16+ Best YouTube Channels for Medical Students [Must Follow]

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Videos are arguably one of the best teaching methods for medical students.

During my 2nd year in medical school, up to half of my classmates already had a list of their best YouTube channels for medical students that helped them in learning new concepts faster.

But then, I was different.

I have always believed that I was not the visual learning type.

I preferred to learn by doing things myself and listening to people explaining concepts.

Dedicating time for videos just appeared so time-wasting for me.

But just like every other average medical student, Anatomy happened to me!

I read all kinds of anatomy texts I could lay my hands on;

Last’s Human Anatomy, B.D Chaurasia, Frank Netter’s Atlas, and even Keith Moore’s clinically oriented anatomy, but only to forget every detail when asked a question on a topic I just read.

It was saddening and reflected in my first C.A score for Anatomy during the first semester which was the least score I ever had in medical school.

This was when I discovered the videos that resurrected my scores in Anatomy.

And I have included the YouTube channel that contains the video in my list of the best YouTube channel for mbbs students.

That is the YouTube channel you must follow if you want to grasp the specific basics of the medical topics it teaches.

Where Can I find Medical Videos?

best youtube channels for medical students
Where can I find medical videos?

Medical videos are everywhere around the net.

But good medical videos that will help students pass their mbbs exams are very hard to find.

They lurk within the depths of special websites and YouTube channels that you may never find or else you are shown by someone who has better experience than you in medical school matters.

While finding a video to watch to help you understand a subject in med school, I also advise you do so with a device that will make your experience seamless and faster to boost your learning and productivity.

In my previous post, I shared the top 7 ipads for medical students which will help enhance your learning experience through videos in medical school.

Which YouTube Channel Is Best For Medical Students?

As a medical student, if you decide to find good YouTube channels for medical students all by yourself, you may land yourself in the wrong hands.

And by the time you figure out what you have done, it might be too late to recover from the damage it has done.

This is why mentorship is important in your medical school journey.

You need to find someone who has passed all the exams you are preparing for in medical school and ask them to share their best videos for medical students to pass a medical school exam.

This should also include the name of the YouTube channels they got the videos from so that when you have succeeded in your medical exams, you can as well share them with younger colleagues in your mentorship.

For me, below are the list of the YouTube channels I feel that you will find very useful throughout your medical school journey.

They are categorized based on the best general medical student vlogs for all subjects, top YouTube channels for medical students in specific medical school subjects, and other lifestyle YouTube channels for medical students.

The 16 Best YouTube Channels for Medical Students [General Channels]

apple ipad pro
best youtube channel for mbbs

These channels are not necessarily the most popular medical YouTube channels; they were screened and selected based on relevance and impact on my life as a medical student and of course some recommendations from my friends who did very well in school.

List of the top YouTube Channels for Medical Students:

  1. Medarchive Media
  2. Dr. Najeeb Lectures
  3. Osmosis
  4. Khan Academy Medicine
  5. Medcram Videos
  6. Armando Hasudungan’s Medical Channel
  7. Strong Medicine
  8. Lecturio
  9. Havard Medical School
  10. Geeky Medics
  11. Kaplan
  12. Nabil Ebraheim
  13. Medicosis Perfectionalis
  14. Med School Insiders
  15. iMedical School
  16. Paul Bolin, M.D.

Medarchive Media

Of course, you don’t expect me to be unbiased while listing good YouTube channels for medical students.

I cannot mention other top Youtube channels for medical students without mentioning Medarchive; our own YouTube channel first.

Though strictly speaking, we do not publish educational videos for medical students, our videos are informative.

They teach you lifestyle hacks, tips, and how to survive in medical school as an average student.

Also, other topics on finance like how to make money online even as a medical student and many other informational video contents.

To be among the first people who watch our videos whenever it is published, Subscribe to our YouTube Channel and of course our mailing list and keep being updated whenever we release new videos and new blog posts.

Dr. Najeeb Lectures

Remember the story I told you about the videos that resurrected my Anatomy scores during my 2nd year in med school?

Well, they are Dr. Najeeb’s Lecture videos.

Dr. Najeeb is a Pakistani medical doctor and a passionate tutor who has dedicated a large part of his life to teaching medical students and releasing educational videos for medical students.

His videos in Neuroanatomy were my savior in med school, and I dedicate a part of my success in my first medical professional exam to him.

Dr. Najeeb does not do only Anatomy videos.

He also releases educational videos for all the other subjects in the preclinical; Physiology, Biochemistry, Pathology, Pharmacology, and even some parts of Medicine.

I rank Dr. Najeeb’s Lectures as the best YouTube channel for MBBS first year because of his simplicity, details, and excellent imagery which he adopts while teaching.

I have no doubt that other medical students will also find his videos just as helpful.

Dr. Najeeb Lectures currently has over 1.7 Million YouTube Subscribers and 486 videos ranking it among the world’s most popular medical YouTube channels.


Osmosis is among the leaders of creators of educational videos for medical students.

Osmosis Lectures is your go-to channel for pharmacology, Physiology, Pathology, and clinical videos.

They are also loved by many medical students due to their graphics and simple imagery which makes very difficult concepts easy to grasp by average medical students.

One unique feature of Osmosis is that the tutors include both clinicians and future clinicians who know what problems medical students are most likely to face while reading a particular topic.

They have over 2.46 million YouTube subscribers and over 1,000 videos and are among the most popular medical YouTube channels.

Khan Academy Medicine

I discovered Khan Academy’s Lecture videos during my 5th-year medical school while preparing for my Medicine exams.

Khan Academy publishes only world-class videos for medical education and the person behind their lecture videos is Rishi Desai, MD.

It is your go-to YouTube channel for any concept in Medicine.

And I rate them among the best YouTube channels for Medicine.

They currently have over 1.56 million YouTube subscribers and over 1,200 YouTube videos

Medcram Videos

This is another good YouTube channel for medical students, with a major focus on Medicine topics.

Medcram alongside Khan Academy videos helped me understand some basic concepts in medicine.

The person behind the Medcram tutorial videos is Roger Seheult, MD.

And his explanations are simplified and clear enough for an average medical student to grasp.

Medcram is home to over 1.4 million YouTube subscribers and 397 YouTube videos.

Armando Hasudungan

I never watched lecture videos by Dr. Armando in medical school.

But a topper in my class in med school did recommend this YouTube for medical students who wish to perform better in medical school exams.

The channel covers videos on almost all the subspecialties under medicine, the Surgery subspecialties, clinical medicine/surgery, Anatomy, Pathology, Pharmacology, Physiology, and Biochemistry.

This is virtually all the subjects in medical school covered by a single YouTube channel.

So this channel can be easily ranked as the best YouTube channel for MBBS first year as it will guide you starting from your first year of med school till your final year.

No wonder it has over 2.41 million YouTube Subscribers and 486 videos live on the channel.

Strong Medicine

A friend shared some videos from Strong Medicine with me just a few weeks before my final medical exam.

And of course, they were helpful, and very good if you have read all the necessary topics you need to read in Medicine and are just looking to do a quick revision on these topics.

The best part I enjoyed most in these videos is their ECG interpretation series which is made of 26 videos on different ECGs.

They have over 536,000 YouTube Subscribers and over 359 live videos.


Lecturio is gradually topping the charts of the best YouTube channels for medical students due to their medical student-friendly educational content.

This channel is among the best for you to prepare for your upcoming medical exams.

It incorporates both tutorial videos, recall quizzes, enhanced medical concept library for medical students preparing for their NBME exams.

Lecturio also has videos that will prepare you for your clinical rotations in the various subspecialties of medicine.

It is also one of the favorites for students preparing for USMLE Step 1 and 2 CK, COMLEX Level 1 and 2, MCAT, MBBS, and NEET-PG and each of these exams has question banks for your active learning.

Lecturio Medical is home to over 602,000 YouTube Subscribers and over 1,000 videos.

Havard Medical School

A YouTube channel by Havard Medical School is definitely one of the medical student’s favorites.

If you never had the chance to attend Havard Medical School but want to learn by the same standards which Havard medical students learn, then you should subscribe to their official YouTube Channel.

You will be learning from the same Professors that lecture Havard medical students.

The good thing about the videos on this channel is that it is not strictly academic.

You will as well find inspiring videos, new updates in medical research and innovations, and all the recent happenings in the medical school.

Havard Medical School YouTube Channel has over 438 videos with more than 203,000 YouTube Subscribers.

Geeky Medics

Geeky medics is one of my personal favorites on the list of medical school vlogs.

I first discovered the Geeky medics blogs which I also recommend as the top medical school blogs every medic should follow.

This platform offers free medical tutorials on nearly all the medical school subjects you can think of.

The good thing is that a good number of the people they work with are also medical students from different parts of the world.

And these students share their study resources on the platform for free.

These resources include flashcards, OSCE resources, and several past questions for different exams.

They have over 536k YouTube subscribers and 125 YouTube Videos.

Kaplan Medical

If you are preparing for your USMLE exams either as a medical student in the US or as an international medical student, then you must have come across Kaplan videos.

If you have the USMLE exam in mind and still don’t know about Kaplan, chances are that you will struggle to pass your exams.

Here is an opportunity you do not want to miss. Go to YouTube and watch their videos, they will make your preparation seamless.

Kaplan offers exam-focused tutorials and question reviews on different topics in Medicine and Surgery.

Kaplan Medical has over 103k YouTube subscribers and 144 videos on its channel.

Nabil Ebraheim

You cannot claim to love Orthopaedic surgery as a medical student when you have not heard of the Nabil Ebraheim Textbook of Orthopaedics.

Dr. Nabil Ebraheim is the Chairman of Orthopaedics and the residency program director at the University of Toledo Medical center, Toledo, Ohio, United States.

And he is the mind behind the Nabil Ebraheim Youtube Videos on Orthopaedics Surgery.

He has spent a large part of his life spreading knowledge on Orthopaedics all over the world.

There is no doubt that his YouTube channel has the best videos in Orthopaedic Surgery and one of the best surgery lectures for medical students.

This YouTube Channel is home to over 1 Million Subscribers and 1.3k videos.

Medicosis Perfectionalis

If you were a fan of cartoons while growing up and managed to find yourself in medical school, then you will definitely enjoy learning using cartooned graphics.

One of the best med school YouTube Channels that utilizes cartooned graphics while sharing educational videos for medical students is Medicosis Perfectionalis.

They cover nearly all subjects in medical school starting from topics in the medical subspecialties, Surgery, Pathology, Pharmacology, and Clinical Medicine.

They have over 646k YouTube subscribers and more than 1.1k videos.

Med School Insiders

This is one of the medical YouTube channels I discovered during my blogging career as a medical student.

It was founded by Kevin Jubbal, MD, and Med School Insiders does not just have a YouTube channel.

In fact, I first learned of their blog before I discovered their YouTube channel.

Med School Insiders share tips on how to be a high-performing medical student through evidence-based approaches and effective strategies for pursuing a career in medicine.

The videos on this channel will not be useful to you just as a medical student, but will also nurture you personally on how to be a high-functioning individual irrespective of the career path you choose as a student.

Med School Insiders is home to over 1.47 million YouTube subscribers and over 315 videos.

iMedical School

iMedical School is arguably among the best YouTube channels for mbbs first year for obvious reasons.

From the channel, you will find simple explanations for one of those very first nightmarish topics for first-year medical students like the Brachial plexus and cell biology.

iMedical School is also one of your go-to YouTube channels while preparing for your USMLE Step 1.

Apart from the pre-clinical topics it teaches, the channel also has videos on many other subspecialties of medicine.

They have over 92.6k subscribers and over 116 videos.

Paul Bolin, M.D.

Last but not least among the best med school YouTube channels is Paul Bolin, M.D.

This channel covers myriads of topics in Medicine, Surgery, Pathology, Medical Biochemistry, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, and clinical genetics.

It is among the single all-in-one YouTube channels for clinical medical students.

I discovered his videos late in my final year, so I had no time to watch time during medical school.

But it was recommended by a topper in my class.

He has over 273k YouTube subscribers and more than 616 videos.

The Best DIY YouTube Channels for Medical Students

The DIY YouTube Channels for Medical Students are those that share videos that help students learn specific clinical skills on their own without the need for a physical instructor.

The clinical skills involved here could be how to take a detailed history from a patient, detailed physical examinations, and certain clinical skills in emergency medicine like how to set a line, how to do CPR, and so on.

The best DIY YouTube Channels for medical students to learn basic clinical skills are outlined below:

  • AETCM Emergency Medicine
  • Drs Manual
  • Nurseledclinics
  • Warwick Medical School
  • Clinical Skills in Internal Medicine
  • Surgery for Medical Students

AETCM Emergency Medicine

I discovered their videos during my final year in medical school through a friend’s recommendation.

Daily in medical school, we keep meeting different clinical maneuvers and have no clue how they are performed.

But with this YouTube channel, you will see how these maneuvers are performed including a detailed review of history taking and physical examination.

They have over 204k YouTube subscribers and 1.1k videos.

Drs Manual

With just 4 videos, this channel already has over 12.8k subscribers.

But this is most likely due to the informative nature of the videos.

The 4 videos on this channel include:

  • Basics of fluid therapy
  • X-ray interpretation
  • OSCE guides for history taking in patients with Breathlessness and Chest pain.


This name sounds like a misnomer, and the channel is actually run by Dr. Richard Hatchett.

But he is a London-based nurse tutor and editor of the book; Nurse-led clinics: Practice issues (Routledge).

His videos on history taking are one I strongly recommend for medical students.

This channel has more than 13.1k subscribers and over 43 videos.

Warwick Medical School

Warwick Medical School is a UK-based medical school YouTube channel for students.

It is among the top YouTube channels for students who wish to learn clinical examinations the proper way.

They have over 84.7k subscribers and more than 124 videos on their YouTube Channel.

Clinical Skills in Internal Medicine

This is a YouTube channel made for both medical students and graduates medical students.

It explains difficult concepts in internal medicine like ECG interpretation and teaches basic clinical skills like Physical examination.

This channel is home to over 9.06k subscribers and more than 111 videos.

Surgery for Medical Students

This is a channel run by Prof. Ashraf Khater, a Professor of Surgery and Onco-Surgery, University of Mansoura, Egypt.

He takes time to explain concepts like physical examinations in surgery and some surgical procedures like an omental flap for total breast reconstruction.

His channel offers one of the best surgery lectures for medical students.

Best YouTube Channel for Pharmacology

Pharmacology can be a little bit challenging for medical students due to the many confusing and complicated names and classes of drugs.

But there are some very good YouTube channels you can follow to make your learning of the subject faster and easier.

The Best YouTube Channels for Pharmacology Include:

  • Speed Pharmacology
  • Abdel-Motaal Fouda
  • Cast Pharma

Speed Pharmacology

Speed Pharma has been in existence since the year 2015, and it is among the most popular medical Youtube channels that use cartooned graphics in teaching.

Their videos are simple, entertaining, and almost fun, that you tend to remember drug uses, mechanism of action, and function by picturing where and how they act on the body.

It is home to over 549k subscribers and 39 videos.

Abdel-Motaal Fouda

Abdel-Mootal Fouda is the 2nd on my list of the best Pharmacology videos for medical students.

His tutorials on clinical pharmacology are so detailed that you may not have to read a textbook after watching them.

He has over 319k subscribers and 101 videos on his YouTube Channel.

Cast Pharma

Cast Pharma utilizes the power of medical case scenarios to help students understand the mechanism of action, functions, and uses of different drugs.

It is home to over 22k subscribers and 125 videos.

Best YouTube Channel for Anatomy MBBS

These are the YouTube Channels I consider the best in terms of teaching anatomy to medical students.

I made my choice considering the fact that anatomy requires the use of relatable imagery to help make the concepts easier to grasp.

The following are the best YouTube Channels for Learning Anatomy:

  • Dr. Najeeb Videos
  • Anatomy Zone

Anatomy Zone

I rank Anatomy Zone just after Dr. Najeeb’s videos based on personal bias because I personally used Dr. Najeeb’s videos in learning human anatomy and I can vouch for them.

However, I discovered Anatomy Zone in the course of writing this post and think it should also be an excellent fit for medical students looking for how to simplify difficult concepts in Human Anatomy.

What caught my attention is their use of 3D images and graphics in tutoring; this is exactly what is needed when making educational videos for medical students in Human Anatomy.

They have over 997k subscribers and more than 201 Anatomy Videos.

Also, Read; Tips for studying anatomy in medical school

Best YouTube Channel for Surgery

If you are looking for videos with the best surgery lectures for medical students, then I recommend you watch the following:

  • Paul Bolin Surgery
  • Kaplan
  • Nabil Ebraheim and
  • Surgery for medical students

Best YouTube Channels for Medicine

The YouTube channels with the best internal medicine video lectures include:

  • Khan Academy
  • Paul Bolin
  • Geeky Medics
  • Kaplan
  • Lecturio

Best YouTube Channel for Pathology MBBS

  • Osmosis
  • Dr. Najeeb’s Lectures
  • Lecturio
  • Geeky Medics
  • Medicosis Perfectionalis

Best Ophthalmology YouTube Channels

I never wanted to include Ophthalmology in the list because it is a bit more specialized and will help mainly the medical students who are serious about taking up the residency program in Ophthalmology.

I found these channels while doing my research on the best medical student vlogs.

The best Ophthalmology YouTube Channels Include:

  • Neuro-Ophthalmology with Dr. Andrew G Lee
  • American Academy of ophthalmology
  • Shannon Wong, MD

Neuro-Ophthalmology with Dr. Andrew G Lee

This channel is a collection of short talks on neuro-ophthalmology by Dr. Andrew G Lee.

It has more than 49.8k subscribers and 671 videos.

American Academy of ophthalmology

Want to learn Ophthalmology from the world’s largest association of eye physicians and surgeons?

Then this channel is the best fit for you.

The channel has over 16k subscribers and 415 videos.

Shannon Wong, MD

The videos on this channel are based on the eye surgeries performed by the world-known Ophthalmologist; Shannon Wong.

His videos are educational and beneficial for students, physicians, and patients.

He has over 37k subscribers and 196 videos.

Best YouTube Channel for Obstetrics and Gynecology

Dr. Ajit Virkud

This list of good YouTube Channels for medical students cannot be complete if I do not mention the videos that helped me pass my Oby/GYN exams in medical school.

These videos by Dr. Ajit Virkud are mainly clinical-based and he often teaches by doing the surgical procedures himself which make the learning process more realistic and relatable.

It is the only YouTube channel I can confidently recommend if you want to succeed in your Obs/Gyn rotations.

This channel has over 109k subscribers and 183 videos.

Final Thoughts!

Surviving in medical school without having to watch videos is almost impossible.

There are some things you cannot just understand better except it is explained using videos.

There are many topics in medical school that you need to learn, and your lecturers while trying to cover these topics tend to gloss over them without paying much attention to specific details you need to completely grasp these concepts.

This is where your medical student vlogs come in handy.

I have carefully and painstakingly selected only the best YouTube Channels for medical students which I have evidence that you will find beneficial.

The next step is to visit them and see what they have to offer you depending on your level in school and the specific courses you are currently facing.

PS – Check the best med school YouTube channels for specific subjects as outlined above.

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