Diamond Smile Reviews; A Convenient Teeth Whitening Solution

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You must have heard of the popular Hollywood Star called Julia Roberts. But I don’t think that you know her well enough and at the same time, not being aware of her trademark smile with those full lips and glistening white teeth with which she dazzles the T.V screen with her radiant smile.

We all want to have great teeth for different reasons; to impress our audience, boost our self-confidence, impress our crush, etc, but how many of us are willing to go that extra mile to do what it takes to achieve the best results in terms of teeth whitening. Well, Diamond Smile is the new bae.

From birth, our teeth are exposed to lots of chemicals and agents that increase the oxidative stress of our oral milieu. This increase in oxidative stress disrupts the normal flora of our mouths, which ultimately leads to various oral health issues like teeth discoloration which this teeth whitening solution called Diamond Smile can save one from.

You may have seen some little children who are often shamed in school because of the color of their teeth. Dealing with body shaming can be quite challenging especially at an early age. You will have to deal with;

  • Criticizing and judging your appearance especially by comparing yourself with other people.
  • Being punished for being a truant in school, but this is just because they fear what their school mates will say about them.
  • Being afraid to interact with colleagues, asking and answering questions because you will be ashamed because of your teeth discoloration, and many more.

I wrote another article on how to deal with body shaming, and you may find it interesting…but only read it after this one. You can find find the link under ‘further studies’ at the bottom of this post.

This body shaming can be too overbearing and will adversely affect the mental health of a growing child. Statistics have shown that a good percentage of people do not perform well in school because of the negative body image they have of themselves. And this can go a long way to affect one into adulthood, which might present in a more modified way like not being confident enough to talk to your crush because of your teeth discoloration.

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Sometimes We are Not to Blame for Having Teeth Discoloration

Most of the time, it is never the fault of these children that their teeth are discolored. Yes, I know most of the time we tend to blame teeth discoloration on children who do not brush their teeth adequately. But there are some other causes of teeth discoloration which you may not know.

Other Causes of Teeth Discoloration

  • Use of Tetracycline in Children: Tetracycline is an antibacterial medication which when used for a long time, by pregnant or breastfeeding women, could cause teeth discoloration in their babies.
  • Tooth Injury
  • Weak Enamel; a genetic injury
  • Use of Excessive Fluoride (a chemical present in tooth pastes)
  • Some Illnesses; Like hyperbilirubinemia (Excessive bilirubin in the blood caused by increased death of red blood cells), etc.

So people who are being body shamed because of their teeth discoloration may be suffering from mistakes which their mothers made while they were still babies.

On the other hand, constantly exposing your teeth to things like tea, coffee, tobacco, red wine, carbonated drinks, candy, berries, citrus fruits, tomato-based sauces, and sugary foods can also make you lose your dental glamour both for the adults, the adolescents, and children.

But there is good news for you today!

You Can Get a Convenient Teeth Whitening Solution, Give yourself the most radiant smile you’ve ever had, and more reasons to smile with a 50% discount attached, all with Diamond Smile.

Introducing Diamond Smile

The Diamond Smile teeth whitening kit
The Diamond Smile teeth whitening kit

Diamond Smile is a teeth whitening kit that was developed by a team of dental health professionals who understands the importance of the first impression our teeth make in people. This device is easy to use, tray-shaped with LED blue lights attached to the interior which gives your teeth a whitening luster and your face; an alluring smile.

It is also good to note that this teeth lightening kit was proudly made in the USA under a very high standard of supervision. It is prided to be the highest legal trade formula for teeth whitening, the same as you would find in any dental office.

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Facts About Diamond Smile Teeth Whitening Kit

1. Uses Innovative LED Light Technology

You must have heard of LED lights, but do you know about their therapeutic uses?

LED lights are lightweight halogen-containing lights that are very energy-conserving, and therefore do not overheat. This is because they contain an internal cooling system.

Diamond Smile was developed based on the principle of this LED light technology. And because the LED is lightweight, it makes it portable and convenient for use. The role of the LED light is to mold the gel into your teeth without causing much pressure or discomfort from overheating.

DiamondSmile LED light Technology
DiamondSmile LED light Technology

2. The Kit Contains Two Trays

The teeth whitening kit comes with two trays. The reason for the second one is just to serve as a backup which makes the kit last longer before you need a new one.

3. 10 Vials of 10ml Whitening Gel

There are agents called whitening pastes/gels in dentistry. These are not the regular toothpaste we use in brushing our teeth. The toothpaste we know can only help in the removal of surface stains, but the whitening toothpaste which helps in teeth lightening contains things like low concentrations of hydrogen peroxide, carbamide peroxide, and peroxide of urea which are potent bleaching substances that penetrates the core of our teeth to bring out its luster.

Diamond smile is very generous with their teeth whitening gels. A single kit comes with at least 10 gels, each containing 10ml of the whitening agent which you can use as prescribed in the guide for a longer-lasting time.

4. 8-Shades Whiter and Shiner

There are 4 basic shades of our teeth color which include;

  • Shade A – Reddish Brown
  • Shade B – Reddish Yellow
  • Shade C – Gray
  • Shade D – Reddish-Gray

But this new Diamond Smile technology can make your teeth Shade-8 whiter in no time.

5. Comes With a Professional Teeth Shade Guide

Yes! The Diamond Smile Kit comes with its own teeth shades guide which you can use to compare with yours using a mirror, or by taking pictures of your teeth. This will serve as a guide in checking your progress so far.

Different shades of teeth color
Different shades of teeth color

6. Runs on Rechargeable Battery

Even if you live in the third world regions of the world where electricity and power supply is a challenge, you can still enjoy the benefits of Diamond Smile which comes with an additional rechargeable battery that makes it hassle-free to use in areas of low power supply.

This also helps to make it last longer for you.

7. It is FBA Approved

FBA stands for Fulfilled By Amazon. Amazon is arguably the largest online store and shipping services provider in the world. The FBA is a storage and shipping service that Amazon provides for businesses that help them to sell and market their products from one country to another.

This means that once you make payment for your Diamond Review Product, you have a 100% chance of receiving your order within the appointed time at zero risks.

8. Comes with Iphone, Android, any USB Interface

This makes it very easy and convenient to connect your Android and iPhone devices to your Diamond Smile Kit.

Get your own Kit today!

Benefits of Using Diamond Smile

1. It is very easy to use and convenient

It is true that the regular teeth whitening sessions and teeth treatment we receive at the dentists’ office are quite impressive, although a lot of people find it to be very expensive, inconvenient, and time-wasting especially in very busy cities of the world. But have you imagined taking care of your teeth and getting almost similar or even better results even at the comfort of your home? And not just that, but there are zero risks attached.

2. It is cost-effective and affordable relative to the value it provides

You know how much you spend on your routine visits to your Dentists per visit. This cannot be compared with the cost-effectiveness this teeth whitening kit offers.

3. It is very safe and approved by a team of erudite dentists

The paradox about Diamond Smile is that it was approved by a team of professional Dentists who took the time to carry out research on the potency and safety of the Diamond Smile Kit by analyzing the results of its use after 3 applications and 6 applications respectively and taking the pictures of the participants before and after they started applying it.

Obviously, the participants who applied it for 10 minutes daily for 3 days had excellent results, but not to be compared with the participants who applied it continuously for 6 days. They had better results with a better luster and teeth radiance.

4. It is fast-acting

You will start seeing positive results within 3 days of using a radiant smile. But it is required that you use it for at least 10-15 minutes daily.

But a better result will be seen after 6 or more days of constant usage.

5. It is Long Lasting

Even without regular brushing of the teeth, DiamondSmile still keeps your teeth radiating for 90 days or more after you must have stopped using it.

6. Removes Teeth Stains Believed to be Permanent

DiamondSmile removes even the weirdest stains on our teeth which we believe to be permanent even after so many years.

LED Teeth Whitening Kit brasher bunch 2048x
DiamondSmile Before and After Use

7. It Is Completely Fluoride Free!

Fluoride is a component of many kinds of toothpaste that have been known to be very notorious for causing hypersensitivity reactions in those with very sensitive teeth.

But the good news is that you can dump your toothpaste at the moment and still maintain very good oral hygiene by simply using DiamondSmile.

8. It also Fights Against Unwanted Bacteria in the Mouth

Normally, our mouth contains some very friendly microorganisms which help in keeping the oral milieu intact. But in some cases, very harmful micro-organisms might invade the mouth and kill off these friendly organisms. Such harmful micro-organisms are the major causes of tooth decay, bad breath (also called halitosis), and discoloration of the teeth.

But in this case, hydrogen peroxide which is one of the components of DiamondSmile Kit has been proven to have a potent anti-microbial effect even in very low concentrations and helps to fight off these harmful bacteria thereby keeping our oral milieu safe.

So if you have that family or friend suffering from halitosis, Diamond Smile could be their savior.

9. Delivery is 100% Free!

Yes, you read that right, once you order your DiamondSmile product using the link on this page, you are 100% assured that you will get your teeth whitening kit directly to your doorstep. And upon that, a 50% discount is guaranteed once you follow the link on this page.

Get your Own Kit Today!

Cons of Using Diamond Smile

The use of DiamondSmile is completely safe and healthy for teeth whitening. But it is advised that it is not used in certain conditions just to ensure absolute safety.

  • If you experience pain in the process of using it, although it is unlikely, it is advised that you discontinue the use, and immediately send feedback to the supplier.
  • It is also advised not to use these products on severely injured gums, or decayed teeth if you have periodontal diseases or highly sensitive gums.
  • It is not for use in people who are under 18 years of age
  • Do not brush your teeth immediately after using product or just before using the product. This is because some toothpaste may contain chemicals like fluoride which may interact adversely with the gel and cause some health concerns for you.

Can I use Diamond Smile Teeth whitener If I Wear Braces?

Please do not use this product if you wear braces, or have any metal fixed to your teeth. Also, do not use the product if you had a very recent oral surgery, have your teeth roots exposed, have colitis, or if you have jaw problems.

It is very safe to use DiamondSmile because the hydrogen peroxide which serves as a tooth whitener is prepared using very low concentrations which is ideal for bringing out the best of your teeth with utmost safety.

Finally, one last thing is that the product is ordered online, but there is absolutely nothing to worry about this as the product has full approval from FBA which ensures safe delivery of your products to your doorstep wherever you may be.

How To Use the Diamond Smile Teeth Whitening Kit

You do not need any special knowledge to use the teeth whitening kit. Follow the steps below to use the kit.

  • Gently open the packet containing the kit
  • Find a light source, and use the USB cord to charge the tray.
  • Gently apply the whitening gel to your teeth to cover mainly the affected areas.
  • Fix the tray into your mouth to cover your 32 teeth (16 up, and 16 down)
  • The whitening system is immediately activated and starts working immediately after you put it on the tray.
  • Wait for 10 to 15 minutes, by now, the timer must have automatically turned off by this time.
  • Gently remove the tray, and wash it with soap and clean water in preparation for the next use.

Get the Kit

DiamondSmile in Action
DiamondSmile in Action


  • Do not brush your teeth immediately after using the DiamondSmile kit.
  • You may find it unpleasant to consume very hot or cold substances just after using it, this is because of the hydrogen peroxide it contains and is not a bad sign.

And that is just it!

The whole process of how to use the kit is contained in the package you will receive after your order.

What are the Potential Side-Effects of Using DiamondSmile Kit?

There are no harmful chemicals or coloring agents which are used by Diamondsmile to whiten your teeth. As mentioned above, the component of the whitening gel is Sodium peroxide which is very safe to use.

This whole process was also certified by a team of Dentists who know every bit of what they are doing, so you have absolutely nothing to worry about.

Diamond Smile Reviews

It should not be surprising that this highly innovative product has had more than 6000 positive reviews online, with an average star rating of 4.5 for the various online stores.

One of the major concerns that most consumers of dental products are concerned about is the irritation of their gums, hypersensitivity reactions, allergies, and many others, but these have never been associated with Diamond Smile whitening products.

As long as you use this product following the guide that comes in the kit, then you have absolutely nothing to worry about.

I wish I could share all the online reviews about this product, but below is of them that you might find interesting:

Below is a screenshot of one of the DiamondSmile Reviews on Amazon by a guy named Tony (A lot of people found this review helpful).

Diamond Smile Reviews in Amazon
Review from Tony in Amazon

How to Get Your Own DiamondSmile Teeth Whitening Kit

Having gone through the reviews and facts about this product, I want to believe that you would like to give yourself that radiant smile and laughter you had on your face as a toddler without caring what people might think about your teeth. This is because you are completely certain that in less than 6 days after using this product, your teeth will gain the optimum luster which radiates confidence with every smile.

To ensure maximum safety and reliability of the product delivered to you, the Diamond Smile teeth whitening kit is best purchased securely and directly from the manufacturers’ website. The manufacturers ensure that the reliable shipping and delivery service of the kit is available globally.

Customers can purchase the products with discount codes at all times of the year. Once you make an order, you will receive an order confirmation email to whichever email address you provide. This order confirmation email also contains your tracking ID (number) to ensure that your orders are processed within 1 to 2 business days.

You can get your own diamondSmile kit at a 50% discount, with free shipping and delivery by clicking on the button below.

Also, the manufacturing team provides 24-hour live support which helps you to keep in touch with them till your products are safely delivered, and also to help you report any issues which arise from the use of the product.

What are the Various Discounts and Price Variability of Diamond Smile

To get the best out of the product, there are various packages that the companies that distribute diamond smile offer to help save as much money as possible for the buyers.

  • One Diamond Smile teeth whitening kit can be purchased for just USD $99
  • You can purchase two for just USD $ 80 each
  • If You Buy two DiamondSmile kits, you get one kit for free (ie at $66 each)
  • You can purchase kits for just $62 each.
  • Shipping and delivery are handled by the manufacturing company and are completely free
  • You have a 3-year warranty on the product from the company just in case the kit malfunctions at just USD $24.

Summary and FAQs

Does the Whitening Kit Work for all?


The whitening kit works for everyone irrespective of race, age, sex, skin color, or geographical location. The kit contains a whitening gel as earlier mentioned, and the component of the gel is hydrogen peroxide in low concentrations.

Hydrogen peroxide functions like bleach which helps in deep stain removals in the teeth.

Can I use Diamond Smile While Pregnant?

Using DiamondSmile is safe for use during pregnancy and while breastfeeding your baby as the use is mainly external and does not mix with blood. But it is still advisable that you discuss with your physician before using the product in pregnancy.


There are many products that claim to serve the purpose of teeth whitening. They may come in the form of toothpaste, liquids, powders, over-the-counter medications, etc which are not only ineffective but predispose one to risks of dental damage and allergy.

Also, the routine visits we make to the dentists for teeth whitening are quite expensive. But this does not mean that Diamond Smile should replace your visits to your dentists for checkups, but even our Dentists did license this product for use as a teeth whitener. So there is no harm in giving your teeth this special treatment at the comfort of your own home instead of waiting in queues in the dental offices to receive treatment for white teeth which is even more expensive.

It is also good that we note that there are also some natural means products that could help us achieve optimum oral health by strengthening our gums and teeth. You can check a review for one of them called Steel bite Pro here.

Finally, the confidence that comes from smiling without care cannot be over-emphasized. It is time to regain that confidence, impress that crush, impress your co-workers, and fans especially if you are an artist, a movie star, a performer, or if you intend to be one.

So I will end this long note by saying; that if you want your teeth to shine bright like a diamond, order Diamond Smile.

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Further Studies:

After making your order for this premium teeth whitening agent, come back to this page and read some content below which are scientific backups to the content of this post.

Causes of Teeth Discoloration; By WebMD

Sodium Hydroxide as a Teeth Whitener; Safety concerns By Health.com

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