6 Most Profitable Dental Procedures to Increase Revenue

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Dentistry is a very lucrative specialty. But there is no doubt that a lot of dentists are leaving so much money in their dental practice by shunning some of the most profitable dental procedures.

People are constantly seeking validation on how they look, and our teeth play a major role in the quality of our appearance.

So for people to make a good first impression and have a charming smile, they are willing to spend a lot of money on those dental procedures that will help them keep their teeth in good shape.

It is your job as a dentist to capitalize on this to boost revenue in your dental practice.

If you are looking for how to improve the revenue streams in your dental practice, then you must have to pay great attention to the services you offer to be sure that you are maximizing your time performing the most profitable dental procedures.

But here comes the question; what dental procedures make the most money? We are going to discuss them in this post.

What Dental Procedures Make the Most Money?

Based on research from popular sources, the most profitable dental procedures fall under these categories:

  • They are the most popular dental procedures because more people present for these services compared to others
  • They are usually faster to perform so you can perform so many in a day
  • They offer relief to patients who are in severe discomfort.
  • They are more expensive than other dental procedures
  • They are most sought after by celebrities and people who are willing to spend any amount to impress their fans
  • Most are in the field of cosmetic dentistry

The Most Profitable Dental Procedures

 There are 6 identified procedures in dentistry that make the most money. And these most lucrative dental procedures fall under one or more of the categories listed above.

1. Dental Restoration

Although the market size is quite small, nearly everyone despises having a lost or damaged tooth. So if you are an expert at repairing or replacing damaged or missing teeth, then you are bound to make good profits daily from your dental practice.

Due to the seasonality of this service, it is not very wise to make dental restoration the main focus of your dental practice. However, it is best to be added as an additional service that you offer.

It would be a big loss for your practice if someone walks into your clinic and you are able to repair or restore their lost or damaged tooth.

According to Healthline, the average cost of dental restoration is around $900 to $2500 per tooth. Bear in mind that the average profit margin of dental procedures is around 40%. So you have a lot of profit to make from every tooth restoration service you offer.

2. Teeth Whitening Procedures

most profitable dental procedures
Teeth Before and After whitening

There is something popular about Julia Roberts; the popular actress, and that is her smile. Everyone wants to have that confidence to smile without shame showing their whole 32 teeth.

Recently, people are going crazy over teeth whitening to achieve the same or even similar effect. And whether you have a teeth whitening product, or you offer teeth whitening services, you are bound to keep making a lot of money daily.

First is that the market size for this dental procedure is very large, nearly everyone wants teeth whitening. Most interestingly, the procedure does not take much time to perform, around 10 to 20 minutes depending on your procedure.

This procedure is a very lucrative dental procedure whether you are adding it as an additional service you offer or as the main focus of your dental practice. It utilizes minimal resources and requires little expertise.

A cost of a single teeth whitening service done at your dental office can be up to $600. However, clients tend to spend way less if they buy teeth whitening kits which cost between $5 to $100. So you should also market the importance of having the whitening done by a professional once in a while to those clients who already own a teeth whitening kit.

3. Dental Implants

This is also one of the most profitable dental procedures. Just like dental restoration, the market size is quite small, but a single procedure in the US can make you $300 to $3000 in gross profits.

Also, due to the associated risks of having a dental implant like infection, delayed bone healing, nerve damage, etc. A patient who had an implant placed under your care should ideally be your long-term patient. This relationship will continue to bring in more revenue from every clinic visit by this patient.

4. Root Canal

Root canal procedures are also one of the most lucrative dental procedures because of the large market size. Nearly everyone will develop a root canal problem that will need the attention of a dentist, whether it is a toothache, filling, or removal of an infected tooth.

The average gross profit from a root canal procedure may vary based on the procedure and the type of tooth involved.

FRONT TOOTH$620 – $1100
PREMOLAR$720 – $1300
MOLAR$890 – $1500
Table showing the average cost of root canal treatment

4. Invisalign

What makes this one of the most profitable dental procedures is that nearly everyone wants to have well-aligned teeth and the fact that this is a good alternative for teeth alignment especially for people who cannot afford dental braces.

The accepted national average for the Invisalign procedure in the United States is USD$3000 to $5000 and the market size is quite good.

5. Dental Veneers

Porcelain veneers are those wafer-thin customized tooth-colored materials that are used to improve the appearance of the teeth. It is a common procedure for people who have teeth discoloration due to root canal treatment, drugs like tetracycline, chemicals like excess fluoride, and large resin fillings.

It could also be used by anyone who just wants to improve the appearance of their teeth, celebrities, and the like. So it has a large market making it one of the most lucrative dental procedures you can perform.

According to the American Dental Association, the average cost of dental veneers is around $925 to $2500 per tooth. This is a whole lot of money for someone who needs to get the whole teeth veneered.

6. Dental Composite

As amalgam is gradually fading out in dental practice, the new acceptable alternative is the dental composite which are synthetic materials that combine polymeric matrix with a dispersion of glass, mineral, or resin filler particles used to restore the lost tooth structure secondary to trauma and diseases.

This procedure is a relatively affordable procedure that can cost between $150 to $300 for 1 or 2 teeth.  

7. Dental Bonding

This is also one of the most profitable dental procedures that can enhance people’s smiles. And one good side it has commercially is that it is completely reversible.

The average cost of dental bonding can range from $300 to $600.

8. Dental Braces

Dental braces are among the most expensive and visually appealing dental procedures. Because of its beauty, people are willing to spend more money to get braces fixed in order to show that they are rich rather than having the Invisalign that is transparent.

For many, having braces is now a symbol of wealth and not just for the correction of dental deformities. As a dentist, you shouldn’t who owns a dental clinic, having this skill will be very helpful to your practice as it is one of the most profitable dental procedures.

On average, braces can cost around $3000 to $10000. The prices can greatly fall outside this range depending on the material used for the braces. This makes it the most expensive dental procedure on this list.

Final Words!

Having a private dental clinic is among the best-paying jobs you can ever have. There is an ongoing debate as to whether dentists in private practice earn more than doctors in private practice. And from all available indications, it’s like dentists will win this debate in certain conditions.

To earn more revenue in your dental practice, all you need to do is to find ways of attracting more customers to the business, improving the quality of your services, and start performing the most profitable procedures in dental practice.


From popular sources, the most popular dental procedures are in cosmetic dentistry of which teeth whitening is the first based on popularity.

What is the most expensive dental procedure?

Based on the national cost average, the most expensive dental procedure is dental braces. Others include; dental implants, dental veneers, and oral surgeries.

How Profitable is a Dental Practice?

The dental practice is very profitable. On average, general dental practitioners generate as much as $771,000 in annual revenue and Dental specialists make up to $1.1 million annually. However, this is the gross profit margin; the net profit is 24% to 40%.

Which dentists earn the most?

The highest-paid dental specialty is oral and maxillofacial surgery with a national average of $288,550 per year.

What Kind of Dental Work Do Celebrities Get?

The commonest dental procedures undergone by celebrities include dental braces, dental veneers, and teeth whitening procedures.

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