11 Best Business Ideas for Doctors and Health Workers

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Being a health professional is not easy, worse is being an entrepreneur at the same time. Medical entrepreneurs are those medical students, health workers, and professionals who work extra hard to be financially free.

But there are a few business ideas for doctors and health workers and this is because of the busy nature of their schedules.

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Sources for the business ideas for doctors

All the health industry business ideas listed below are from extensive research of profitable businesses which may not stress medical students and health workers much depending on their location.

Just in case you missed it, Medarchive Magazine carried out a campaign in the last month of December 2020 titled the Medical Entrepreneurship Fest.

This was an attempt to discover medical entrepreneurs in Nigeria and Africa, what they do, and how their businesses are impacting the healthcare industry.

Following the results of the Medical Entrepreneurship fest of December 2020, one can conclude that medical students and healthcare professionals rarely engage in businesses that are not within the scope of medicine and healthcare.

Most Medical entrepreneurs are infopreneurs. People who sell their knowledge in the medical world either directly to people in return for money or to an audience on a platform that is monetized with the help of advertising agencies.

11 Side business ideas for doctors and health workers:

Business ideas for doctors
Business ideas for doctors and health professionals

Below are the 9 health industry business ideas for doctors and health workers:

  • Medical Education Materials Sales
  • Blogging
  • Write and sell books
  • Medical equipment sales and supply
  • Start and Monetize a YouTube Channel
  • Become a brand ambassador and influencer
  • Set up paid newsletters and emails
  • Set up a mobile health test kit
  • Host paid webinars and health education programs
  • Affiliate Marketing

1. Medical Education Materials Sales

medical school textbooks
you can sell medical school textbooks

This is number one on the list of business ideas for doctors, health workers, and even medical students.

This is because this is something a medical student can do without it affecting their study time much.

Instead, it could be a booster in helping you to be more meticulous and efficient while doing your studies in preparation for medical exams.

Education resources are arguably the most wanted of all resources among medical students.

There are loads of study materials, required for one to successfully pass their medical exams.

You can Utilize your study periods as an opportunity for compiling and arranging your study materials for sale after you must have passed the exams.

Such medical education materials could come in form of:

  1. Text Books
  2. Past Question Papers
  3. Study cards
  4. Lecture Notes/jotters
  5. Mnemonic notes
  6. Premium YouTube videos and courses

2. Blogging

start blogging
start blogging

Blogging is one of the best side business ideas for doctors that requires patience and a little bit of dedication for you to make actually monetize it. But all the same, there are some techniques you can implement to reduce stress as a medical student or health professional and it is described below.

Most blogs owned by medical students are usually within the medical and health niche. This means that they write mainly about topics that are related to medicine and healthcare.

Some may just focus on writing health tips from their daily lectures in class or from their studies.

But the Competition on Health Blogs is High!

Yes, if you write articles on health, you will definitely find yourself competing with older and established health blogs and websites like Healthline, Verywellhealth, etc.

But the idea here is to find topics related to healthcare that these older blogs are not talking about.

For instance, you can focus more on;

  • Mental health
  • Diets and Nutrition
  • Anatomy
  • Biochemistry
  • Medical Entrepreneurship, etc.

In fact, any department/course in medicine is a full-blown blog niche waiting for a dedicated blogger to work on.

With a little bit of specificity in the health topic, you want to blog about, you will find out that you will easily rank and get more popular on search engines.

Also, do not forget to get this Ultimate blogging guide I wrote for just NGN2,500.

It contains everything you need to start your own blog with monetization and search engine optimization strategies that work.

3. Write and Sell Books

Ultimate Guide to building a successful blog
I wrote this book/guide as a medical student and have been selling it using this blog

I have met many medical students who are very creative at writing.

But one challenge they have is organizing their busy schedule in medical school and actually writing a masterpiece worth selling.

Writing books is one of the best side business ideas for doctors and health professionals, although it requires time, dedication, and consistency.

Also, these days, publishing books online are completely free of charge for everyone, and as the author, you are even paid for publishing e-books on such platforms. The only thing required of you is just to package it using a simple software which I described in this post:

So just put aside a little time out of your study periods and dedicate it to writing your first book. You will thank me later in the long run.

Also, Read; How to package and sell second-hand medical textbooks online

4. Medical Equipment Sales and Supplies

medical school essentials
sell medical school essentials

Another small business idea for doctors is selling medical essentials. Medical equipment is just like study materials in the medical profession. There are many essential tools and items that are always needed by medical students and health professionals for use in clinics.

The major challenge in setting up this business idea for doctors is finding the capital for the startup, and finding a source for buying these tools.

Many stores sell such in wholesale at a much cheaper rate than you can get anywhere. You can start by contacting them and doing your initial market survey while looking for your capital.

Also, Read; Smart E-commerce; The Perfect Business For Doctors

5. Start a Youtube Channel

This is just like starting a blog. Are you a guru in any medical course? It is time to open a Youtube channel for creating and uploading your tutorials on them for other students to learn from it.

You don’t need to worry about monetizing it with Google Ads for a start. You can use the platform to sell some affiliate products or your own study materials once you start getting a good number of dedicated subscribers.

You can find a myriad of medical-related products and study materials on affiliate sites like Clickbank, Amazon, and others.

Once you do a great job, a lot of other medical students will be willing to listen and watch your tutorials.

6. Brand Ambassador/Influencer

This is one of the health industry startup business ideas for doctors and health professionals that usually comes after you must have established your presence on your blog, Youtube channel, or after authoring a book of great repute.

You can find some brand ambassadors who are also Influencers on various social channels and study what they do and try to emulate them.

Health companies and Pharmaceuticals are looking for such health professionals and medical students on a daily basis for the promotion of their products, and are ready to pay them a fortune for it.

7. Paid Newsletters

If you are not ready for the mental stress that comes from blogging, you can use one or more of the mailing software like substack, Mailchimp, etc to write paid newsletters on health and give your subscribers reasons to pay you for it.

Remember that you must be really offering them something worth reading and of great quality to be able to monetize it.

But all the same, even if the newsletter is free, you can still advertise your affiliate products to them once in a while for them to buy, or sell your virtual contents to them.

8. Mobile Health Test Kits

This may sound awkward, but is one of the best business opportunities for medical students. It involves using your medical tools to carry out simple checks on people who are not within the hospital facility.

This will work best in some regions of Africa, Asia, and other third-world countries where many families do not have access to simple test kits like a sphygmomanometer, Thermometer, Weighing scale, Glucometer, etc.

You can help them carry out these tests using your own test kits while collecting a little token for your hard work.

9. Hosting Webinars and Health Education Programs

This is one of the health industry business ideas for doctors and health professionals that is actually very profitable.

You may have seen some health professionals in various fields anchoring health events tailored to educate the masses on issues of public health concerns. These persons are actually paid by some television stations for such sessions.

Also, you can independently host your own health education programs either physically or virtually using webinar platforms like Zoom, Google Meet, or Gotowebinar. In return, you can collect a portal pass/fee, or even use the opportunity to market your products or medical services.

10. Affiliate Marketing

affiliate marketing side business ideas for doctors
affiliate marketing side business ideas for doctors

Affiliate marketing is one of the best healthcare business ideas. The reason is mainly because you do not need to pass through the stress of creating and owning your own products to sell them. You only have to recommend these products to people using your authority as a health professional and you earn commissions through this.

11. Health and Wellness Coaching

online health coaching business ideas for doctors and health professionals
online health coaching business ideas for doctors and health professionals

A health and wellness coach is a health professional who has taken a holistic wellness coaching certification course and uses his knowledge and skills in health and well-being to help people live a healthy life. It is currently a very lucrative business in the health industry with a global market cap projected to go above USD$27 billion by the year 2030.

If you are interested in pursuing a career as a health and wellness coach, we have reviewed a special program by the IAP Career college which you can use to get started today. Read the health and wellness coach course review to learn more about how you can get started.

Many Health Workers are not Profit-Minded

The list of health industry business ideas for doctors and other health workers is endless. These nine are the little I could remember for now.

One challenge faced by health workers in monetizing their skills is the odd belief about the medical profession that medicine and entrepreneurship do not mix. One can rarely find a health worker charging someone for services like giving a health talk or even helping them take vital signs outside the hospital setting. But it is very easy to pay artists, models, and sportsmen for entertainment.

But the idea of medical entrepreneurship will revolutionize healthcare and will solve the problems of unemployment and over-dependence on the government by young health workers, especially in third-world countries.   

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