nigeria

So far, this is the largest community that posts well regulated healthcare jobs in Nigeria.

Also, this group does not just post healthcare jobs in Nigeria, if you are any of the following professionals and interested in working in the health sector:

  • Info. & Comm. Tech. (ICT) Experts
  • Comp. Programmers
  • Accountants & Finance Officers
  • Bus. Administrators & Managers
  • Marketers, Medical Sales Rep
  • Data Scientists, Software Developers, Software Engineers
  • Human Resource Managers
  • Medical jobs, careers, scholarships, accommodation, life partners, role modeling, networking, etc?

Then Dr. Aloys Telegram Group will strongly be of benefit to you.

With over 44,000 members and over 1,500,000 daily visits, DA-NMJ is the biggest and most diversed platform for  medical jobs in Nigeria, with reach and reputation beyond Nigeria.

To join DA-NMJ on Telegram click the link below:

2. Medical Locum Jobs Telegram Group

Healthcare jobs in Nigeria

Medical Locum Jobs is another Telegram Channel just like DA NMJ, where you can also find medical jobs in Nigeria.

Also, apart from medical jobs, you will as well find countless other opportunities there including scholarships, international opportunities other diverse adverts.

To join Medical Locum Jobs Telegram group, click the button below:

3. Medarchive Career and Jobs Category

Healthcare jobs in Nigeria

The third place to find career and medical job opportunities in Nigeria is the Medarchive Career and Jobs Category.

By following this blog and subscribing to our notification you will get an update whenever there is a job opportunity or a post like this is published.

Apart from job opportunities, you will also find business ideas, lucrative courses and business ideas that will be make you increase your income as a medical professional.

To join our Telegram Group and receive updates on our every post, click the button below:

4. Google Jobs

Medical officer jobs in Nigeria

It may not seem very obvious, but one other channel you have been missing while searching for medical jobs in Nigeria is the Google Jobs search.

The image above shows you a picture of how Google Jobs work.

All you have to do is to simply search for the job or position you are filling for on Google and switch to the jobs tab, and you will see lots of opportunities available near you.

You will also see more details on how you can apply for these jobs.

But remember, just like I said earlier, these official sites are not regulated. So you risk falling into the hands of exploitative employers.

5. Medical Jobs NG Telegram Group

Last on my list is the medical jobs NG Telegram group.

Though still growing, you may still find the opportunities you may belooking for.

If you also want to join the group, click the button below to join:

Final Words!

There are many medical jobs in Nigeria available for you today, but my advice is; “Never be a hurry to accept a job that will not value your services”.

Such jobs will pay you less than you are expected to earn and will waste your time which you would have invested in a better paying job.

So are you are cruising through these groups, searching for opportunities, remember to wear patience as your garment while waiting for the perfect opportunity to come.

Goodluck in your search!

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