How to stay Motivated in Medical School and Motivational Quotes for Students

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“In this post, you will be learning how to stay motivated in medical school, it also contains some medical school motivation quotes, activities and ideas that will help any medical student to be inspired, keep going and stay motivated in medical school no matter the storm you may encounter in your career”

Studying Medicine and Surgery can be frustrating. Sometimes you just want to give up, drop out of medical school, commit suicide. There are exams upon exams, tests upon tests, Some of which you may fail, and have to re-write.

This is actually worse for different people depending on the situation of your country. There are some schools cited in places that are unfavorable for coping with stress.

For instance, someone attending any of the medical schools in Nigeria cannot be compared to a Havard medical student. Their needs and worries are completely on different levels.

But the main point is; no matter the medical school you attend, whether it is in Nigeria, India, U.S.A, China, or wherever, you are subjected to some level of stress, most of which is mental.

This is the major purpose of this post; to teach you how to stay motivated in medical school using activities to gain inspiration.

Also, in the second part of this post (below), there are some medical school motivation quotes carefully selected from around the net just to help you keep going whenever you feel like giving up.

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How to Stay Motivated in Medical School

The list below contains some ideas and activities that will not only show you how to stay motivated in medical school but will help you take good care of your mind during your stay in medical school.

They are all based on personal experience and contributions from colleagues, and ideas gathered from older doctors in the profession.

  • Join a student doctor forum
  • Join a discussion group
  • Visit other units during your free time in clinical rotations
  • Make out time to have fun with friends
  • Interact with more intelligent colleagues
  • Discuss with older colleagues and doctors
  • Attend Graduation Ceremonies, Induction and Send-forth Parties
  • Find a Hobby
  • Watch Medical Videos
  • Use Time Tables
  • Never try to be anyone else
  • Follow medical pages and groups on various social channels

1. Gain Medical School Inspiration Through Student Doctor Forums

There is already another post in this magazine that explained the importance of student doctor forums and it’s roles in medical student motivation. But it will be mentioned again for the purpose of this post.

A student doctor forum is a discussion platform created by medical schools in some parts of the world. It is mainly for the purpose of creating a healthy relationship between medical students and their teachers who are mostly doctors.

In student doctor forums, medical students get to learn about many other aspects of life and career pathways in medicine that are not taught during the school periods and lectures. It is in such forums that many students actually start thinking of which specialty they could likely take up post-graduation.

You are also going to learn from your favorite lecturers what study strategies you could use best to perform well in medical exams like the 2nd MBBS and the 3rd MBBS, etc.

One very important role which student doctor forums play is that it reduces that fear which most medical students have for their teachers. This increases the chances of the students performing better in medical school exams.

But the fact is that only a handful few medical schools actually have a structure like this. But if your medical school has a forum like this, it is a good avenue for medical school motivation.

2. Staying motivated in medical school through Discussion Groups

How to stay motivated in medical school
How to stay motivated in medical school through a discussion group

Many medical graduates when asked about their success story never fail to mention the role their study groups played in their success by helping them to keep being motivated in medical school.

With the loads of work that medical students are meant to cover with high precision, within a short time, it only makes sense that you get broader perspectives from colleagues by forming active discussion groups with serious-minded friends.

Also, discussion groups help you deal stay motivated in medical school by by removing that feeling of thinking that you know nothing or thinking that you know all. There is this problem which most medical students have; they often eat themselves up with the belief that they have not read anything at all while others have gone far.

At the same time, many others think that they know it all just because they spend more hours reading. But a discussion group will actually help you to grade your knowledge among that of some colleagues and actually help you gauge if you are doing well or not.

And of course, if you see yourself falling behind in your studies, a study group could easily point that out for you. Because it will show in your engagement with the discussion group.

Discussion groups are actually one of the best places for staying motivated in medical school, use it to your favor.

On the contrary, some group of medical students claims the discussion groups slow them down or put them on unnecessary pressure to outperform others.

So the summary is; know what actually works fine for you and live by it.

3. Find time to visit other Units during Clinical rotations

There are many departments and units in medicine and surgery. And most medical schools just have about 12 clinical rotations, when there are more than 12 sub-specialties and units in medicine and surgery combined.

So chances are that you will never have the opportunity to be in some units during your clinical and surgical rotations.

But you can always move to other units to see what is happening there whenever you have free time in your current clinical or surgical rotation.

Also, whenever your current unit gets too depressing, you can find motivation by using any free time you get to look at what your colleagues are doing in other units. This has proven to be helpful to some people.

4. Make out time to have fun with friends

Don’t be an all work and no play type of medical student.

Yes! You can have fun too in medical school, but be careful not to do it too much or it might backfire.

One strategy that works for some is to find time once a week; usually on Friday evenings to spend some time with friends and do some unconventional things you like doing. It could be playing football, video games, watching movies, hanging out, eating out, etc.

Just find something you like doing and set it as a reward at the end of every week. And use it to reward yourself for the hard work during the week.

But keep it so simple and short so that you will be strong enough to prepare for the following week during the weekend.

have fum medical school motivation
How to stay motivated in medical school by having fun

5. Interact with More Intelligent Colleagues, but only once in a while

This is something I personally used to shy away from in medical school. But it is a top medical school motivation idea.

There are some colleagues you will find in medical school that are just so exceptional. A lot of medical students have said they don’t like interacting with them because they always keep them on their toes and under unnecessary pressure.

But if you truly seek a medical school motivation to launch you into action to study and learn more, then a conversation with such persons once in a while might be necessary.

Such intelligent persons expose you to ideas and dimensions which you may have never looked at in the course of your study. Make them your friends and interact with them only once in a while to avoid being under unnecessary pressure.

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6. Discuss with older colleagues and doctors

The best way to have an idea of what to expect in your current level in medical school is to seek advice and counsel from older colleagues who must have passed through the level.

Medical school motivation comes easy when an older friend you interact with tells you what to expect in your exams, what to study, where to get your study materials, and what not to study.

Discussing with doctors will help you look at the long term reward that comes from your current years of dedication in medical school.

7. Attend Graduation Ceremonies and Send-forth Parties

This is the best place to seek medical school motivation. Looking at people who passed through the same challenges you are currently experiencing in a glorious style could be your motivation for the rest of the academic session.

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8. Find a Hobby and give it some time

Do not forget to feed your other passions during your stay in medical school. Sometimes, we may study so hard and expect the reward in form of good grades only to end up performing below our expectations and even fail some tests and exams.

This can be so worrisome especially when you gave all your time and attention just to academics. But if you get some reward from a hobby which you give a little attention from time to time, then maybe the pain of performing below par won’t be too much on you.

9. Watch Medical Videos

Sometimes reading texts and study materials gets too bulky and boring. You can easily regain your motivation by subscribing to a Youtube channel for medical students and watching the equivalent of what you are reading.

This could excite you mind and bring back your medical school motivation.

There are also some movies that are strictly medical like House MD, the resident, Grey’s Anatomy, etc . from which you could re-charge your mind and engage in active reading again.

10. Time tables actually work

Using timetables has always worked for me. I get depressed most times I look at the volume of study materials I need to cover in different medical school subjects.

But with timetables, I am able to get my mind together into what I consider most important at the moment based on my timetable. You too can try the same thing.

11. Never Try to be Anyone else

You may have seen some of your colleagues who always appear as though never read, but will always come out as one of the bests in any test or exam. The truth is that people’s study techniques are quite different.

Some people smart enough that they can spend the last few weeks/days before exams and tests to actually cover enough materials to help them perform well in their exams.

So following them could lead you into trouble when you do not have such intellect.

12. Follow Medical Pages and Groups on Various Social Channels

I have seen a couple of medical-related social pages on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest which makes a lot of sense.

You can join our Instagram page for medical school memes which will keep you motivated, enlightened and excited about medicine.

Also, scroll down below this page to find our various social pages and medical groups where you can get enough medical school motivation.

A Few Medical School Motivation Quotes you can use to gain Inspiration

dream big medical school motivation quotes
How to stay motivated in medical school using inspirational quotes

What do you think of motivational quotes?

On my side, I am not really the motivational quote kind of person, I have overheard some students say they actually find them helpful.

So I have compiled some medical school motivation quotes which I could find for such friends who might be reading this.

You can copy them, screenshot them, use them and make stickers, and post them on your walls where you can see them daily. Read them often, after all, psychologists affirmed that the use of positive affirmations for a couple of days (21 days) has a positive effect on the person’s mindset.

So maybe you can try them out.

Below is a list of Medical School Inspirational quotes you can use;

motivational quotes for med students
motivational quotes for medical students

One day you will share your story and current struggles in medical school and it will be someone else’s survival guide. So make every moment of your struggle count..”

Medarchive Magazine

motivational quotes for med students
motivational quotes for medical students

Never stop! One day you will end up being someone’s hope and hero.”

Medarchive Magazine

motivational quotes for med students
motivation quotes for medical students

I believe in the person I want to become in the future; a Doctor! A saver of lives!

Medarchive Magazine

motivational quotes for med students
motivational quotes for medical students

I will take every page I will read today seriously. Who knows, someday it will save someone’s life.

Medarchive Magazine

motivation quotes for medical students
motivation quotes for medical students

A doctor is a student even unto death. Whenever he fails to be a student, he dies

Medarchive Magazine

inspirational quotes for medical students
inspirational quotes for medical students

You May not save the world, but you can save the people around you if you work hard enough.”

— Medarchive Magazine

motivational quotes for med students
motivational quotes for med students

When you are just about giving up, take a few moments and imagine how good you will look on that white coat

— Medarchive Magazine

Motivational quotes for medical students
Motivational quotes for medical students

If you are ready to give up, just remember your future self. Imagine your graduation and send-forth day; the expression on your parent’s face(s), and more importantly, those who want to see you and your family fail..”

— Medarchive Magazine

Motivational quotes for medical students
Motivational quotes for medical students

I can’t wait to experience the most wonderful adrenaline rush of my life….A rush while taking the Hypocrates Oath; the doctor’s pledge.

— Medarchive Magazine

Motivational quotes for medical students
Motivational quotes for medical students

Focus on your studies. It will be hard, believe me, but for sure one day it is going to worth it.”

— Medarchive Magazine

For more medical student motivation quotes, visit our Pages on Instagram and Facebook, you will find lots of medical school memes too.

If you feel motivated right now, kindly share this with a friend who might need this!

The list of the medical school inspirational quotes will be updated soon, so keep in touch to stay motivated in medical school through Medarchive Magazine.

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