Antitheft Backpack With Portable USB: Ultimate 2023 Review

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Introducing the Antitheft Backpack

You will never use your regular backpack again after using this new antitheft backpack technology called BackXPack. In recent years, a lot has changed about our choice of products which we buy for our use. People are especially interested in how to appear as simple, cute, classy, and at the same time as secure as possible while carrying out their normal daily activities like hiking, going to the gym, attending lectures, strolling in the parks, traveling, and so on.

We are always thinking ahead, looking for innovative technologies that will help make our lives super easy and efficient. Well, it is our job at Medarchive to do research and bring to your fingertips such advanced devices which are tailored to help make your life a little bit easier.

What is BackXPack? The Antitheft Backpack With USB Charging Port

It is a sleek but complex backpack specifically designed to meet your backpacking needs in various ways which you are going to find out at the end of this antitheft backpack review.

BackXPack: Antitheft Backpack Review

Below are the details you need to know about this premium backpack before you make a purchase.

Advanced Features You will Find in BackXPack

  • It is user-friendly, comfortable, and specially designed to minimize fatigue and tiredness. This makes it an ideal backpack for hikers and mountain climbers
  • It serves a multipurpose function. It could be used both for your Laptop, Tablet, Groceries, etc. Making it ideal for College and University Students.
  • It has many Organized Compartments available for use
  • It was specially designed with a Water Repellent Special Fabric Material. So in case of rainfall, you are completely covered and have fewer worries about the contents of the bag.
  • This antitheft backpack is a Lightweight and Easy To Carry Multipurpose Bag
  • Five Exclusive Colors To Choose From
  • Has a stylish water bottle component by one side
  • Contains a compartment specifically built for your sunglasses and Lens
antitheft backpack with USB charging port
The Antitheft backpack with USB charging port comes in different colors

10 Reasons why you Need this Antitheft Backpack

  1. It is Compatible with different lifestyles, events and occasions
  2. It is Stylish
  3. It has anti-theft Properties
  4. Minimalist Design
  5. Has Spacious Volume
  6. Free USB Charging Port
  7. It is Your Perfect Travel Companion
  8. Multiple Compartments with Smart Organization
  9. The Comfort it offers is satisfying
  10. You Choose the Color you want

1. It is Compatible with different lifestyles, events and occasions

Are you are a traveler, an office professional, a student, a hiker, camper, name them. Whatever your profession is, this antitheft backpack has you covered completely. This multipurpose backpack does not discriminate. As long as you want to stand out wherever you take it to, then you have just made the right choice. The versatility of this bag is second to none.

2. It is Stylish

This antitheft backpack is made with fine leather. It is beautiful and comes in different colors which are neutral and can fit into any occasion. The style is just unique enough to serve whichever purpose you want it to serve. it is also elegant.

antitheft backpack reviews backpack
The antitheft backpack has a High volume and capacity

3. It has antitheft Properties

What else do you need apart from the peace of mind that comes from not being afraid of losing any of your properties? This bag firmly fits into your body wall, making it virtually impossible for anyone to intrude without you knowing it. It also has multiple hidden pockets which reduce the chances of someone pickpocketing your belongings. Also, it comes with an advanced lock for the zip to ensure that no one can open your bag without your consent.

4. Minimalist Design

This backpack is classy though comes minimalistic design. Not everyone likes to be the center of attention just in their first few minutes of entering a room. With the minimalist design which this backpack offers, you can easily take it to wherever you want to without fear of drawing unwanted attention except for those who actually know the worth.

5. Has Spacious Volume

Many other backpacks sacrifice functionality for useless designs. But this one has a large space that could contain to a reasonable amount what you need for a simple journey, hiking, or lectures.

6. Anti theft backpack with usb charging port for free

Backxpack anti theft backpack

The backpack was built with your gadgets in mind; your earphones, laptop, iPods, Mobile phones, etc. So assuming you get lost or get into trouble during hiking, camping, or anything your battery will always be charged to help connect you with people you may need at the moment.

7. It is Your Perfect Travel Companion

See as this lady is comfortably walking along the road with her phone being charged without the need of carrying a power bank in her hand. You too can take advantage of this feature and travel freely and comfortably as you wish.

BackXpack perfect travel companion
your perfect travel companion

8. Multiple Compartments with Smart Organization

Being that person that always likes keeping his/her things in an organized fashion, but at the same has lots of, materials to carry, Backxpack can only be the most creative solution for you.

As a student, you may have the need to carry your laptop, some texts, and notebooks, jotters, cellphone, wallets, snacks, sweaters, umbrella, name them. your regular backpacks cannot afford to serve all these purposes. This new technology comes with many compartments which are divided into various sizes for different materials which you may need to contain.

This is the same for travelers, hikers, bodybuilders, and even office workers.

9. The Comfort it offers is satisfying

Are you willing to sacrifice some money for your own comfort and ease of movement? This backpack is stuffed with foam and soft pads to help you feel as much comfortable as possible even with the number of loads you may be carrying.

10. You Choose the Color you want

Yes, you can choose from any of the available colors of the product. And all come at the same price.

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Why You Should Ditch Your Regular Backpack?

Having read through the Anthitheft Backpack reviews, there is no one who wouldn’t want to go for this ultra-modern anti-theft backpack. One last consideration which might come into play is if one can sacrifice some money for the comfort and class which Backxpack offers.

There I nothing like having that backpack that is out to serve you especially in cases of emergency when you need little to no preparation to set out on a mission or travel in a very simple but classic style. Only backxpack will offer you this, the regular backpacks will not give you all these features.

How Much Does it Cost?

I know you must have been waiting to know this. Well, the backpack is not as costly as expected compared to all the benefits it offers. It is currently sold at USD $178 but has been subsidized by 50% at the moment. So right now, you can buy it for USD $89 only.

Where Do You Buy It?

You can only purchase this product from the official website of the manufacturers.

You will be requested to fill in your payment details which could be a debit card, Paypal, etc. You should try and make an order as soon as possible in order to claim the 50% discount once you click the link on this page. No one knows when the offer will expire or be removed by the manufacturers.

Kindly note that a lot of fakes are all over the net. So be sure you make an order only from the links on this page to avoid being scammed by fraudulent people. Do not hesitate to contact the support team if you encounter any difficulties in the process.


Research is power when it comes to making a diligent and wise purchasing decision.

A lot of people usually jump this phase of buying goods and may just jump directly into the purchasing decision. And as a result, they have higher chances of losing the rewards which come from checking out product reviews before the actual buying of the product.

And here is your reward for taking out time to look out for the best backpacks before making that purchase decision.

To be genuine with you, there is no product which we review here at Medarchive Magazine which is not subjected to careful research and critical analysis. It is also good for you to know that there is an indirect relationship between us and the manufacturers of the products we review. So we know these products in and out, even the ones no one else will tell you.

So if you want a quality backpack that will serve your needs, make it Backxpack!

Thanks for being part of our journey of enlightenment!

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