First Generation Medical Student: 11 Best Tips For Survival

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I am not a first generation medical student but my elder brother was. And guess what? Today he is a medical doctor, making him among the 67% of first generation medical students who makes it through medical school. Yes! You read that right. According to the Education Advisory Board, 33% of first generation students do … Read more

Join WhatsApp Group For Medical Students; Preclinical and Clinical

Whatsapp groups for medical students

In this post, you will be discovering a special WhatsApp group for medical students to help your personal growth, career and development. It can be difficult to find a study group or other people with the same interests as you for your medical school discussions. Facebook and other social media platforms are great ways of … Read more

17 Best Gifts For First Year Medical Students

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Medical students are one of the busiest students in most universities. Imagine going for lectures early in the morning and coming back very late in the evening, attending practicals, and sacrificing a lot of leisure periods for personal studies just to become a medical doctor and graduate with a very good result. For the stress … Read more