5 Important Blood Type Charts And Interpretations

Blood type chart for marriage compatibility

Blood type charts are tables or diagrams that contain important details about our blood health. On the other hand, blood donation charts are maps, diagrams, or tables containing vital information about blood donation. It is meant to guide people who want to donate blood so that they can prepare their minds better for the procedure. … Read more

How Blood Pressure Is Measured In The Clinic: Step By Step

How blood pressure is measured

One of the very first Physiology practical sessions in medical school involves learning how blood pressure is measured in the clinic. Understanding how to take blood pressure step by step should ideally be a prerequisite before entering the clinical classes in medical school. This is because in the clinical rotations in medical school, you will … Read more

Meet Dr. Ruben Gombalandi: Founder of Webzmedlectures

Dr. Ruben Gombalandi

The Medical Entrepreneurship Fest has been bringing to light many Medical Entrepreneurs in Africa. The goal has always been to encourage entrepreneurship and innovation in the African health sector. The Medical Entrepreneur of the day is Dr. Ruben Gombalandi; the founder of Webzmedlectures. Meet Dr. Ruben Gombalandi My name is Dr. Ruben Gombalandi, I am … Read more

What Is The Meaning Of NABS Medical Abbreviation?

NABS medical abbreviations

It is not uncommon to find the NABS medical abbreviation in patient’s folders, clerking, and management records in clinics and during ward rounds. Medical abbreviations are short forms used by doctors and health workers to save time while attending to patients. So for this post, we will be looking at the medical abbreviation NABS, its … Read more