Hearing Hero Review: Digital Hearing Aid For Seniors In 2023

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Talk about a good quality hearing aid, talk about Hearing Hero. Since the inception of hearing aid technologies, a lot of companies have emerged with promising ideas and inventions as to how to improve the sense of hearing in people with hearing loss especially the elderly. But after reading this Hearing Hero Review, you will understand why it is taking over the market since it was approved by the FDA around August 2020.

This Hearing Hero Review is from the standpoint of medical research with a background in the mechanics of hearing. Also, other aspects like the economics and cost-effectiveness on the side of the client who will be purchasing this digital hearing aid will be touched with a comparative analysis of other Hearing aids in the market.

But before then, this review will first come from a medical dimension touching the physiological anatomy of hearing loss. This is so that you can understand the following better;

  • How hearing works,
  • What Causes Hearing Loss?
  • What Hearing Aids are
  • How hearing aids work, and
  • Why hearing loss is commoner in the elderly.

Table of Contents

Physiologic Anatomy of Hearing; How Does Hearing Work?

From basic science, we all can agree that the ear is the sense organ of hearing. It is made up of three parts which are;

  • The Outer Ear: The outer ear is the part of the ear that we can see physically and it consists of the pinna and the ear canal
  • The Middle Ear: The middle ear consists of the tympanic cavity (which contains the tympanic membrane), and the three ear ossicles (Ear bones; malleus, incus, and stapes).
  • The Inner Ear: The inner ear is located in a bony labyrinth and contains the semicircular canals (which enables balance, and tracks the eye when it’s moving). It also contains the utricle and the saccule which helps you maintain balance when you are static. And finally, it contains the choclea which enables hearing. It also has a connection with the throat through a structure called the Eustachian tube.

The nerve supply to the ear is through the 8th Cranial Nerve (One of the nerves that take its origin from a part of the cranium called the brainstem). The name of this nerve is the Vestibulocochlear nerve and it has two components. The vestibular part is connected to the cerebellum, a part of the brain which is in charge of maintaining balance. The other part is the Cochlear part which is primarily in charge of hearing.

There are some other nerves that play a part in hearing like the nerve to stapedius muscle in the ear. But you don’t have to be bothered about all those. Let’s quickly see how these parts of the ear play a role in hearing.

So How Does Hearing Work?

When sound waves from the environment reaches the outer ear, they pass through the ear canal and creates an impression on the tympanic membrane depending on the intensity of the sound. Sounds of higher intensity will hit the tympanic membrane harder while sounds of lower intensity will create a lesser impression on the tympanic membrane. Also, the higher the intensity of the sound, the higher the vibrations it causes in the ear.

The first ear ossicle from the outer ear; the malleus, is in direct contact with the tympanic membrane. So the sound waves set it first into motion still based on the intensity of the sound and this motion is transferred to the other two ear ossicles; the incus and the stapes.

There are two tiny muscles in the ear called the tensor tympani and the stapedius, which help to modulate this sound and reduce the extent of the vibrations caused by the sound waves.

The vibrations in the middle ear are transferred to the inner ear and specialized hearing structures including the oval window, endolymph which is in the vestibule, and the cochlea (The organ of hearing).

There are hollow passages in the inner ear that contains fluid and a sensory epithelium line by “hair cells”. These hair cells are a form of mechanoreceptors that are in-charge of releasing chemicals known as neurotransmitters which transmit the sound waves from the inner ear to the vestibulocochlear nerve through action potential generation.

The vestibulocochlear nerve further transmits the sounds through the brain stem to the auditory (hearing) nucleus in the brain where the sound waves are translated into a form that humans can understand.

This is a brief overview of the mechanism of hearing, further studies about how it works are beyond the scope of this article. Our major concern in the Hearing Hero Reviews is how all these processes mentioned is related to what makes Hearing hero to be among the best hearing aid in the market.

What Causes Hearing loss then?

The causes of hearing loss are broadly classified into two;

  • Conduction Deafness: Hearing loss caused a problem with the conduction of air though the outer ear to the middle and inner ear. This is mainly caused by a foreign body or an object blocking the entrance of the ear through the ear canal or an infection of the outer ear.
  • Sensorineural Deafness: Deafness caused by a problem in the nerves conducting the sound impulse from the inner ear to the brain for translation. It is usually caused by a nervous disorder or loss of the hair cells which helps in generating action potential for the conduction of sound impulses to the brain.

The above two classifications of the causes of hearing loss could be further broken down to the following practical causes of hearing loss in our daily lives and activities;

  • Excessive noise at place of work
  • High volumes of home gadgets like TV, radio, MP3, earbuds.
  • High Volumes from concerts and Discos
  • Noise from loud music in restaurants and cafes
  • Noise from loud work tools and machines
  • Use of loud toys especially in children
  • Foreign bodies in the ear
  • Ear infection
  • Pre-existing medical conditions like high blood pressure, old age, stroke, or brain injury.
  • Some medications used to treat certain illnesses like cancer, heart disease and some antibiotics
  • Hereditary causes eg. Otosclerosis.
  • Old age(Presbycusis)

How Does Hearing Aids Work? Role in Correcting Hearing Loss

Hearing aid works like an amplifier of sound waves that passes through the ear. They are made up of three systems which work constructively to promote hearing in a person with deficiency in hearing;

  • A Microphone: The microphone acts by receiving sound waves from the environment and converting it into a digital signal.
  • The Amplifier: The amplifier acts on the digital signal generated from the microphone and increases its strength.
  • The Speaker: The speaker acts as a sound producer by conducting the sound from the amplifier into the ear and to the brain.

Some hearing aids like Hearing Hero have an advanced feature that allows one to adjust the volume of the sound transferred to an individual’s ear.

It is the function of an Audiologist; a specialist in the hearing assessment to determine the degree of hearing loss in a person and program the hearing aids in a way that the volume meets the required threshold to enable the individual to regain their normal hearing.

Why hearing loss is commoner in the elderly

The term for hearing loss associated with old age is called Prebycusis. This phenomena happen to everyone as they grow older, but could happen much earlier in some people who has a family history of a similar condition.

According to some popular studies, this hearing loss due to old age has been linked to degenerative changes in the inner ear and of the vestibulocochlear nerve (the auditory nerve). During these degenerative changes, the hairy cells seen in the inner ear are lost gradually which slowly reduces the conduction of sound impulses from the ear to the brain.

This hearing loss can present both ways; the person may find it difficult to tolerate hard sounds or to actually hear what other people are saying.

It can also affect both ears, just one ear, or it may start from one ear and progress to the other. But most times, Presbycusis affects both ears.

Another cause of hearing loss in adult could be linked to already existing medical conditions in the person like high blood pressure, allergies or side effects of some medications.For example, some class of antibiotics when used for over a very long time could lead to hearing loss. This form of hearing loss is popularly called Tinnitus, and the person complains of ringing, clicking, buzzing, hissing, or roaring sounds in the ear.

In most situations, tinnitus is taken as the first sign of hearing loss as people age.

Hearing Hero Review: A Digital Hearing Aid For Senior Citizens

Hearing Hero Review: Hearing aid for old age
hearing aid for seniors

Just as described above, hearing hero is a hearing aid device that is used in the correction of hearing loss in people with decreased hearing ability. It is also popularly called Hearing Hero CIC hearing device. It provides high-quality sound with numerous other features which make it stand out among the best hearing aids in the market today.

Features that Make Hearing Hero Hearing Aid to Stand Out

Built-in Sound Amplification:

Other sound hearing devices also make use of this sound amplification technology, but Hearing Hero amplification is almost glorious. One that makes hearing as easy as you may have never imagined.

Noise Cancellation Technology:

Background noise plays a great role in decreasing the amount of desired sound waves entering our ears from the environment. But the noise cancellation which Hearing Hero gives is top notch. It acts just like ear buds which filters background noise selecting only the intricate sounds in the environment for conduction.

Excellent Volume Control:

Although there are specific frequency ranges and intensity for normal hearing, the concept of hearing is actually a subjective phenomenon. Two people of the same age and even size may never have the same hearing capacity and this is the same with hearing loss. Two persons which hearing loss may never need the same amount of sound amplification to achieve hearing.

So then comes the need for a built-in volume controller which enables each user of the Hearing hero hearing aid to actually select the particular volume of sound waves conducted in their ear. This is in accordance with the prescriptions following the investigations carried out by their Audiometrist on their degree of hearing loss.

Long-lasting Battery Cells

This Hearing aid is powered by a high-quality Zinc battery which is durable and highly reliable.

Wireless Hearing Aid Design

I have seen some hearing aids with long wires like a phone earpiece and I ask myself what on earth is that?

A good hearing aid should be easy and convenient to carry about and this is how Hearing Hero is and that is what you should go for.

Enviable Design

A lot of people do not like advertising the fact that they have a challenge with hearing. This is where the low-key design of this device plays an important role.

It comes with a very neutral color which almost disappears with the complexion of any skin. Also, you can find them in other colors if you love yours to have a touch of fashion.


From a first-hand report from those who are currently using this Hearing aid, they have confessed that they almost feel nothing wearing the device. So it is a plus for all who actually want to feel free and unnoticed while using a hearing aid.

Easy and Convenient to Wear Around

The lightweight feature and the design make it the most convenient hearing aid to wear around.

  • Easy to hear sounds from the televisions, music, radio, etc.
  • Zero hearing strain. Your old man and woman can now enjoy those beautiful sounds like the sound of flowing water, the chirping of the birds, and the howling of the winds.
  • Enjoy your show and live performances once again
  • A LED battery indicator to show when the battery is running low

Financial Benefits and Cost Analysis of Hearing Hero

Most people use life-enhancing gadgets like hearing aids, teeth whiteners, skin beauty products, etc. Pride themselves on the cost of the devices. But that is not being financially literate.

I have heard some people boast of using hearing aids worth over $7,000, to $11,000 while those hearing aids do not have more than half of the features which Hearing Hero has. The only differences is that such super-expensive hearing aids may come with some ‘white elephant’ features like being coated with gold or some other precious metals or gems. This is why they are mainly patronized by some celebrities who only want to stand out on stages.

But what if you have a hearing aid that offers you all these features you need for optimum hearing at a price that is almost about 10% of the cost of these other expensive hearing aids?

Many of the expensive hearing aids you see in the market today are engineered by big, old-school companies who are only interested in the huge profits entering their wallets. They create something inspired by greed and in no way motivated to help, create something they know will be approved by certain medical organizations who also run healthcare as a business instead of a profession.

But here you have a hearing hero; a creative technology developed by a group of engineered who are retired aircraft and space technicians. These engineers worked with factories that are on the high end of super-high-quality miniature electronics.  Of course, if you are flying one of these top air crafts life Boeing 787, the F35 fighter jet, then you must have understood how hearing and communication works. Their headsets probably are designed in a similar way to cut out background noise, be loud and clear to help them understand every word they hear even in those high altitudes with the loud engine noise of their jet fighter.

Using this same experience, what we know today as this assistive listening device was diligently crafted and sold at a price that is obviously a tiny fraction of what you will ever get from any of those big rip-off companies.

Hearing aid for seniors
Hearing aid for profound hearing loss and for seniors

How to use Hearing Hero Hearing Aid

There is no special technological know-how required to start using this hearing aid. Ideally, it should be the function of your Audiologist to show you how to use it. So after you purchase your Hearing Hero device from the manufacturer’s website on any of the order buttons and links from this site, take it to your Audiologist for further instructions.

But even at that, this hearing aid device comes in a package with instructional manuals which explain how it works, how to use it, and simple maintenance tips on how to make it last longer for you all in detail. All these are contained in the FAQs section of the package which the hearing aid comes with.

Pros of Using a Hearing Hero Hearing Aid

There is nothing as satisfying and fulfilling as regaining your sense of hearing. Hearing aids like Hearing hero actually helps one satisfy this desire. Apart from that, hearing aids completely relieve the strain of hearing.

Other benefits of using aids include;

  • Ultra-improved listening ability like in watching televisions, person to person conversations. And the ability to hear background sounds that are normally difficult to hear like clock ticks, refrigerators, background noise, etc.
  • Reduces interference from from a moderate amount of background noise.
  • You have the ability to hear better even in noisy situations

Benefits of Using Two Hearing Aids

Normally, you can use just one hearing aid and still get a comfortable result, but to get the nest result, it is recommended that you use two hearing aids for both ears. The following are the benefits of using two hearing aids for both ears;

One benefit of using two hearing aids for both ears is the ability to localize where specific sounds are coming from. It is usually difficult for the brain to process the location of a sound coming from just one ear that is aided. As a result of the fact that one ear is not aided, it means that sounds from either the right or left side are transmitted by just one ear. So how do you know which direction the sound is coming from?

Another benefit is that it helps to preserve the part of the brain that plays a role in hearing from degenerating. When it is just one hearing aid, only one part of the brain is being stimulated to interpret sound waves, so the other becomes inactive and shrinks due to atrophy.

The last is the ability to hear better even in noisy situations. By using two microphones for each ear, it is easier to cancel out background noise from both ears.

Cons of Using Hearing Aid

  • It is not Water Proof
  • It can be Disturbing: In your early days of first using a hearing aid, you may find out that you hear some sounds better like clock ticking, computer noise, clicks, footsteps and refrigerators. This can seem abnormal and will disturb a lot of users. But this effect is not lost on other hearing aids. But the good news is that this gets better with time.

One thing you can try out is to find a way to distract yourself or and pay less attention to the sound. Some people are advised to put on their fans and even leave them on while sleeping so that it could cancel out the effect of the noise once they know it is produced by the fan.

This way they can achieve a peaceful sleep without much disturbance from the background noise.

Hearing Aid For Sale: How to Buy Hearing Hero Hearing Aid

Most health products as we always advise on our reviews are best purchased directly from the manufacturers. And much better is if the manufacturers have a website and offer a free delivery service just like the manufacturers of Smartrelief Pro and Medreminder.

Good enough, the company that manufactures Hearing Hero Hearing Aid has their own website specifically designed for marketing and distribution of the product.

There is an obvious reason why you must buy only from the manufacturer’s website, and that is to completely remove the possibility of being scammed by anyone. There are a lot of online hoodlums who we all know are after nothing else but the hard-earned money of others.

To be on a safer end, make your order for hearing hero by clicking on the button below.

best hearing aid in the market
Hearing aid for severe hearing loss

Hearing Hero Hearing Aid Price

The price of one hearing aid $199.99 dollars which could be converted to your own local currency depending on its exchange rate to the US dollar.

This is a very good advantage that places hearing heroes among the best hearing aids in the market today. Other hearing aids cost anywhere above $500, $1000, $7,000 to $11,000. And hearing hero still beats a lot of them in many obvious ways.

On top of that, there are discounts attached for every purchase you make. So you can easily buy two at a very cheap and reduced price of $369.99.00.

This price is mainly for people living in the United States, U.K, Canada, Australia, Germany, and Ireland. The price may vary if you are not from any of the above-mentioned countries. But you should check it out and see how much it is for your country.

The manufacturers also offers a 45-day money back guarantee, free shipping, and trial offers.

Final Verdict on Hearing Hero Review

As mentioned in the introduction, Hearing Hero is fully registered and approved by the FDA, so you should have absolutely no concern with regards to the brand quality and safety.

One major issue which you should be concerned about is the Direct Resellers.

The Direct Resellers are people who buy this device from the company and then attempt to resell it to people.  Now you must know that these people may not offer you any money-back guarantee neither are you 100% certain that they are selling you the original. So save yourself that stress and make your order from the manufacturers while you await your free delivery from the comfort of your home.

Finally, you will hardly see any other review site that goes up to this depth in research about health products even to the extent of telling you the price of the product.

You should note the first signs of illegitimacy that you may encounter from reading up reviews from other sites like refusing to declare the price, and writing a review from the standpoint of marketers hungry to make a sale other than from a pure desire to educate and enlighten. This is what we offer at Medarchive Magazine.

From all indications, this is the best hearing aid in the market. Until we find a better one, make your order for this device and start using it to enjoy all the benefits it comes with.

  • What do I expect in the Hearing Hero Delivery Pack? Hearing Hero hearing aid delivery pack comes with a sound device like an earpiece, one for the right and another for the left ears. It has 3 closed domes, three open domes, and a brush attached for its cleaning and maintenance. It also has an instructional manual, a battery, and a case that is used to carry it. You can select the silicone/dome earbuds depending on your level of comfort and snug fit.
  • How does Hearing Hero CIC Look Like? They are lightweight tiny devices that measures about 1/2” with little chance for anyone to actually find out that you are using a hearing aid.
  • Is Hearing Hero a Scam or is it Legit? Hearing Hero Hearing aid is FDA approved. So there is absolutely nothing to fear in terms of safety or legitimacy. FDA will never approve a product that will cause harm to people. One way to confirm the legitimacy of Hearing hero is to scroll down and read the reviews written by customers who have actually patronized this hearing aid and are currently using it.
  • Can I Recharge the Battery? The Hearing hero battery is rechargeable and very long-lasting. But it is advisable that you just buy a pack of the battery and keep it at home for convenience just in case it dies out on you.  Also, the device comes with a LED light that indicates the battery level and shows you when it is time to insert new ones. But in all, you do not need to worry about running out of power out of the blue.
  • Is It Worth My Money? It’s a funny question, though very important. We all want to invest in something we are sure will yield good fruits. But it might surprise you that although you may just be hearing about Hearing hero for the first time, it has been in the market for over 13 years now. But the issue that affected its popularity was that it was not approved by the FDA until around August 2020 during the Covid-19 lockdown. Since then, thousands of persons have been purchasing and benefiting from this device. And it has been enhancing their hearing function.
  • Can I Use Another Earpiece Jack In Place of Hearing Hero Jack? Actually, as mentioned in the Hearing Hero Review, this device is not like other hearing aids that require a chord or a jack to operate. It is very portable and easy to carry about, so worrying about a jack is not necessary.
  • Can I Be Cured of My Hearing Condition By Using Hearing Hero? Some changes in the body that lead to a hearing loss like the one associated with old age are actually irreversible. Although constant usage of hearing hero improves your hearing and makes you feel as though you never had a hearing issue. So yes, Hearing Hero can actually enhance your and cure your hearing loss.
  • How Long Does It Last? Hearing Hero is quite durable and when used and maintained according to the instructions in the manuals could last for years.
  • When Will My Hearing Hero Arrive After making an Order? Highest 10-12 days.  You will receive your package in approximately 10 to12 days unlike during the lockdown associated with Covid-19 Pandemic where it delayed to about  30 days.
  • How Can I Contact the Manufacturers? In case you encounter challenges with your delivery or use of the product, you can easily contact the customer service of the hearing aid company using their mobile number; +1-888-692-9899 or email address; [email protected]

Hearing Hero Reviews By Clients

Below are some of the Reviews by clients who actually use Hearing Hero

It is very comfortable. I love how the earpiece fits my ear.

The sound it produces is loud, comprehensible and clear. From the very first time put it on, I never had to strain to hear. I could clearly understand what people say to me. I am indebted to the developers who included the proprietary DSP which means Digital Signal Processing. Sounds are amplified and shaped to compensate for declining human hearing and make everything intelligible and loud again.

I am super happy about the battery! It lasted longer than I expected. Plus the red indicator always shows me when to put a new battery.

My iPhone had no issue connecting with the hearing hero, no sticking out of my ear, no screeches, and buzzing. I could still use my phone perfectly normal. That was a huge relief.

There are plenty of things to like about this hearing aid especially if you are a spec freak. It is Adjustable, multi-level DSP. Variable high radio amp, mic noise reduction, and even more! I worked in Aviation for years, I know what a quality communication aid looks like.

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