First Generation Medical Student: 11 Best Tips For Survival

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I am not a first generation medical student but my elder brother was. And guess what? Today he is a medical doctor, making him among the 67% of first generation medical students who makes it through medical school. Yes! You read that right. According to the Education Advisory Board, 33% of first generation students do … Read more

5 Best Novels For Medical Students [Must Read]

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The journey to being a medical professional can be stressful and rigorous. Imagine reading all medical textbooks, going to practical classes, reading, and trying to make ends meet. There comes a moment when you feel like resting and letting the stress out and as a medical student, you need to always get more insight into … Read more

6 Career questions for students before Choosing a Course to Study

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As time flies, many secondary school graduates (pre-degree students) will be making a lifetime decision that will affect their whole career path; filling their Jamb forms for the course they will study at the University. These 6 career questions for students should be answered without bias, before they fill a JAMB form, or while choosing … Read more

How Blood Pressure Is Measured In The Clinic: Step By Step

How blood pressure is measured

One of the very first Physiology practical sessions in medical school involves learning how blood pressure is measured in the clinic. Understanding how to take blood pressure step by step should ideally be a prerequisite before entering the clinical classes in medical school. This is because in the clinical rotations in medical school, you will … Read more

15+ Best Gadgets For Medical Students

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Life in medical school can be very tiring and often very stressful. As a medical student, you have to read countless big textbooks, and medical journals, attend tutorials, and sometimes burn night candles. To me, the worst part was getting myself familiar with difficult medical terms, especially in anatomy. That is why passing through med … Read more

What Is The Meaning Of NABS Medical Abbreviation?

NABS medical abbreviations

It is not uncommon to find the NABS medical abbreviation in patient’s folders, clerking, and management records in clinics and during ward rounds. Medical abbreviations are short forms used by doctors and health workers to save time while attending to patients. So for this post, we will be looking at the medical abbreviation NABS, its … Read more

Best Guide On How To Study In Canada Without IELTS In 2022

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How To Study In Canada In 2022: A Masterclass For International Students. You will find some affiliate links on this post. There are many career pathways you can choose after your undergraduate program at the university. One of such pathways is searching for greener pastures in western countries with better opportunities or choosing to further … Read more

Join WhatsApp Group For Medical Students; Preclinical and Clinical

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In this post, you will be discovering a special WhatsApp group for medical students to help your personal growth, career and development. It can be difficult to find a study group or other people with the same interests as you for your medical school discussions. Facebook and other social media platforms are great ways of … Read more

17 Best Gifts For First Year Medical Students

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Medical students are one of the busiest students in most universities. Imagine going for lectures early in the morning and coming back very late in the evening, attending practicals, and sacrificing a lot of leisure periods for personal studies just to become a medical doctor and graduate with a very good result. For the stress … Read more

Medical Return Manga: A Comic Novel Every Medic Should Read

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This post on medical return manga is written in good faith and for general information purposes only. We did not receive any compensation to publish this. We only did so for the sake of our most loyal fans. Enjoy and share! Apart from the superhero manga almost every child enjoyed, I have never really been … Read more

Dentistry Vs Medicine: Best Education, Career, Salary [2022]

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Medicine and Dentistry are the chiefs of all medical courses and arguably the most lucrative of them all. They are also very closely related in many ways that some people still find it difficult to point out any differences between the two courses. But in this post, we will be comparing Dentistry vs Medicine so … Read more

What is Physiology Psychology? Best Career Guide 2022

What is Physiology Psychology

How we think, feel, and act are vital components of the human biopsychological profile. The larger population of people are much more concerned about the physical effects and consequences of their actions but only a few care well enough to go to the root by finding out the actual cause of the effect. This is … Read more