How to Sell Medical Textbooks in 6 Easy Steps

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Figuring out what you can do with used medical textbooks can be stressful. You can have the intention to sell medical textbooks you no longer need, but finding out where to sell medical textbooks and how to sell them either to get rid of them or to make a few bucks can be difficult.

Whether you are a medical student, health worker, or any student at all, you may have had the intention to sell second hand medical books. This post contains a guide on how and where to sell medical books online.

You will also learn how to package them for sale without having to pay anyone to do the job for you.

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How To Sell Medical Books Online

Passing through medical school requires that you come across lots of books and study materials, most of which come both in hard and soft copies (PDFs).

Also, there are a lot of medical students who are very good at keeping their study materials neat and tidy. But most of the time, they are not creative enough to find things to do with these used medical books.

You may not need any personal website, you just have to follow the steps outlined in this article.

Second Hand Medical Books and study materials one can sell online include:

  1. Textbooks: These include your softcopy medical books, materials, etc
  2. Study Notes and Jotter
  3. Flash cards
  4. Premium Videos
  5. Past Question Papers
  6. Study Flashcards
  7. Audio Notes
  8. Premium Pictures/Illustrations, etc

Kindly note that you can only sell medical textbooks that are in soft copies using the method I will show you below.

However, for study materials such as hard copy medical textbooks, you can sell them directly to buyers or list them in any of the stores mentioned below. You may have to deliver the books yourself to the store, or the owners of the store may come to pick them up from your doorstep. Whichever way, the books may be sold for free (given out to people freely), or you may be paid for the books. Remember to read the terms and conditions of the stores before giving out your books.

Some of these stores will go ahead to repackage the books and resell them, and finally, give you a percentage.

How to sell used medical books Step by step

how to sell medical textbooks
sell medical textbooks online

Below is the step-by-step method to sell medical books online:

  • Step 1: Gather your book packaging tools
  • Step 2: Package the books with this free online tool
  • Step 3: Upload your medical books to Google drive
  • Step 4: Set up your payment account
  • Step 5: Create a landing page and link your payment account
  • Step 6: Publish your landing page and start marketing it

Step 1: Gather the Tools you need to sell used medical books

To get ready for packaging and selling your study materials online, you will be needing some software and tools below.

A Landing Page

A landing page is a simple webpage that should contain a description of the product you want to sell. If you do not have a website, blog, or platform to create and design your landing page, you can create one for free using an email marketing tool like Mailchimp, Benchmark, or even Substack.

You can do so by creating an account/signing up with,, or If you have a blog, this will be easier, you can just create a new page on your blog.

If you don’t have a blog, you can create a free blog using Blogger or WordPress just for this purpose. But there is no need since the email marketing tools listed above can take care of this perfectly, and save you time.

A Paypal and Paystack Account

Paystack or Paypal is our recommended online tool you will use in collecting payments as you sell medical textbooks.

A Google Account with Access to Google Drive and Google Docs

For packaging your study materials, you will need a Google drive account which can be accessed after you must have created a Gmail account.

Google docs are the software you will use for packaging the study materials which are in the form of books.

For study materials like audio, and videos, there is no need for Google Docs.

The Study Material you want to sell

For Books and related materials, this should be in readable and editable word document format, for easy copy and paste.

For the videos, make sure they are of fairly high quality.

Step 2: Package the Books you intend to sell

  • Login to your Google Docs accounts, and create a new document.
  • Choose a good template from the list available.
  • You should have the study materials ready in a readable word document by now.
  • Now copy can paste the contents into your new template in Google docs, and edit it as you please.
  • You will also need a flier like the one below to make your book look attractive. Use Canva to create a perfect design for your book and then use a free online tool like DIYbooks cover to create a 3D version of it like the one below.
how to package and sell used medical books online
How to package and sell second hand medical books online

Step 3: Upload the Study Materials to Google Drive

After you have finished formatting and editing the documents, upload them to Google drive with the email address of your choice.

Once it is uploaded, you can easily get a shareable link for anyone to download.

Step 4: Setup Your Payment Account

Now create a new payment button using PayPal and a product page using paystack.

Please find the guide on how to do this using the links below:

How to create a new product on Paystack

How to create a new Payment button on Paypal

While creating your payment buttons and pages, you will find an option for:

“Redirect customers/users to this page after successful payment”

Now copy the link to your study material from Google drive and insert it inside the link text box for the redirect users, and click on save.

Once the page has been successfully created on paystack, you can now copy the link, and preview it on your web browser to see if it works well. You can also test it to be sure the redirect link works, but I don’t encourage this as you will be paying some service charges.

For the Paypal buttons, you will be requested to copy a code and paste it on your landing page in the section you want the button to show.

Remember that Paypal is only necessary if you want to sell the products in dollars or outside Nigeria.

Step 5: Setup Your Landing Page

  • If your landing page is on a blog, then it is easy to design.
  • Choose a good picture that best illustrates the content of your study material.
  • Also, include a short note describing the contents and what one is expected to see once they download the contents.
  • Include a button using Jetpack, WordPress forms, or whichever button tool you have on your blog.
  • On the button, type in a call to action like; Click to buy, Price of the book, buy now, etc.
  • Finally, insert the link to the paystack payment page on the button you included on your landing page.
  • If you also created a Paypay button, use the insert HTML option on your blog to input the code for the Paypal button, and make sure you preview it to see if it works well.
  • If you are designing the landing page from MailChimp or other email marketing tools, please search for a guide on how to create a landing page and apply the same process as you would on a blog.
  • Don’t forget to use the comment section to mention your challenges if any, I will reply as soon as possible.
  • Once you are through with the first five steps above, the next step is to preview your landing page and check for errors, bugs, and design flaws.
  • You can also invite a friend to help you preview it. Make any changes if necessary.
  • Finally, start sharing the links once you are ready.
  • You can use paid marketing through WhatsApp channels, influencer marketing on social media, or through organic traffic.
If you want to sell your medical books on our blog at an affordable rate, visit our advertising page and reach out to us. We will create a landing page for all the medical books you want to sell, and display them to our web visitors.

Where to sell medical textbooks

sell Medical school textbooks
where to sell medical textbooks online

If you do not have the time or strength to go through all the above processes, but still want to sell second hand medical books online, there are some websites that help you to do this while collecting a token as a service fee.

List of best websites where you can sell second hand medical books:

  3. (Sell and rent your medical books)
  5. Etc

Other stores where you can sell medical textbooks online:

  1. Amazon
  2. E-Bay
  3. Warrior Plus
  4. StudentVIP
  5. NotesGen
  6. NexusNotes
  7. Pagish
  8. Stuvia
  9. OxBridgeNotes
  10. StudySoup
  11. Oneclass
  12. Notesale
  13. Omega sale and hundreds of others.

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NOTE: For all the stores listed above, if you want to sell books online in the form of an E-book, then you will have to package it using Google Docs as I described above, or by using you can use another software that can help you create a good package.

Final Words!

In conclusion, to sell your medical textbooks online, you need to follow the above steps as listed. If you have any issues or encounter any problems while doing this, you can mention it in the comment section below.

Thanks for reading! Kindly spread the word!

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