9 Best Health Niches For Your Blog and Online Business

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If you are looking forward to starting an online business, a blog, or a YouTube Channel in the health niches, then it would interest you to know that healthcare is among the top 10 most profitable niches for any online business.

According to the BalanceSMB, the health industry is currently worth over USD$3.7 trillion and is projected to increase further by the year 2030. This is great news for publishers worldwide as advertisers are ever willing to pump in a lot of money into health products.

And guess who gets paid for the adverts?

They are the publishers in the health niches like bloggers, YouTubers, affiliate marketers, etc.

In this post, you will find out the best health niches in which you can invest your time and resources for massive returns within the next few years.

So if you are a health professional, or have good knowledge of healthcare, maybe a Medical student; it is just right to own a blog, especially ones related to your specialty.

There are many opportunities and benefits you get from owning a blog, but that is not our concern for this post. So let’s look at the best blog niches in health based on profitability.

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Why do you need a Blog?

There are many reasons why you should consider starting a blog as a student, or a health worker.

Though health workers are well known for having little time for other things that are outside the health industry.

But owning a blog where you share your opinions, articles and services could be a great boost to your career and your profile.

Also, setting up a blog and actually being successful has been summarized in this e-book;

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This Ebook contains every guide you need to start creating and monetizing your blog no matter your niche.

Why it is Difficult to Find Specific Health Niches

It is usually difficult for students in the health line to find specific health niches for their blogs and online business. This is because they rarely have specialized knowledge in any area of competence in healthcare.

Just like this magazine, which was initially owned by Medical students, you will find that there are varieties of health topics on this blog.

This is because the students who manage the blog just know a little bit of everything in healthcare, as they are yet to specialize in a particular field of health.

But in general, with proper research, and with the help of health resources all over the net, it is very easy for almost anyone to pick up a Health Blogging role and still do well in it.

The Narrower the Niche, the Better

Ideally, as you grow in your profession in healthcare, your area of specialization continues to be narrowed down to very few specialties.

Hence, building a blog in your own specialty is just the best option as you will almost never run out of blog content ideas.

Also, as a professional in your area of specialization, you will win more audience than people who just randomly write articles, because you are an authority in the field.

This could be leveraged to increase your chances of monetizing your blog by selling health products because you have people’s trust.

The 9 Best Health Niches By Profitability

If you are going to start a blog or an online business in the health niches, you should consider going for the tested and trusted niches available based on over 30 years of data from the use of the internet. Based on our findings, there are some health niches that people are more interested in based on their personal needs. As a result, advertisers are willing to pay publishers in these health niches higher to get these products across to their audience.

Below is our top health niche list for online business starters and bloggers:

  • Sexual and Reproductive Health Blog
  • Child Health
  • Mental Health
  • Medical School / Exams
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Health Technology
  • Physical Health and Fitness
  • Food and Nutrition
  • Medical Travels

1. Sexual and Reproductive Health Blog

Although this is a very old and highly competitive blog niche. But is still among the best blog niches in health.

Even with the lots of information around the net from many sexual health blogs, a lot of people are being misguided.

Many health bloggers today just copy some random facts on sexual health from different places with little to no research to back up their claims.

This is all just to have fresh content on sexual and reproductive health on the blogs.

Also, many people spread the use of misleading sexual health products with claims that they enhance sexual performance with no proper license or approval from the food and Medication agencies. And they all have a good presence on search engines; so with your expertise and license as a sexual health expert, you can easily outrank them all.

So this gap offers an opportunity for every expert in Sexual and Reproductive Health to establish a platform that will guide people rightly in their reproductive health.

Further specializing in narrower niches like Male Reproductive Health, Female Reproductive Health, or Child Reproductive Health will be a greater boost.

2. Child Health

This is one of the most profitable blog niches in health.

Mothers are usually over-zealous about their child’s health, especially expectant mothers.

Apart from going to the routine ante-natal visits, many expectant mothers always like seeking second opinions about their health and that of their babies.

And the easiest place to get the information they need is on blogs.

So, being an obstetrician and running a blog at the same time with a provision for paid and free consults during your leisure times can be a way to add more value to lives and as well increase your income sources.

This is the same thing for nursing mothers as well, they are always on the health blogs looking for a meaning for every scratch on their children’s bodies.

Capitalize on this, and provide the answers to their queries.

3. Mental Health

best health niches list
mental health niches

This is also one of the best blog niches in health.

People are not really enlightened about mental health issues, and most of the few mental health blogs lack something which could add additional value to people.

What these mental blogs lack is a platform for people with similar mental health issues to interact with each other and feel at home.

Also, including a forum for e-consultation and therapy will be an added advantage.

A lot of people commit suicide yearly as a result of depression and related mental health conditions, but who knows?

If they had found an online community where they could interact freely with experts for a token, plus a blog where they read the experience of survivors, they might have been alive today.

4. Medical School / Exams

best health niches
medical school niches

Among the profitable blog niches in health is a blog on Medical Exams.

Thousands of medical students and medical graduates are constantly searching for resources that will help make their journey through Medical school to be a lit bit easier.

Some are even willing to pay for resources to help them pass their Medical Licensing exams like USMLE, PLAB, AMC, MCC, and other pathways.

This is actually one among the first on the list for the best blog niches in health.

Any blog that will concentrate on how to pass Medical exams, and do good justice to its tutorials and contents will take over the whole world of Med-blogging.

5. Pharmaceuticals

pharmacuetical niches
pharmaceutical niches

Pharmaceuticals is one of the most profitable blog niches in health. The goal of such blogs is mainly to write reviews about medications and other pharmaceuticals.

You can earn a lot of money by writing unbiased reviews for companies about their products.  

Also, affiliate marketing is a great way of monetizing a blog based on pharmaceuticals as lots of health companies will be willing to place their products on your site if you actually do a good job.

6. Health Technology

health tech niches
health tech niches

Also ranking among the best blog niches in health is a health technology niche.

People love reading updates and innovations in healthcare, and if you have a taste for ICT, it can be very profitable as there are tons of ways of monetizing a niche in health technology including affiliate marketing and writing reviews for health companies.

7. Physical Health and Fitness

physical health ncihes

This is also one of the best blog niches in health and by far one of the most profitable blog niches in healthcare.

More than half of the world’s population is interested in their physical health and how to keep fit. Upon these, there are many monetization options for a fitness blog.

But the real problem with starting a fitness blog is that they are already all over the whole net and will require lots of effort and consistency to keep up with the competition other similar blogs will pose.

But in addition to owning a blog, having a Facebook community, active social pages, and being a fitness freak yourself will boost the performance of your blog.

Also, Read; How to become a certified wellness coach

8. Food and Nutrition

food niches
food niches

If you are a food enthusiast or a food scientist, then food and nutrition are one of the best blog niches in health for you.

It is also one of the most profitable blog niches in health with opportunities for monetization using affiliate marketing and direct selling of food and related products.

9. Medical Travels

travel niches
travel niches

People love knowing about the best health facilities in their location.

But the truth is that it is quite difficult and requires lots of work writing about various health facilities as it requires lots of research and travel.

But if you can have the discipline, you will have a large audience who will be willing to come back to your blog for daily reviews and for the best health facilities close by.


The profitable blog niches in health which I listed above are based on careful study and observation. But they cannot be the best blog niches in health for you if you don’t put in real work and effort.

Every blog niche requires lots of work to build as there is virtually no information that one cannot find on the internet today.

But what could give one blog an edge over others is if the blog is dedicated to providing useful and quality information for its audience.

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