Voovo Study App: Novel Study Flashcards by Med Students 2023

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Voovo is a study-helping app that is mainly designed for medical students. The Voovo team quickly realized that there is a need for an app that can help students through the difficulties of anatomy and other challenging subjects. The voovo cards provide the basis for the study sessions.

There are 4 types of cards that one can make:

  • Flashcards
  • Voice cards
  • Diagram cards, and
  • Fill-in-the-blank.

Each type provides solutions for all kinds of themes, such as the diagram card which is widely used for studying anatomy.  The application works based on active recall and spaced repetition.

Countless studies show that active recall and spaced repetition are the two most effective learning strategies. The easiest way to practice these two strategies is by creating and using flashcards. However, very few students and institutions take advantage of them. You might ask: why is that?

Well, because the process of turning material from textbooks, infographics, and diagrams into flashcards takes a lot of time and energy. Voovo has a solution to this process, with 3 innovative methods.

We allow students to turn seemingly unconsumable material into easily consumable flashcards in a matter of seconds. Creating an effective yet simple way of integrating active recall and spaced repetition into the learning process.

Voovo primarily uses text analyzing algorithms and voice recognition to create hundreds of flashcards in minutes, thus making studying faster than ever.

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Voovo Study App Reviews: What’s is It?

Voovo Review
Voovo Review

Before telling you more about Voovo, let me quickly summarise how active recall and spaced repetition can change the way you study forever:

What is Active Recall?

Active recall is a principle of efficient learning, which actively stimulates memory during the learning process. It helps to transfer information from short-term to long-term memory.

But really, what does it mean?

It means that during every step of the revision process you test yourself while retrieving information from your memory. Recalling data guarantees a better ability to retain information while also developing novel connections between different ideas.

What is Spaced Repetition?

Spaced repetition is a method of reviewing material at systematic intervals. At the beginning of the learning process, the intervals are spaced closely together: let’s say you just learned a piece of new information, you should review it the next day, the day after, and the day after that as well.

As the material is reviewed, the intervals become gradually longer (four days; one week; two weeks). An ideal system of spaced repetition allows you to review the material before it is forgotten, helping you to retain it in your long-term memory.

Spaced repetition is basically the opposite of “cramming”. Instead of learning information in a short time period, which can lead to quick forgetting, spaced repetition focuses on the long-term retention of new information.

For example, if you learned material from your first lecture of the semester in, you would want to review it on a regular schedule – perhaps in the second, fourth, eighth, and last weeks of the semester in order to retain the information in your long-term memory.

How is spaced repetition effective?

  • Repeatedly encountering material at a spaced interval is much more effective than reviewing the same information multiple times in the same study session.
  • Spaced repetition reduces the forgetting that occurs when the material is not encountered for a significant time period.
  • Spaced repetition involves active recall, the best possible technique to stimulate the brain, as mentioned before. Also, if the information is forgotten, you will need to use a more effective learning strategy to retain the information for later reviews.

So the question is… how can I easily integrate these techniques? I can’t stress this enough: The answer is using flashcards!!

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How Voovo Study App Works

Voovo Cards
Voovo Cards

As we mentioned earlier Voovo uses 3 innovative ways to create flashcards, let’s dive a little deeper and see how these work:

Voice cards:

Instead of typing in the long question and answer, you can simply use your voice. It makes creating flashcards 3 to 5 times faster. Voice cards also solve the problem of creating flashcards simultaneously while reading your textbook. Imagine reading through the textbook and every time you want to remember a piece of information you can just say it out loud and create a flashcard without losing focus. This is what voice cards do, make sure to check them out!

Diagram cards:

You can upload or take an image of any diagram, map, or table. Voovo will locate the text and put each part in a text box and create flashcards automatically. After this, you can select and edit the boxes if needed.

To share an example, I am a med student, so I must study a lot of anatomy. Once I was going through my anatomy book and was creating flashcards with Voovo, I challenged myself on how many flashcards I can create under 1 minute and my score was 312! Amazing, right?


Works a lot like diagram cards, but with defintions and paragprahs instead. Scan or type in any text, then select the words you want to hide and create multiple flashcards at once. You will be asked to recall the words you chose to hide when you are studying these texts.

Perfect, we have created flashcards from our learning material, but what comes now? Well…

This is when the above mentioned spaced repetition algorithm comes in. Voovo uses this, therefore Voovo users will be asked to retrieve information according to their own “forgetting curve”. A forgetting curve is the time it takes for an information to fall out of our memory. slightly before that is the perfect time to review that information again. The algorithm adapts to every users own memory and will ask to retrieve it just when it is the right time to trigger.

Details on how it’s used

Even though active recall, spaced repetition, and flashcards should be used amongst all subjects, students tend to take advantage of them mainly in the field of science.

Subjects like anatomy, cell biology, physiology, etc. are considered as the mainstream subjects when it comes to flashcards.

 At Voovo we talk a lot with our users and gain feedback constantly. What we hear is that they use Voovo mostly to study diagrams, such as anatomy, chemistry, and biology. There is another big group of flashcard users, they are the language learners, in Voovo we thought about them too, that is why we introduced our 4th kind of flash card, the language card, with built-in automatic translation.

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Benefits of using the Voovo Flashcard app

Voovo flashcards app
Voovo flashcards app

As a medical student I always experience the feeling: “Ohh I should know that…” there are a ton of times when I get asked a question and I know that I knew that once, but I can’t remember now.

With Voovo you will be asked to revise information according to your memory!

Once you open the app, it will tell you how many cards are left to revise today and when you finish with all of them, Voovo will tell you that you have revised everything. It works like a memory manager.

It is the best feeling when there is a software that tells you that you have revised everything, and now it is time to lay back and relax. Furthermore, this empowers students to remember concepts they learned several weeks, months or even years ago.  

Cons or setbacks of using Voovo

The one that I would outline is the fact that Voovo is not yet (2022.09) available on browser, but we are working very hard to come out with a browser app later this year.

What Medical Students Say About Voovo Study App

I am speechless! Flashcards are great, but I always had a problem with how long it takes to create them. Not anymore, this app is genius. It makes creating flashcards so easy and fast. I love it!

Gréti Szeberenyi (2nd Year Medical Student)

I already love it more than Anki. Itz BESTTTT APP. WOHOOOO!!❤️

Rohan White

Just wanted to say this is the most convenient app I’ve ever found when it comes to studying anatomy.

Just wanted to say this is the most convenient app I’ve ever found when it comes to studying anatomy.

Flávia Avelino –

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Where to download the Voovo Study app

Download our app on App Store and Google Play.

Is the Voovo App Free?

You can use Voovo completely free by inviting your friends! For each invite, you get 2 free months of Voovo premium! (Inviting 6 friends translates to a year of free Voovo premium.) However, the free version gives you access to the spaced repetition algorithm and to all our innovative flashcard-making solutions.

Can I Use Voovo Flashcard App on Desktop?

It is not available as of now (2022.09.20), however, we are planning to implement it in the near future.

Can I Import Flashcards?

Yes, you can import them from Quizlet, Voovo, and CSV. (Soon Anki with scheduling as well)

Flávia Avelino –

Link for downloading the app

App Store: https://apple.co/36nArVU


If I had to summarise the Voovo app in one word, it would be speed. The app dedicated the focus to the main problem flashcard users are facing, and it is how time-consuming it is to create flashcards. The main innovation to reduce the amount of time it takes to create those flashcards is that included voice, image, and text recognition algorithms. As it is a free app, it is not a problem to download it from Google Play or App Store.  

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