10 Best countries to Study Medicine for International Students

how long is medical school in US

One of the biggest decisions for a premed who is ready to enter medical school is finding the best medical school to apply to, and this involves looking out for different places in the world with the best medical schools. Being an honorable profession, medical students in most countries are treated with the utmost respect … Read more

Top 24+ Lucrative Medical Related Courses in Nigeria

Medical Related Courses in Nigeria

Medical and Health Science courses are one of the most lucrative and sought out career pathways in Nigeria. If you are looking for medical related courses to study at the University, this post contains an updated list of all the best medical courses in Nigeria any post secondary school student can study in Nigeria. Most … Read more

10 Best Medical Student White Coat Ceremony Outfit Ideas [2023]

medical student white coat ceremony Outfit Ideas (1)

Medical student white coat ceremony is a tradition for medical students and students of other health-related courses held in some medical schools to mark the transition of the students into the study of a course in the health profession. In some medical schools, students begin to meet and interact with patients as early as their … Read more

The Unforeseen: Doctors Get Depressed Too

depressed doctors

Yes! Doctors get depressed too, as well as other health workers. But rarely do people recognize that even the therapist needs therapy. Dr. Wilfred could comfortably say for certain, without an inkling of doubt, that he was living his best life. He was just 25 and feeling so accomplished with himself, particularly because of the … Read more

Medical School Essentials: Top 30 Things You Need to Have

medical school essentials

There are basic things to get for medical school. Whether you recently gained admission into medical school, or you are a serious medical student who wants to engage in active learning, there are certain study tools, essentials, and medical equipment which you cannot do without. I call them the medical school essentials. And after reading … Read more

How Blood Pressure Is Measured In The Clinic: Step By Step

How blood pressure is measured

One of the very first Physiology practical sessions in medical school involves learning how blood pressure is measured in the clinic. Understanding how to take blood pressure step by step should ideally be a prerequisite before entering the clinical classes in medical school. This is because in the clinical rotations in medical school, you will … Read more

Meet Dr. Ruben Gombalandi: Founder of Webzmedlectures

Dr. Ruben Gombalandi

The Medical Entrepreneurship Fest has been bringing to light many Medical Entrepreneurs in Africa. The goal has always been to encourage entrepreneurship and innovation in the African health sector. The Medical Entrepreneur of the day is Dr. Ruben Gombalandi; the founder of Webzmedlectures. Meet Dr. Ruben Gombalandi My name is Dr. Ruben Gombalandi, I am … Read more

15+ Best Gadgets For Medical Students

best gadgets for medical students

Life in medical school can be very tiring and often very stressful. As a medical student, you must read countless big textbooks, and medical journals, attend tutorials, and sometimes burn night candles. The worst part was getting familiar with difficult medical terms, especially in anatomy. That is why passing through med school without the best … Read more

Join WhatsApp Group For Medical Students; Preclinical and Clinical

Whatsapp groups for medical students

In this post, you will be discovering a special WhatsApp group for medical students to help your personal growth, career and development. It can be difficult to find a study group or other people with the same interests as you for your medical school discussions. Facebook and other social media platforms are great ways of … Read more

8 Best Physiology books For Medical Students [2023 Review]

Physiology books

Medical Physiology is one of the major core preclinical courses in medical school that serves as one of the basic foundations for your clinical years. Having a wide knowledge of medical physiology is very crucial for all medical students that are aspiring to be doctors, Pharmacists, Physiology Psychologists, or any other medical-related professions. One of … Read more

17 Best Gifts For First Year Medical Students

photo of female scientist working on laboratory

Medical students are one of the busiest students in most universities. Imagine going for lectures early in the morning and coming back very late in the evening, attending practicals, and sacrificing a lot of leisure periods for personal studies just to become a medical doctor and graduate with a very good result. For the stress … Read more

11 Best Study Aids For Medical Students

study aids for medical students

The journey of becoming a medical doctor is not an easy one. I believe a 200l student in medical school, that has written their first in course can attest to that. Imagine studying everything about the human body, that requires a whole lot of hours of study and memorization. And as a medical student, you … Read more

Top 12 Unique Specialties in Surgery: Surgeons’ Career Path

specialties in surgery

Specialties in surgery are diverse and versatile. Surgery is an applied science where specially trained doctors use instruments, knowledge, and techniques to diagnose and treat conditions that affect the body. Becoming a surgeon is a long and difficult process. The specialties of surgery also determine the intensity and length of your training. For instance, a … Read more

Medical Return Manga: A Comic Novel Every Medic Should Read

medical return manga

This post on medical return manga is written in good faith and for general information purposes only. We did not receive any compensation to publish this. We only did so for the sake of our most loyal fans. Enjoy and share! Apart from the superhero manga almost every child enjoyed, I have never really been … Read more

Dentistry Vs Medicine: Best Education, Career, Salary [2023]

dentistry vs medicine

Medicine and Dentistry are the chiefs of all medical courses and arguably the most lucrative of them all. They are also very closely related in many ways that some people still find it difficult to point out any differences between the two courses. But in this post, we will be comparing Dentistry vs Medicine so … Read more

What is Physiology Psychology? Best Career Guide 2023

What is Physiology Psychology

How we think, feel, and act are vital components of the human biopsychological profile. The larger population of people are much more concerned about the physical effects and consequences of their actions but only a few care well enough to go to the root by finding out the actual cause of the effect. This is … Read more