Kaplan ACT Prep Course Reviews 2023: Is It Good Enough?

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The ACT which stands for the American College Testing is a Standardized test that is used by all the colleges and universities that run four (4) year programs for admissions in the United States.

It is administered by a non-profit organization called ACT, and it covers four knowledge areas: English, mathematics, reading, and scientific reasoning.

Apart from the United States, it is also recognized in over 225 other universities that are situated outside the country.

Even though there is no pass score on the ACT test, having a high ACT score will help to strengthen your application to any college or university and will increase your chances of getting admission to study any courses of your choice in such a university.

Getting a very high score on the ACT on your first attempt can be challenging, especially in the math and scientific reasoning components of the test. But with one of the best ACT prep courses, you will be able to achieve this in one attempt without many hassles.

Speaking of one of the best ACT prep courses, this post is on Kaplan ACT Prep Course Reviews; one of the surest tests preps you can take to boost your ACT scores for your admission into any college.

Kaplan ACT Prep Course Reviews: Is It Worth Your Money?

For close to a century, Kaplan has been prepping over 2 million college aspirants and medical students for various standardized tests on a yearly basis.

Kaplan believes that success on a standardized test and failure on another is not due to genetics, the disparity in economic class, or luck, but those who are subjected to a certain prep strategy for such standardized tests long before the day of the test are bound for outstanding success.

It is with this belief that the ACT partnered with Kaplan to produce one of the best ACT prep courses; the Kaplan ACT test prep so that candidates for the ACT will have the opportunity to study with top-rated teachers and the official ACT practice questions.

When your examiners merge hands with the best teachers to prep you for your upcoming exam, you know that you are bound to pass the exam with a score that will be impressive to you and the colleges you are applying to.

In this Kaplan ACT prep reviews, you will be finding the various courses and tutorial plans for candidates who are ready to take the ACT, the contents of each course, their costs, and the pros and cons of undertaking the Kaplan ACT prep course.

Whether you are a parent or guardian looking for the best ACT test prep for your ward, or you are a student looking to gain admission into any of the universities or colleges that acknowledges ACT as a standard for admissions, then you will benefit a lot from this post.

By the end of this post, you will be able to make an informed decision as to whether you should proceed with paying for the Kaplan ACT test prep courses or whether you should look for another test prep. But I doubt if any other ACT test prep beats Kaplan.

What are the Kaplan ACT Test Prep Courses?

There are three (3) main courses in the Kaplan ACT test prep, and each is unique in its own way and is specifically designed to meet the varying needs of different students in their ACT prep journey.

The Kaplan ACT Prep Courses Include:

  • The Kaplan ACT Self-Paced Course
  • The Kaplan ACT Live Online Course
  • The Kaplan ACT Online Tutoring

The Kaplan ACT Self-Paced Course

Kaplan ACT Test Prep Reviews
Kaplan ACT Test Prep Reviews

The Kaplan ACT Self-Paced course is best suited for candidates with very busy schedules and also students who prefer learning on their own terms and time without much guidance from a teacher.

The lessons are composed of teach-led video lessons that are bit-sized and the official ACT practice tests that will help you raise your scores.

The beauty of the Kaplan ACT prep course videos is that they are short lessons but with very big points, unlike many prep videos that are long and boring which will cause students to lose focus and even sleep off before the end of each session.

With this plan, you can watch these video lessons from anywhere, and at any time; they are available on demand.

This course will teach you the best strategies to find the right answers you need no matter the question type.

In between the lessons, you bridge gaps in knowledge by solving the same official ACT questions from the Kaplan ACT test prep Qbank which is loaded with over 2000 real ACT questions. The good thing about prepping with Kaplan is that you can only get access to these questions in Kaplan after you must have paid for any of their courses.

Also, upon completing the Kaplan ACT self-paced course, you will get 5 official practice sample tests using a similar interface and question types you will see on the real ACT day.

Finally, once you have registered for the self-paced course, you have access to the prep dashboard for 6 months. This time is more than sufficient for you to complete your preparation and get ready for the test.

The Kaplan ACT Live Online Course

Kaplan ACT Prep Course Reviews
Kaplan ACT Prep Course Reviews

The Kaplan ACT live online course is ideal for candidates who appreciate the traditional classroom learning system. With this course, you can join live class sessions from wherever you are.

The live online course will be of great help to you if you find it difficult to be accountable to your ACT prep goals as you have online teachers who will help you do this.

In this course, you will be joining a virtual classroom led by a top-rated ACT teacher on live camera, while a team of other off-camera teachers answers your questions in a private chat.

Like in the self-paced course, you also have access to real ACT questions and practice tests which are taken between your scheduled live classes. These official practice ACT tests will help you build a strong foundation in your prep journey.

After taking the live online classes, you will be able to recognize every question type and the test’s format, so nothing feels like a surprise.

In addition to the 16 hours of live online instruction videos, 5 official practice tests from the makers of the ACT, Qbank with over 2000 official ACT questions, and 6 months of access to the live online prep dashboard from the date you register, you will also be given the official ACT Prep E-book to intensify your prep.

The Kaplan ACT Online Private Tutoring

Kaplan ACT Prep Courses
Kaplan ACT Prep Courses

When the live online classes are not enough for you to boost your confidence in your upcoming ACT exam, the Kaplan ACT online tutoring course is about the final bus stop in your ACT prep.

With the Kaplan ACT Private tutoring course, you have a dedicated tutor who will serve as your personal guide to your ACT success. Your tutor will help you tailor your studies to your needs.

Private tutoring starts with a personal assessment by your assigned tutor who will help you to pinpoint your strengths and areas where you need improvement. From here you will tailor your one-on-one sessions so that you can zero in on the right content and strategies. This will help you to maximize every second of your ACT prep by studying only the most relevant things as it’s related to you.

Your dedicated tutor will be a great motivating force to help you keep prepping till your confidence is through the rough. Upon this, you also get access to the official ACT practice where your answer real ACT questions with the Kaplan Qbank as well as full-length ACT exams. This is so that on the day of your main test, you will know exactly what to expect and how to approach each of the question formats and sections.

In addition to all the features in the live online course, you also have access to 5, 10, 20, 30, or 40 hours of private one-on-one tutorials with your dedicated expert and over 7 hours of on-demand video lessons that you can watch anytime and a personalized homework assigned by your tutor.

What are the Kaplan ACT Unlimited Classes?

Kaplan ACT prep course reviews
Kaplan ACT prep course reviews

Apart from the 3 Kaplan ACT prep courses, Kaplan also offers an unlimited class plan which allows you to take as many ACT, SAT, AP, and PSAT classes as you want to start from when you register through the December of your senior year.

This course is ideal if you are not yet sure of your test date and if you have ample time to prepare for your ACT exam. It is the most flexible option among the Kaplan ACT prep courses.

By the end of the unlimited course, you will be ready for every possible standardization exam after high school. You will be proficient in math, reading, and writing skills you need to smash the ACT and SAT. Also, you have the resources needed to prep for the most popular AP exams which will help you stand out among other candidates, and also to study for the PSAT in order to qualify for merit scholarships.

This Kaplan unlimited prep course is everything you need to excel in high school with an estimated value of over $5,300.

Kaplan ACT Prep Courses Cost

When compared with many other prep courses, the Kaplan ACT prep classes are very affordable. They give very high value for little cost.

Summary of what you will find in the various Kaplan ACT Prep Classes and cost

The Kaplan ACT Self-Paced Course


  • 30 on-demand teacher-led lessons
  • 5 official practice tests from the makers of the ACT
  • A customizable Qbank with over 2000 official ACT questions
  • 6 months access

The Kaplan ACT Live Online Course


  • 16 hours of live online instruction videos
  • 5 official practice tests from the makers of the ACT
  • ACT prep e-book
  • 6 months of access to your resources

The Kaplan ACT Private Online Tutoring


  • Over 5, 10, 20, 30, or 40 hours of private one-on-one tutoring with an expert
  • Over 7 hours of on-demand video lessons you can watch anytime
  • 5 official practice tests from the makers of the ACT
  • A customizable Qbank with over 2000 official ACT questions
  • Personalized homework assigned by your tutor

The Kaplan ACT Unlimited Course


  • ACT live online
  • SAT live online
  • PSAT live online
  • SAT on Demand
  • PSAT self-paced
  • AP Biology Review course
  • AP Calculus AB Review Course
  • AP English Literature Review Course
  • AP English Language and Composition Review Course
  • AP Human Geography Review Course
  • AP Psychology Review Course
  • AP US History Review Course
  • AP World History: Modern Course Review
  • Over 10 physical ACT prep books

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What Is the Free Kaplan ACT Prep?

It is quite understandable how big the decision is to cough out these amounts in order to prep for your ACT, and that is why Kaplan is offering the Free Kaplan ACT Prep and the free classes.

These classes are not the full classes you will get and do not come with the benefits from the paid courses, but they will help you have an overview of what to expect from Kaplan ACT prep classes so that you can make a decision as to whether to go for the paid classes or not.

In the Free Kaplan ACT Prep, you also have access to the same quality teachers and experts who teach paid courses. You can also join live classes and ask questions in private chats just like in the live online classes.

However, you do not have access to the ACT prep books and many other features in the paid courses.

Also, there are free ACT practice tests with real ACT questions that will help you have a quick overview of what the ACT will look like.

The Free Kaplan ACT Prep Tests include:

  • ACT half-length practice test: to help you get familiar with the four sections tested for
  • ACT pop quiz: Answer real ACT questions in a short time and get explanations for each
  • ACT Question of the Day: With the ACT question of the day, you have access to real ACT questions delivered directly to your inbox on a daily basis to keep you alert.

Furthermore, there are many free events hosted by Kaplan in collaboration with ACT to help you see what the ACT and Kaplan Prep courses are about. Attending some of these free events from the Kaplan official website can be a great way to start your ACT prep journey.

Final Verdict! Is Kaplan ACT Prep Good?

Having seen each component of the Kaplan ACT prep courses, you should be able to make a final decision as to whether the Kaplan ACT prep is good or not and whether the prep course is worth your money.

From every indication, it is obvious that the Kaplan prep courses are worth every dime you spend on it whether it is for your kid or you are the student who wishes to take the ACT.

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What is the Kaplan ACT Prep Promo Code

There is a Coupon Code for Kaplan ACT Prep available if you purchase any of the Kaplan ACT prep classes from any of the links on this post.
The Coupon code for the Kaplan Unlimited test prep is “UnlimitedPotential”. You can copy it as it is without the parentheses and paste it on your coupon page while making a purchase.
As for the other ACT courses; the live online, the self-paced, and the private tutoring course, the available coupon code has been automatically linked to the links on this page.

How Long Should You Study for the ACT?

The Kaplan self-paced and live online course is structured such that you have access to the online course for 6 months. This time is enough for you to complete the ACT prep and feel confident in yourself.
However, you can take the unlimited prep course starting from when you register through the December of your senior year.

When Should I Start Studying for the ACT?

It is best if you start a focused study on the ACT before your senior year in high school. You could do this with the Kaplan Unlimited prep course. But you can also use 6 months to prepare for the ACT with the help of the Kaplan self-paced and live online classes.

What is the Official ACT Self-Paced Course Powered by Kaplan?

The official ACT self-paced course powered by Kaplan is the Kaplan ACT self-paced course which is available on demand for 6 months.

Are Kaplan ACT Prep Classes Harder?

There are myths about the Kaplan ACT prep classes being harder than the official ACT prep. While the Kaplan exam conditions might be more rigid and strict, they are made of similar test questions you will find in your main ACT exam. This is so as to get you ready for the worst on exam day.

How Can I Prepare for the ACT in a Week?

If you have always been studying for the ACT since your high school days, you can dedicate 1 week to preparing for the ACT test. But this could be done with the aid of the Kaplan self-paced course which you can crash within this time to brush up your knowledge and build your confidence for test day.

How do I prepare for the ACT in a month?

Yes, you can! One month is more than enough for you to complete the self-paced course and ace the ACT.

How do You Study for the ACT in one Day?

While one day is not enough if you have not been studying in the past, if you just have a day to your test day, your best plan should be to solve as many ACT practice questions from the Kaplan Qbank as possible and study the answers.

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