11 Best Study Aids For Medical Students

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The journey of becoming a medical doctor is not an easy one. I believe a 200l student in medical school, that has written their first in course can attest to that. Imagine studying everything about the human body, that requires a whole lot of hours of study and memorization.

And as a medical student, you also have a lot of lectures, practical classes, or seminars to attend per day.

And most importantly, a lot of medical terminologies, biochemical structures, and procedures to memorize for MBBS or board exams.

And obviously, you are expected to have good grades. This can be very terrifying and daunting, in fact, almost scared me from furthering more in 200l. And that is why I am introducing the best study aids for medical students to enable you to study faster and more effectively, and most importantly, remember during exams.

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What Are Audio-Visual Study Aids?

Audiovisual aids are important tools for studying effectively in medical school. Because studying becomes more understandable and interesting when you fully maximize your organs of perception when studying.

Human anatomy is a perfect example; you tend to understand this course better when you learn how to use audio-visuals while studying.  Because this course deals with studying the structures of the human body. And certainly, you cannot successfully describe something you did not see.

Examples of audio-visual study aids for medical students include; medical-related videos, music clips, medical podcasts, flip charts, slideshow presentations, and so on.

Importance Of Audio Visual Study Aids

  • Helps in maintaining your attention while studying
  • Saves time
  • Audio-visual study aids are the good motivating source
  • It gives more clarity
  • Its aids remembrance during exams

11 Best Study Aids For Medical Students

  • Medical YouTube Channels
  • Medical Mnemonics
  • Medical study Apps
  • Flashcards
  • Evotech Anatomy Study Pack
  • Mr. Pen stick notes
  • Human Anatomy Study Cube
  • Medical Terminologies study Guide
  • Inner body Study Guide
  • Medarchitect  Premium Suturing Kit
  • A Medical Atlas

1. Medical-Related YouTube Channels

YouTube Channels are one of the best study aids for medical students. Using YouTube Channels as study aids is just like receiving a normal lecture.

But YouTube lectures tend to be more simplified than classroom lectures, and that is why are sometimes called video tutorials.

As a medical student, one of the best ways to be more productive in medical school is by using YouTube videos as a study aid. With YouTube videos, you can cover more pages during your study time. Than just being stalked up in between the pages of your book trying to figure out facts.

In addition, YouTube videos also help you to assimilate faster. Apart from the fact that more understanding comes when you see and hear what you read. When you use audio-visual aids, you maximize your sense organs, and that helps you to understand faster.

However, while trying to get the best YouTube channel for you to study. It is also important that you do that very carefully. And that is why I have compiled the top YouTube channels for medical students.

2. Medical Mnemonics

This is one of the major best study aids for medical students. One of such medical mnemonics study aid is Picmonics. Although it is a premium medical study platform, the value that will be added to you is worth every penny.

Picmonic is an online study platform for medical students. This online-based study platform uses mnemonics and contents filled with interesting stories and characters to explain medical terminologies, topics, or procedures.

In addition, this platform contains summarized medical courses and medical research contents. Also contains features that will help you understand and break down medical topics that medical students often struggle with.

There is something intriguing about this study aid, and you need to check it out. One of them is that the contents are well structured into hours and a week to help medical students assimilate faster and reduce the stress of repeated reading. Therefore, you can use this aid as a study guide in medical school.

Picmonic also contains videos about facts and discoveries in medicine. And after each learning section, you can always test your knowledge with quizzes.

This study aid gives you an outline of what you need to read and understand as a medical student at each level. And also gives you a clue about the expected questions in medical school exams and as well as board exams.

Lastly, this study aid gives you unlimited access to research content and videos, proven facts, and the Anki add-on.

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3. Medical Study Apps

One of the best study aids for medical students, that helped me in medical school is study Apps. They help to increase your speed and productivity while studying.

However, study apps are not like textbooks that are filled with lots of information. The contents in study apps are always short and concise.

While in medical school, I had over five study apps on my android phone, one study app for each course. With that, I can read the summary under each topic instead of boring myself with unnecessary details.

Oh, that helped my study speed in gross anatomy. And also reduced the cost of buying unnecessary textbooks

Instead of carrying big textbooks while going to the library, this study app helps in reducing that stress. Sometimes the stress of carrying textbooks around is enough to discourage you from studying.

Therefore, With this study aid, you can always go to classes or libraries with your mobile phone and study more effectively.

Medical study apps are always structured and arranged well to aid convenience and fast assimilation while using them.  Because they are mostly built by medical doctors or medical professors, therefore, they understand the best approach to studying each course in medical school.

There are always quizzes to test your understanding of each topic. And you can also get your answers after each quiz.

4. Flashcards

As a medical student, if you think of using flashcards as study aids, then I fully recommend using one of these best study aids for medical students.

Flashcards use an enhanced version of spaced repeats created with artificial intelligence. To optimize the amount of learning in each session

When you begin studying with flashcards, the program determines what areas you should focus on based on a thorough evaluation of your performance.

With some flashcards, you can format your cards with colored text, bulleted lists, underlines, and more. You can also add cards directly from the mobile apps.

Also, with these study aids, you can combine numerous medical courses and facts in a unified workspace. This makes revision very easy during exam periods.

Additionally, you may create flashcards using images from your gallery to improve your memory and leave a lasting impact on your mind.

As a medical student, if you are very effective at studying at night. This study aid is a night mode that makes it easy for your eyeballs while studying.

5. Evotech Anatomy Study Pack

Evotech Anatomy Study Pack
Evotech Anatomy Study Pack

One of the best ways to study effectively in medical school is by using 3D study models. Well, maybe that was why dissection was introduced in the study of anatomy. However, the time spent with cadavers is not enough.

Evotech human body study pack contains 3D body models, that are built with utmost anatomical details. This model enables you to understand well while reading because they give you a perfect representation of what you are studying.

Studying anatomy with these 3D models makes anatomy very fun and easy.

This Study pack contains a model skeleton about 17.7 inches tall. The torso is 11 inches tall and also the heart, which is about 8 inches tall. This is more fun to study with than an atlas.

Additionally, it also contains an anatomical brochure, medical various illustrations, and details about vital organs of the body, including some body systems.

Believe me, this anatomical kit is enough to motivate you to study anatomy more consistently and effectively. It is a great anatomy study tool for medical students.

6. Mr. Pen Sticky Notes

best Study aids for medical students
Mr. Pen Sticky Notes (Study aids for medical students)

Sticky notes are great aids for studying in medical school. They are great tools for keeping reminders and jotting down your main points while reading.

They are easy to carry around to lectures, and seminars including wards to take notes or body vitals.

As a medical student, who has a lot to do each day. You can also use sticky notes to list down your priorities for each day and go for them first.

These sticky notes have strong adhesives hence; they can stick with walls, bags, and so on.

Instead of struggling with memorizing biochemical structures or anatomical structures, you can sketch them in your sticky notes. And project them in your rooms, bags, or anywhere you will always come in contact with them. This aids assimilation because, over time, they store in your subconscious memory.

7. Human Anatomy Study Cube

Human Anatomy Study Cube
Human Anatomy Study Cube

Have you been looking for a fun or creative way of studying anatomy? If yes, Allow me to introduce to you, one of the best study aids for medical students. And that is the anatomy study cube.

If you think anatomy is a very dull course, then you should consider this study aid. This study aid will make studying anatomy fun while providing you with necessary details on each body’s structure.

The human anatomy study cube, as the name implies is a 7 by 7 by 7 cube. With this, you can revise 9 different regions of the body, including body systems.

This study aid will give you a total summary with diagrams, about every anatomical detail you need to know in the following body regions and systems;

  • Eye
  • Ear
  • Heart
  • Lungs
  • Brain
  • The digestive system
  • Muscles and bone
  • Skin
  • Circulatory system

You don’t have to cram any anatomical details in the above body regions or systems. Just get this study aid and see how addictive and sweet to study human anatomy.

You can use this study aid both in classes and in your leisure periods. It is very fun, addictive, and creative. Get this study aid today, it is time to explore the human body.

8. Medical Terminology Study Guide

If you want to be very proud of being a medical student or you are aspiring to be an extraordinary medical doctor. You must learn and understand how to use and pronounce medical terminologies.

And to be very sincere, you will need a study aid for this. A study aid that will enhance your understanding and memorization of medical terminologies.

This medical terminology study guide is a must to purchase for any medical student that wishes to have a deeper understanding of medical terminologies. Especially medical students preparing for any professional exam.

In addition, do you know that getting familiarized and understanding all related terminologies in a particular course is the beginning of having good grades? So I hope you understand why you must get this step-to-step guide to understanding medical terminologies

This study guide focuses majorly on your readability. Hence, it is divided into chapters, and at the end of each chapter, there are questions to test your understanding of what you’ve read. And the answers can be found at the end of the book.

9. Innerbody.Com

Can I learn anatomy effectively online?

Yes, but depends on the learning platforms you are exposed to.

Innerbody.com is an online based educational website for medical students, and the aim is to help medical students study anatomy and other relevant courses effectively.

In a simple word, you can refer to this study aid as an explorer. Because with this tool, you can explore everything that makes the human body.

This medical study aid is very user-friendly and highly educative. Instead of just boring yourself with big textbooks, get your summaries here. Of course, that’s smartness.

In addition, you can also asses research content on hard facts in medicine as well as reviews on medical gadgets and trends in the medical sector.

10. Medarchitect Premium Suturing Kit

Medarchitect Premium Suturing Kit
Medarchitect  Premium Suturing Kit

This premium suturing kit for medical students contains; a DIY incision pad, 19 pre-cut wound pads, and complete tools for advanced suture skill practice.

With this practice aid, you can practice any kind of suturing at your convenience, including deep suturing. So don’t wait till you become a medical doctor or a resident, start practicing now.

This kit is built by medical doctors and surgeons, so using this kit is just like performing a real suturing. It is built with utmost anatomical details.

In addition, instead of watching surgical videos, this affordable premium suturing kit will help boost your suturing skills very fast, even right from medical school.

11. A Medical Atlas

human anatomy
Image from Frank Netters Human anatomy Atlas

I don’t think I need many words to express myself on why you need an atlas as a student. Because your study efficiency in medical school might be hindered in some courses without using this study aid.

Using an atlas as a study complement is one of the major ways of approaching some courses in medical school. These atlases contain diagrams that give a total summary or description of an organ or a medical procedure.

Reading with an Atlas gives you a better understanding and also enables you to study faster and effectively.

They are also helpful during practical classes. For example, dissection classes, help you to identify muscle makes, nerves, and so on.

In physiology, they also help to explain how certain body organs function, what enables them to function, and so on.

What Are The Best Atlas For Medical Students?

1. Atlas of Human Anatomy by Frank H. Netter

2. The pocket Atlas Of Human Anatomy by Chris Jarmey

3. Atlas of Histology For medical students by Shilpi Gupta Dixit.

4. Netter’s Physiology colouring book by Susan Mulponey

5. A photographic atlas for Anatomy and physiology by Herbert Heisler

6. Text and Atlas of Wound Diagnosis and treatment by Rose Hamm

7. Fitzpatrick’s Colour Atlas And a synopsis of clinical Dermatology by Klous Wolff

Final Note!

In medical school, it is unarguably that, there are lots of materials you need to study to qualify for your final exams to become a medical doctor. Yes, that might look hard or terrifying.

However, these best study aids for medical students will make it easy, and fun and also increase your effectiveness.

These best study aids for medical students will also help you to create structures that will enable you to read consistently and be more productive.

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