MedReminder Review: Best Automatic Daily Pill Dispenser 2023

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Adhering to medications can be very bothersome these days with the increasing level of distractions we have around. One of the most promising alternatives is to depend on machines and portable gadgets to help us comply with the medications prescribed by our doctors.

One of such machines is an “automatic pill dispenser called MedReminder“. The benefits of using automatic pill dispensers are much more if it is meant to serve an elderly sick person.

So this post is for MedReminder review to help you understand how it works, and why it is worth every penny spent.

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What is an Automatic Pill Dispenser?

There have been lots of take-your-pill-reminder technologies and ideas before the automatic pill dispenser was made. These pill reminders came in the form of mobile apps and special alarm clocks and wristwatches meant to remind you that it is time to take your medication.

But one major problem that these pill reminders never solved is to also help make the pills you want to make available when it is time to take them, without you having to crack your brain especially when you are so ill that you have forgotten the dosages like in the elderly demographics. But an automatic pill dispenser solves both the problem of reminding you when it is time to take the medications and as well will help keep the medications handy for you to take them.

Definition: An automatic pill dispenser is a device specially designed to help make available the pills you need when it is time to take them, without you needing to think much, and to prevent you from taking the wrong pills at the wrong time.

Signs You May Need an Automatic Pill Dispenser

Sometimes it is usually difficult to clearly point out things you need and the ones you may not need. It is very obvious that the majority of people generally struggle with adhering to medications.

But identifying with any of the points below is a clear sign that you should get one for yourself or for your household.

1. You are Diagnosed of a Chronic Illness

A chronic illness is usually that illness that requires that you take routine medications for at least 2 to 3 months or more. Being diagnosed with a chronic illness, or having anyone in your household suffering from a chronic illness is a clear-cut indication that you need an automated pill reminder and dispenser.

Examples of such illnesses include:

  • Diabetes
  • Hypertension
  • Sickle Cell Disease
  • Depression
  • Schizophrenia
  • Some Contraceptives
  • Alzheimer’s disease and Dementia
  • Arthritis
  • Cancer
  • Cystic Fibrosis
  • And many others. Confirm from your Doctor.

2. You are an elderly person or have an elderly person in your household

These devices are often called pill dispensers for the elderly because they are the people who need them most. Having an elderly person at home is a clear sign that you should consider getting an automatic pill dispenser to keep at home.

By an elderly person, we are talking of someone who is over 65 years of age. It is expected that at this age, most people often come down with illnesses associated with age most of which are chronic and are suffered for life. So the pill dispenser for the elderly will be a great choice for them.

3. You are a very busy person

People who fall under this demographic include; sportsmen, travelers, people camping, celebrities, politicians, and most other public figures who rarely have time for themselves.

Getting a daily pill dispenser will help you manage yourself well when you are suffering from any illness so that you won’t easily forget your medications.

Another class of busy people are those people who have someone under their care, but may not be spending much time at home with them because of work and other responsibilities.

A daily pill reminder is all you need to make sure they adhere to medications prescribed by the doctor while you go on with your other daily activities.

automatic pill dispenser for the elderly
This pill dispenser is Convenient to carry about

4. You are suffering from any form of Cognitive/Memory Impairment

Any illness affecting the brain can be very dangerous and many are often linked to forgetfulness. So if anyone in your household has such illness, then using a daily pill dispenser is the best option.

Also, check the Braini cognitive review; supplements are proven to enhance cognition

5. You Generally have trouble adhering to medications

If you generally have trouble adhering to medications, then you may also want to get an automatic daily pill dispenser to help remind you of your medications. Some persons are naturally this way and it is not a major problem until you start missing your medications.

6. You find it tedious to Sort Pills in their various compartments each week

Some people prefer to use small containers to sort out pills which they are meant to take within the week. But this can be very stressful and tedious and comes with one more disadvantage; the bottles have no alarm system like the automatic pill reminders to help you know when it is time to take the medications.

But many of these daily pill dispensers like MedReminder actually makes the weekly sorting of medications easier. It usually comes in color codes which helps you to easily differentiate which pill is which. This feature is very important if it is being used by an elderly person who has cognitive impairment as the color codes make the work of knowing which pill to put in the container become a little bit easier.

MedReminder Review; the Automatic Daily Pill Dispenser of Choice

Medreminder daily pill dispenser
Med Reminder Review: different colors codes for drugs

MedReminder is one of the highly advanced automatic pill dispensers that meets all the specifications required to make compliance with daily medication super easy and efficient.


There are lots of other pill dispensers that are all over the market, but the following features make MedReminder Stand out among others.

I. Easy To Use Automatic Medicine Reminder

It is super easy to use. It has lots of codes that intuitively direct you on how to use it. This is why it is colloquially called the pill dispenser for the elderly.

It comes with various color codes, and labels for all 7 days of the week on the front of each container meant to hold the pills in place. It also comes with an additional manual from the manufacturers to help guide you on how to use it. So teaching anyone how to use it is simple once you have read the manual.

II. Has Seven Days Modular Colored Containers

It comes with 7 containers which represent the 7 days of the week. Each day of the week has its own color code which often corresponds to the color of the medications stacked in them. The containers are meant to be filled each week with the various medications meant for each day of the coming week.

III. Precise Electronic Timer With Reminders

Additionally, this daily pill dispenser comes with an electronic timer (alarm clock), that helps you to accurately set the time you want to take the medications. And once the time comes, the timer beeps for about one minute and is loud enough to wake anyone up from sleep till you take your pills and off it yourself.

This is what makes it very unique from other automatic pill dispensers that require that you get an additional electronic wrist timer or an alarm watch.

IV. Modular Build With Easy To Clean Compartments

It comes with 7 compartments where the 7 pill containers are slotted in. The containers can be smoothly removed from the compartments and cleaned occasionally whenever you feel like they are dirty and needs cleaning. This means it was built with a high hygiene standard in mind.

V. Portable Design With Anti-Sliding Containers

Anti-sliding simply means that the containers are firmly held to the compartments making it difficult for the pills to spill while the device is being carried around. But at the same time, it is smooth to remove when it is time to take the medications.

The device is also lightweight and very easy to be carried around. This is why it is preferred by travelers and people taking public routes of transport like trains, airplanes, and buses.

VI. Works With A Common CR2032 Battery Cell

A CR2032 Battery Cell is made of lithium. It is cheap and easy to be replaced as it could be found anywhere in the market.

VII. It is Tested and Approved By FDA

FDA means Food and Drug Administration. For a product to be approved by the FDA, it means that it has been tested rigorously by health experts who are trained to determine the level of safety of the food and the drugs we take with their related components. MedReminder automatic pill dispenser has been tested by the FDA and has been cleared and certified as relatively harmless to the general population. Therefore, ready to be launched into any market for consumers to buy.

VIII. Comes with Personalized DIY Stickers

This is mainly for aesthetics and has no functional significance. It only helps you to customize your device in a way that suits you.

Medreminder features
features of the device

Product Parameters

Product Name: 7 Rainbow Pillbox timer

Product Material: ABS + PP

Color: Different Colors with a White base color

Weight: 83g

How to use it:

  • The first step is to carefully read the manual the device comes with. If you can’t read, find someone who can and let them read and interpret it for you. This is easily done by a nearby Pharmacy or health center. Then when you are set to use the device, follow the rest of the steps below.
  • Load the pills you are meant to take into the various containers for the days you are meant to take them., You can use the color codes if applicable, to separate pills into the different days you will take them.
  • Insert the containers containing the pills into their various compartments
  • Set the timer using the electronic timing device attached to the surface of the automatic pill dispenser. It comes with a 4 set timer for one day.
  • Once the alarm beeps, it means it’s time to take the pill. Then carefully detach the container for the day from their compartment.
  • Take the pills you should take at the time, and return the container. And that is it.
  • If you need to clean the container after some time, carefully detach it from their compartments and clean both the containers and their compartments using soap and clean water.
  • Return the containers again to their various compartments when you are done.

How to Buy a Reliable Device:

With increasing demands for pill dispensers in the international market, a lot of fakes are being sold in various parts of the world. And these fakes do not last long enough. The containers may be easily fragile, or the electronic reminder might develop one fault or another.

The best way to get a reliable device for your personal use or for your household is to order it directly from the manufacturers. There are links that you can see all over the page leading to the order page where you can make payment for the product. Click on any of them and try and make an order within the next 30 minutes so that you can claim a whopping 50% discount on the product.

Below are the various prices at which you can get the daily pill dispenser device:

Number of ProductsPrices and Discounts Available
1 MedReminder DeviceUSD $52.7
Buy 2 DevicesGet one free (Can be resold)
Buy 3 DevicesGet 2 free (Can also be resold)
and more

Final thoughts!

Nothing makes compliance with medications easier than an automatic pill dispenser. it solves this problem by giving it the name; the pill dispenser for the elderly. This is because of nothing else, more than the convenience it provides as well as its simplicity. Even a child can use med reminder, who else cannot?

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