12 best happy life books that are life-changing

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Most people believe that happiness is relative or that you can choose to live a happy life no matter the circumstances surrounding your life. Some also believe that happiness lies in the achievement of certain goals in life. And others may not know what to believe. These happy life books are mainly based on a personal opinion, and listed from among the best books of the author. Two books by Robin Sharma, 2 Books by Richard Templar, and the rest.

After reading eight of these twelve books plus four others which were recommended by top mentors in growth and happiness; One can conclude that our overall happiness lies in the kind of thought we have often.

To be happy, one needs to gather his mental forces and channel it to those aspects of life that have been proven through experience to bring happiness. 

One thing about these books I am about to share is that they all have a central message which you will get to know by reading them.

But this message was delivered in various forms depending on the cultures, lifestyle, career, and beliefs of the authors.

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happy life books
Happy Life books you must read

1. As a Man Thinketh by James Allen

As a man thinketh is the first on my list of life-changing books you can read to start living a happy life. This literary essay although published in the 20th Century is a very powerful tool that helps you gain mastery of your mind and thoughts. The book is a product of years of meditation, experience, and practice. It is made up of seven (7) chapters, and a few pages. It could be read within two hours, and have been the travel companion of many. It is worth reading again and again.

2. Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

Think and grow rich has been one of the top sellers worldwide for many years now. This book was written following more than 25 years of study by the author on the life and success stories of the most successful people in his time. Napoleon discovered in his studies that the first step to every achievement is the desire to achieve it.

He also taught in his book the principles of thought mastery and the guide to the transmutation of sexual energy into a creative genius. The book is quite a big one with lots of revised versions to suit the situation of the world today. But in the links above, you can find the original version of the book, as it was written by its first author.
If you love your friends, this is the book to recommend to them.

3. The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari By Robin Sharma

Yes, you read that right, and the monk really had a Ferrari which he sold. This classic contains some ancient teachings preserved through the ages by the monks who live in the Himalayas Mountains. 

It narrates the story of a lawyer whose life was given a rebirth from focusing on that which is less important in life, to living a more fulfilling and happy life.
This is a must-read for all who live in this noisy world, to find harmony within the chaos, and let peace and love guide the way.

4. Who Will Cry When You Die By Robin Sharma

Another classic by the same author. This is a follow-up lesson for the book; A Monk Who Sold His Ferrari. It contains a series of 101 life lessons that are short and easy to read. It will help all irrespective of the profession; students, doctors, teachers, construction workers, leaders, businesses, etc. to find harmony in whatever their endeavor in life is.

One good point from the author is that; we have decided to live our life not by chance, but by choice, not by default, but by design.
It is a book you should always carry in your pocket if you really want to live a happy life.

5. The Secret By Rhonda Byrne

You must have heard of the Law of Attraction. I am sure if you have heard of it, you must have argued with friends about its veracity or whether it is just a fairy tale. Well, all I have to say is that if you believe in the law of physics; that actions and reactions are equal and opposite, then you definitely believe in the law of attraction.

Also, you really have no choice about this law, because it is the law of the universe; garbage in garbage out. All the books I have mentioned above and the ones am about to list are all based on this law, and their authors are a huge fan of the Law of attraction and have been teaching its principles for years.
The book; the secret is a best seller and a life-changing book written by an Australian Lady. It also contains lots of experiences, guides, instructions, and rules on how to use the law of attraction in getting rid of all negative thoughts, making your life a happier one.

6. The Rules of Management By Richard Templar

This book is another book based on many years of experience in the management industry. It teaches the rules you need to play by if you want to be a high-flying manager, no matter your place of work, or your level in the office. The book is made of two parts; Managing Yourself, and Managing Others. It also contains some short moral lessons from each chapter. The book helps one to attain satisfaction and happiness in their place of work, as they learn how to manage their time to please themselves as well their place of work.

7. The Richest Man In Babylon

This book contains the ancient principles that form the foundation of accumulating and keeping wealth while at the same time letting your money work for you. It is based on the story of a very rich man who lived in Babylon, and the lessons he shared with his students who were amazed at the kind of wealth he accumulated, though from a very humble upbringing. One of the key rules of wealth accumulation is the rule of 10 percent. A strategy that involves saving at least 10 percent of all your earnings and investing it to bring more money.
If you want to be rich, it’s the book for you.

8. The Alchemist By Paulo Coelho

This book is a fictitious blend of adventure, inspiration, and beauty. It is a story of a shepherd boy who traveled through many lands to find treasures unimagined by the minds of men. The story is stuffed with lots of morals. It was originally written in Portuguese but has been translated into multiple languages, and is a bestseller.

9. The Meditation of Marcus Aurelius

This book is a typical description of the saying; Old but gold. Have you ever imagined a life free of worries, and the inability to give a damn about what anyone thinks? Well, this book was written by one of the founding fathers of stoicism, a philosophical school that emphasizes indifference to pleasure or pain; insensibility; impassiveness. It was originally written in Latin but is available in other languages including English. Living a happy life according to the book depends on your ability to ward-off external negative influences from your surroundings.

10. The Master Key System By Charles Harnel

This book is made up of twenty-four (24) parts/chapters. Each chapter is meant to be read and meditated on for one week until the end of the twenty-fourth (24th) week. This book is based on the core principles of the law of attraction; flushing out of one’s negative thoughts and injecting positive ones into it. It consists of a step-by-step guide plus an introductory lesson-note for each chapter. The author believes that it is the key given to the world as a means of tapping into the great cosmic intelligence and attracting from what corresponds to the ambitions, and aspirations of each reader.

11. The Rules of Wealth By Richard Templar

This is another book from the same series as the rules of Management. It teaches the fundamental principles of utilizing our financial resources wisely in order to accumulate, and keep our wealth.

12. Maximizing Your Potential By Dr. Myles Munroe

This book holds the keys to ride over your fears and limitations and start living a happier and more fulfilling life. The author calls it; the keys to dying empty. The book teaches that all that we can imagine and or see, we can hold in our hands. And our only limitation is ourselves.


There is a lot of life-changing tips to be gained from reading the happy life books listed. And the good thing is that they are all free.

If you observe carefully, most of the books for a happy life are very old. Some from the 18th Century, some beyond and later. But they all are life-changing books and contain secrets to living a happy life.

Pick one and start reading today.

12 best happy life books that are life-changing

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